6 Jul 2014

'Huge prospect': Mignolet hails 'exciting' €12m star who's agreed terms with LFC. Sign?

Liverpool have reportedly agreed a deal to sign Belgium World Cup striker Divock Origi, and Reds goalkeeper Simon Mignolet is convinced that the youngster is destined for big things.

According to The Mirror this week, Liverpool have 'agreed terms' with Origi, and are planning a €12m summer bid.

That seems like a steep price for a 19-year old, but when asked this week about the Origi's potential, Mignolet told reporters:

"He [Origi] is very, very good, and he has done a great job [for Belgium].

"He is a huge prospect, and still only young. He is an exciting player."

Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen is also convinced that Origi will be a success in England. Over the weekend, he told reporters:

"He [Origi] has the quality to play for a good team in the Premier League and I think he shows it every game. Januzaj is someone a bit like Origi, there’s no pressure and he plays like he’s on the street.”

Origi seems keen for a move, and when asked about his future last week, he noted:

"I always dreamed of playing in the Premier League but now I'm in an important tournament so I'm try to focus on the team. We'll then see with Lille what I'll do."

To be honest, I'm not convinced by this potential deal. Operating on the premise that Liverpool have €12m to spend on a young, up-and-coming striker/attacker, is Origi the best the club can get for that kind of money?

I'd personally prefer to see the Reds spend that cash on a player like Bayer Leverkusen's Seung Heung-Min. At 21, he's only slightly older than Origi; is (arguably) much less of a risk; has more experience, and is seemingly available for a similar price.

On a different note: another amazing performance from Keylor Navas against Holland tonight. Sign him, Brendan!



  1. Van haal played a masterstroke subbing Kurl on for pens

  2. Would rather Luis Muriel

  3. Keylor Navas was awesome today

  4. There are a lot of good signs for the future with Origi for LFC.
    When you consider how good he was in the World cup,such a massive stage for his age.So far OK with the signings for LFC,hopefully B.R can make some more good additions to the side,as we need them now unfaithful fangs (Suarez) is gone.

  5. Whether we get Sanchez or not, we should get Arturo Vidal. Even though Vidal is not a striker, he is a midfield engine who will create and score goals. He is the engine in the Chile national team even though Alexis Sanchez gets all the accolades.

  6. Keylor Navas is a superb 'keeper as any regular watchers of La Liga will tell you, but I'm sure he is Atletico bound and I'm not sure he'd mesh well with the Premier League.

    He's not a total shrimp, but not tall either at 6ft 0in tall. I think it'd be a steep learning curve for him against the Pulis-merchants of the world.

  7. The Origi deal surprises me. He has looked good but hasn't really had a ton of end product for Belgium and the same seems to be true of Lille.

    I understand that we're planning on loaning him back to Lille and I only hope it doesn't impact on our budget. That said, if we can stay in the CL for a few years we'd do well to mimic Chelsea's stockpiling of promising youth players.

    I think it is bad for the game, but until something is done to crack down on it, we should take advantage of it to try and bridge the gap between us and the mega-rich of world football.

  8. Do we have enough money after getting Origi to buy the '3 or 4 starters' for our first eleven that Rogers promised? If not, then why waste money now? The priority should be the players for now

  9. Jamie - This time I do agree that the price for Origii is too steep, but I do wonder after reading articles of yours....Do you ever have anything positive to say with regards to LFC's transfer dealings? Seriously...because it just seems to be whinge and moan - this price is too high, his stats vs. his stats don't match up, I said this 6 or 12 months ago or they should chase the signing of this person.....Sound familiar?

  10. I suppose we would with the Suarez money.

    We were expected to have at least £40m plus sales (some places, even the Beeb, put the figure between £60m and £70m), so if you think of the £25m on Lallana, £10m on Can and £5m on Lambert, we still have all the Suarez money left.

    Probably something like:
    Markovic £25m
    Lovren £20m
    Origi £10m
    Bertrand £10m
    Shaqiri £15m
    TOTAL = £80m

    You'd hope we could raise about another £20m from selling the likes of Reina (£5m), Aspas (£4m) Agger/Skrtel (£12m) or even Lucas (£12m).

  11. Origi, yes without a doubt............

  12. How Divock Origi is being preferred over Lukaku in the national team is a little strange to me. In any case, if we can get him for 10 mil EUR, it doesn't sound too bad a deal right?

    Right now the bigger question is, who is that one player that can replace LS? Is it because of results on pitch over the years, rich but faded heritage as a constant winner, attractiveness of Liverpool as a city, ambition of FSG/transfer committee/BR (die-hard fans of Lallana?!) or salary issues? It seems like big names (Alexis Sanchez, a non-first team regular at Barca) are not keen to come to LFC.

    I can't say I'm not least bit worried for next season to see a whole contingent of England internationals or international wannabes in the LFC squad. How can we attract more established continental star players to the club? We will have loads of funds after LS's sale, but apart from overpaying for English players (Lallana, who else) and players in clubs that are not willing and no need to sell (20 mil pounds for Dejan Lovren, 31 EPL + 1 league cup matches for Southampton), what other magic can the club conjure? That should be an even more dominant question once LS leaves the club for Barca. Are we going to take some good hard looks at respective POTY
    for all mid-tier EPL clubs? LFC tradition huh? We still have plentiful of time to do that, everyone knows.

    For me, I think LFC will need to spend all the funds from this season's transfer budget+LS's sale to overhaul the entire scouting system of LFC. Yes, that is critically far more important for the club to do so than replacing LS. Ever since FSG took over LFC, FSG/transfer committee/KD/Comolli/BR/scouting team are only keen and able to find players that are one or half season wonders in EPL or POTY for mid-tier EPL clubs, which any sound-minded soccer fan will know these players come with ridiculously high premium but instability. Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, Joe Allen, Adam Lallana (2 seasons of good football at 25 mil pounds), Dejan Lovren (looks like a die-must-get out-of-the-world gem at 20 mil pounds after 31 EPL matches). Oh, please be reminded that once LFC identify any wanted EPL player, yes, EPL, they will switch on their outright invincible mode to get him, even the riches of Russians and Arabs will fall 90+ streets behind.

    In short, with a new scouting system in place plus another 10 years of FSG as owners of LFC, we should have no problem making lump sum payment for a new stadium, or maybe, 2 stadiums. For now, we fans just gotta sit back, relax and witness the raise of the new dynasty of LFC under the strong guidance of the beyond worldclass FSG/transfer committee/BR/scouting team.


  13. In my opinion, I would keep Toure. The reasons why I would keep him isn't so much about him as a player at this stage in his career, but because of the other things he brings. He is a proven winner, winning the title twice with two different teams and nearly three times with three different teams. He is a proven leader, captaining both Arsenal and Manchester City. Being our squad is so young, his experience, leadership and winning mentality are vital to the squad.

  14. We don't need to strengthen the team though, as our first 11 last season was as good as anybody in the world, what we need is to strengthen our squad, because that is what let us down. So the signings of Lambert and Can are both very shrewd signings, Lallana strengthens both the squad and team, adding another option. What we need is competition for places so the players currently in the first team don't get complacent, but also with our heavy calendar next season, we need those players to come in and fit in seamlessly. As far as replacing Suarez, I would much rather us replace him with 2-3 players who combined are better than Suarez, then with 1 player who is not as good as Suarez.

  15. Until the crosses came in. He either stayed on his line or completely miss-timed his challenge. He's like Ochoa, great line keeper but Mignolet is that too.

  16. I believe Origi has the same potential Lukaku has, possibly more. I'm also excited about this signing but one thing stings though. So far, it's a summer like last one where we pull a rabbit out of our hat with Lambert and then invest small amounts in potential like with Origi and Can. Yes we've signed Lallana but he doesn't qualify as a player who will take us to the next level imo. Argentina showed yesterday that it's fine to have talent and courage but that you need experience and cleverness to win a world cup. I hope the Suarez money goes entirely on Hummels and Sanchez or DiMaria. Now that would get me on the edge of my seat.

  17. With the money we've got at our disposal and Champions League football as an offering next season, should we really be looking at these players?
    Lambert, Emre Can and Lallana have already been included to our ranks - but to be fair, none of them are world class players. These days, we are linked with players such as Bertrand, Caulker, Lovren, Balotelli, Huntelaar. All average players, and we should (IMO) be looking at Hummels, Varane, Cavani, James Rodriguez etc.
    I'm seriously beginning to think that we cannot attract world class players, or do we just have a management whose transfer policy suck? The scenario of the last couple of season is taking place once again, as sad as it is. Brendan Rodgers has been lucky with the signings of Sturridge and Coutinho. Any other deal that has been struck by him has been a total waste of money.

  18. Not sure an outlay of 11m on another star for the future is what we need at the moment . When Suarez goes we need a definite 20 + goal a season striker so all the focus should be on that , them kind of players are normally in the 20-40m bracket ( Sturridge an exception) . We have to break the bank to get Sanchez or somebody of his calibre , then surely all the focus needs to be on the defence and thats were the remainder of our investment needs to be this year . What about Cole on a free , Loveran , and do what it takes to get Vertongan . Vertongan is in the top 3 centre halfs in the premier league and probably the best left full at the World Cup . Those three defensive signings and Sanchez then we can sell Agger ( unfortunately), Enrique , Johnson

  19. Not sure really. It was different but the Dutch penalties were near perfect and that had nothing to do with Krul. The Costa penalties were a bit iffy anyway but still they did well

  20. = one way of wasting £80 million, besides from Shaqiri.
    What is it with the £20 million pricetag on Lovren. The man is only worth half of that amount!

  21. James Rodrigues - WHAT A PLAYER . Van Gaal is no genius - HOLLAND WERE RUBBISH

  22. Gaz, M Kelly is injury prone. I said G Johnson does not have his heart in it and E Can(21) doesn't just sit and defend, he likes to bomb forward. He will have more creativity in his game than J Allen(24). We need a DM in the mould of Hamman, Mascherano and Sissoko, no holds barred tough tackling midfielder who protects back 4 and just patrols in front of them and reads danger well.

    Flannagan(21) is not a LB and against good wingers he got exposed, we need a left footed left back to compete with J Enrique(27).

    And G Ochoa(28) has been the best GK in world cup so far and has played better than K Navas(27), both GK's have been the stand outs but Ochoa(28) has stood out more.

    S Aurier(21) is still available and B Rodgers should go all out and bring him to club for 7-10m

    If B Rodgers ships out these defensive players who are just getting wages jamming on bench: Coates, Kelly and Toure.

    Then there would be space for two class quality centre backs, Aurier and a class quality quick solid left footed full back.

  23. Prospect prospect prospect ..... what's the average age of the Netherlands world cup team ..... 😡

  24. How long has Min been at Leverkusen? I'm sure it is not that long as I remember talk of him before his move from Hamburg. No more than a season ago surely. Would they be willing to sell so soon. How much did they pay? Less than we are supposed to be paying for Origi I think.
    All this shoulda woulda coulda stuff annoys me anyway but this one doesn't make much sense (despite him looking like a good player).

    Origi looks a little raw but I think he could come along and be quite good in two years time (21 Son's age). It's speculative but he certainly is physically more imposing whilst having some pace and skill. Experience of those two years could be iron out some of his issues.

  25. You mean Belgium?

  26. Lukaku coming back from serious injury.

  27. Yeah they have a lot of experienced players in there but also have players like Martins Indi, De Vrij who are both 22 and Wijnaldum who is 23.

    We may have a young average but we have a lot of players coming in to their prime and the league is not a knockout competition it is about stamina in the end. Robben is flying right now but how many games did he play last year? Same with Van Persie. Injury meant they are not feeling the fatigue of a whole season. Robben hasn't had a full season in a while. We need players who can be fit for a whole season or close and age means you are more likely to have recurring injuries or built up problems due to a long career. Experience is also necessary but I wouldn't worry to much about us planning for the future. It may not also pay off but it makes sense to try.

  28. as ive stated we can only attract a certain ilk of player ..theres is no way rodriqez will comw to anfield

  29. “The Premier League is maybe a bit physical at this stage."

    That is what Rodriguez said about two days ago which suggest the EPL is not for him.