4 Jun 2014

'LFC are interested': BR offers 2 players in part-exchange for 'excellent' £18m star

Reports this week claim that Liverpool are very close to sealing a deal for Sevilla left-back Alberto Moreno, and Sevilla president Jose Castro has now confirmed that LFC's interest is legitimate.

On Monday, Spanish newspaper Marca reported that Liverpool have agreed a €22m [£18m] fee for Moreno.

When asked on Tuesday about Liverpool's interest, Castro insisted that Sevilla are 'economically stable' and don't need to sell' Moreno, but confirmed that the Reds want to sign the youngster. He told reporters:

"It's true that Liverpool are interested and we're waiting to see if that turns into a reality, which right now, it isn't"

Liverpool and Sevilla were originally supposed to meet on Monday to finalise the Moreno deal, but the Reds postponed the meeting due to unresolved contractual issues, including conflict over the 'form of payment.

Additionally, LFC offered both Suso and Iago Aspas as part of the deal, but Sevilla rejected the offer, and are only interested in a straight cash deal. The transfer is still on, though, and the details are expected to be ironed out by the end of this week.

Some info about Moreno, who was cut from Spain's world Cup squad over the weekend:

* 2013-14: 43 apps for Sevilla
* 3 goals/3 assists.
* 2 apps for the Spain national team.
* 2013: Helped Spain win the U21 European Championship.
* Named in Del Bosque's provisional squad for the 2014 World Cup.

* Passing accuracy: 78%
* Duels won: 45%
* Chances created: 16
* Defensive errors: 2

When asked about Moreno's potential in November, Sevilla boss Unai Emery told Estadio Deportivo:

"Alberto is 21 years old, and he is an excellent prospect. He came into the team very quickly, and we have to control expectations, and make sure he retains humility. I am very happy with his performances".

I'm sure many fans are happy that Suso isn't being included in the deal, but it would've been great to get Aspas off the wage bill.



  1. If true good work. also if Fabrages available pay the extra 5 mil more you offered for lallana Wow great work

  2. So now we know what BR thinks of Aspas and Suso. I happen to agree with both. Aspas doesn't inspire me and Suso has had a season to shine, be a big fish in a little pond at Almeria and he hasn't done it.

  3. Mr. Point Of View2:14 pm, June 04, 2014

    if we get him then i had a feeling glen will go ! We got Flano, Wisdon, Kelly q up for replacement

  4. I agree. I think we can comfortably move Flanagan to his natural position on the right, and use the funds from Glen's sale to bolster the team elsewhere.

  5. Please watch his highlights vs BARCA, and tell me you didn't change your mind. Amazing possesion keeping against worl best posession team. Plus scored from free kicks, made assists... He was great there...

  6. Always believed in Flanno(and Kelly), BUT WITH JUST HALF A SEASON OF GOOD FOOTBAll, and that young you cant be the first choice at Liverpool. Speccially with cl..

  7. A friend showed me a photo of Lallana signing our shirts, but now I am on line, Ican't find it. Anyone knows something about it?

  8. i've seen it too

  9. http://soccerlens.com/photo-adam-lallana-signing-liverpool-jersey/138857/?

  10. Yes this indeed happened while no England duty. According to reports the kid asked 'are you going to join us this year', Lallana responded 'I hope so'. How true this is though is debatable.

  11. Mr. Point Of View2:33 pm, June 04, 2014


  12. I t doesn't look like photo-shop, right? So he is pushing them to sell him, and he made a choice to come here, not Totenham. Is that the right conclusion?

  13. I personally don't think Glen will leave until next summer. Besides if we did sell him this year how much would we even get for him, couple of mil max, don't really think its worth it unless we sign another right back.

  14. I want to believe that...

  15. Couldn't be 100% certain it wasn't photo-shop but didn't look like it. I think your conclusions are correct. He wants the move and seemingly specifically to LFC but he won't hand in a transfer request at this stage although it seems this is the only way he will eventually get his wish.

  16. Mr. Point Of View2:36 pm, June 04, 2014

    is about wage ! and if we not sell him now we will see him walk out for FREE

  17. But I don't see who would pay his wages so even if we do want rid I think he will run his contract down as he knows his next move isn't going to be 100k a week.

  18. Mr. Point Of View2:41 pm, June 04, 2014

    MSL mayb, Russian side mayb, QPR heheheee mayb

  19. Please get the entire backline of Juventus so we can lift the next 10 editions of ELP!

  20. What we missed last season was Enrique's attacking influence from the back and is the reason why Rodgers wants to sign Moreno who is a natural attacking fullback. We have to pay Sevilla's asking price whatever that may be as clearly the amount we have offered so far has not been enough. I do believe we will sign Moreno though.

  21. Im not sure I would agree with that since we scored 102 goals. I think what we missed was some defensive assuredness and organisation. Our awful defensive form is what held us back. It pains me to say it because I have been a big fan of johnson, but I think his form in the 2nd half of the season was one of the main reasons we shipped so many goals

  22. I am not referring to goals. Rodgers expects his fullbacks to get forward. Cissokho did ok but Flanno attacking is not the best.

  23. Getting rid of Johnson will be a bit tricky when it comes to another club taking over his high wages.

  24. Ahverruz Maritz5:28 pm, June 04, 2014

    I'm reading that Tottenham are sniffing around again... Not surprised at all.

  25. FFS!! But if we lose out yet again only we are to blame.

  26. No surprises here...

    Sky sources report that Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa has passed a medical at Chelsea ahead of his proposed £32m move to the Premier League club.

  27. They will have to sell some players first before they sign any after attempting to replace their first team with the money the got from Bale last season.

  28. I don't think that Rodgers would want to give such a talent that is Suso away. It would be foolish. Give away A-'spas' he is crap

  29. Hope we do buy Moreono

  30. Liverpool are in advanced talks with Bayer Leverkusen over a deal for Germany Under-21 midfielder Emre Can. Ben Smith BCC

  31. I think I'd rather have Lallana than fabregas. Not saying he's a better player I just think he's a better fit with the club at this present moment. Either way I'll be delighted if we land either of them

  32. henderson 1 4 capatain6:32 pm, June 04, 2014

    why would fabregas want to join liverpool?

    he will not get higher wages then other club , and remember he has almost won everything there is so he is entitled

    he and his wife like a better and more glamorous city then liverpool

    he would rather play for a team that wins trophies we have not won a significant trophy in 9 years

    and liverpools star players future is still under severe doubt the marca are already starting their campaign expect suarez to be a real player

  33. henderson 1 4 capatain6:33 pm, June 04, 2014

    its not about what you want , fabregas will never ever consider liverpool
    lallana on the other hand is desperate top join

  34. With Lambert added, realistically this is who I would sign based on who we have been heavily linked with.

    Centre Back - Dejan Lovren
    He had a very good season at Southampton. We have been linked with him for weeks now and we have made a rumoured bid of £8m for him. Whether he is the answer to our leadership problem at the back only time will tell. According to reports Spurs are also interested. CL football should put us in pole position though but with other bids his price will rise and Southampton will want to get as much as possible for him so like Lallana price will be the biggest issue.

    Left Back - Alberto Moreno
    Young, will fit in perfectly with our attacking philosophy. We desperately need a quality left back. Let's get him!

    Central midfielder - Emre Can
    The biggest obstacle is Bayern Munich’s buy-back clause. It is rumoured to be in place till the end of 2015 meaning no other club can sign Can till the start of 2016. Can might also not feature as much next season due to Gerrard cementing the deeper role in our midfield and also due to Rodgers’ preferred 1-2 midfield setup. The fact that Bayern have a buy-back clause does suggest that this young player is highly talented and our scouts most probably have gone to Germany many times to watch him so I say let’s do all we can to snap him up before Bayern or somebody else does.

    Attacking midfield/Wing - Xherdan Shaqiri
    Versatility is important to Rodgers and this player can feature on both wings and the no 10 role. He is still young and there is plenty more room for improvement. I say skip Lallana as Southampton are clearly trying to take us to the cleaners.

    To recoup some cash I would sell the following players

    Jose Enrique
    Massive injury problems. IMO we need to sell him while we are still able to get a decent fee.

    Daniel Agger
    Injury prone and has lost too much pace. He is now more suited to a league such as the Serie A.

    Iago Aspas
    Clearly it is not going to work out for him at Anfield.

    Pepe Reina
    The bridges were burnt when Reina told the club that he was off to Barcelona and then the whole plan backfired when Víctor Valdes decided that he was not leaving. Adios Pepe.

    Sebastian Coates
    The best way for him to further his career is a move to another club.

    Oussama Assaidi
    He clearly is not in Rodgers plans so it is best to cash in.

    I would send the likes of Luis Alberto, Tiago Ilori and Andre Wisdom, Jordan Ibe and Suso on loan and then decide after that who to keep or move on.

    My Squad for the 2014/2015 season

    Simon Mignolet, Brad Jones, Danny Ward

    Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly for the right back spots / Jon Flanagan and Alberto Moreno for the left back spots / Mamadou Sakho, Martin Skrtel, Dejan Lovren and Kolo Toure to compete for the CB spots.

    Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Lucas Leiva, Joe Allen and Emre Can.

    Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge, Rickie Lambert, Raheem Sterling, Fabio Borini, Xherdan Shaqiri and Luis Suarez (hopefully he does not try to sell himself while he is at the World Cup :-p).

    We would have at least 2 players for every position and a squad capable of challenging for all competitions.

    Here is hoping we have a successful transfer window!



  35. henderson 1 4 capatain6:41 pm, June 04, 2014

    Honestly, some people need to calm down top players are not going to want to join liverpool ,being in the cl helps but players want trophies

    think about all those players that have left arsernal for trophies ,liverpool have not won a real trophy since 2005

    players want high wages instead if not trophies , liverpool are not gonna destroy their finanacial security and in my opinion that is the right attitude

    liverpool as a city is not attractive , konoplayankas club owner recently said players would prefer to join a club such as spurs just to live in London and obviously manchester is the second most attractive city

    and finally liverpol are not yet an established top club they are in cl for the first time for 5 years and with man u improving next there is a high chance liverpool will exit the cl for another 5 years ,

    and obviosuly suarez future is still in doubt

    so stop dreaming about perdo,sanchez ,fabregas, kroos,reus etc it is never going to happen lets find more hendersons and sturridges

  36. henderson 1 4 capatain6:44 pm, June 04, 2014

    shaqiri has never been a regular starter in the top 5 European leagues , too big of a risk

    lovern will have other suitors caulker is more likely

    lallana,can,moreno , caulker will do

  37. This was based on players we have been continuously linked with.

    I would much rather sign Shaqiri considering the money we will have to for out for Lallana.

  38. henderson 1 4 capatain6:47 pm, June 04, 2014

    jaimie ,
    you should do an article on controlling expectations
    it seems as some people think liverpool will go on and win the league next season but cl has to be the aim

    chelsea have signed costa , are signing fabregas
    man utd will spend 200m
    arsernal will spend again

    and the big negative for lfc is that they will lose their best player luis suarez

  39. henderson 1 4 capatain6:49 pm, June 04, 2014

    why would you want shaqiri he has never played real FIRST TEAM FOOTBALL for a club in the top 5 euorpean leagues ?
    15m for an unproven talent give me 30m for lallana any day

  40. He was signed by Bayern Munich, has played 65 times for them and based on what I have seen from him he would be a good shout.

  41. Russians have got Costa sorted, and are after a proper left back, Filipe Luis, for similar money we will have to pay for this KID. CRAZY!

  42. Because Shaqiri cant oust the likes of Ribery or Robben big risk thats rubbish.

  43. henderson 1 4 capatain8:58 pm, June 04, 2014

    well that was his career choice he knew he would not play in front of ribery and robben why complain now

  44. Happy-ish that Suso may not be shipped out; sad that Assgas is not; Yet. I just don't see him in the picture at all next season but in s lower league somewhere he will probably be of value...........

  45. Bullshit Real ill again be disappointed. Not everyone bowes to them. As for Fabrigas hes at the peek of his career. Personaly I don't want him at Liverpool. Were building a monster, a squad of young bright players that will come of age together in reality Fabrigas is too old for this PROJECT.

  46. Suso being part of this deal was reported as being offered as a loan, no more.

  47. Hahahaha your a united fan in disguise!

  48. I am not complaining and you have not addressed the issue at all Shaqiri is a better buy than Lallana prove me wrong.
    Dont keep talking nonsense in reply back up your argument with some facts.

  49. If you want to play football in attractive places then may i suggest the Pacific islands because there is nothing attractive about most big cities in Europe.

  50. Suarez never played in one of the top 5 leagues with your way of thinking maybe we should give him back to Ajax.

  51. are you are Liverpool fan? why all this negative outpouring?
    why cant man U end up in 12th position, or why why cant arsenal drop to 6th

  52. Tough crowd to impress.. you have to remeber he was in the team that struggled to stay in the league, team not used to even hope against those teams...