18 Jun 2014

Perfect for LFC: Boss hails 'extraordinary' €6m star who dreams of Anfield. Sign?

Last night, long-time Liverpool Guillermo Ochoa delivered a goalkeeping masterclass to help Mexico secure a valuable 0-0 draw against Brazil, and with Reds on the lookout for another goalkeeper, Ochoa could be viable, cost-effective solution.

Ochoa had a great game against Cameroon, and then produced a string of world-class saves against Brazil, including one stunning stop from a Neymar header that seemed impossible to keep out.

After the game, Mexico boss Miguel Herrera raved:

"He [Ochoa] is doing very well and he is enjoying the World Cup after being on the bench in two. He made three extraordinary saves"

After the game, Mexico captain Rafael Marquez described Ochoa as a 'saviour', and the man himself told reporters:

"No doubts it was the greatest game of my life, it's not easy to have a performance like this against the home team. Neymar's header was the most complicated save"

Ochoa is clearly an excellent' keeper, which probably explains why Liverpool have tracked him for the last two years. The story so far:

JAN 2013: Liverpool made a €6m bid for Ochoa, and in an interview at the time, the 27-year old stopper told Reporters: "My agent had contact with Liverpool, and I hope this summer there will be some offers. There is no doubt, though, that this one of the dreams I've have had since I came to Europe".

MAR 2013: Ochoa told Mediotiempo: "There is interest from Liverpool, but I have to let things happen. I feel very good, in the professional and sporting way. Physically, I am also very well"

APR 2014: Eurosport claimed that the Reds are still monitoring Ochoa, with a view to signing him this summer.

APR 2014: When asked about Liverpool's interest, Ochoa told Todomercadoweb.es: "I have several offers from different countries, and I am willing to listen to all the offers. My agent is dealing with everything and I do not exclude a future in Italy or England."

In a recent interview, Ajaccio President Alain Orsoni insisted that Ochoa is worth 'five or six million euros' , and revealed that several clubs had made bids for the Mexican. He told the Ligue One club's official website:

"Foreign clubs are interested in Memo, but that is normal. He's great goalkeeper and a great man. We will study bids and decide at the end of the season"

Ochoa - voted Ajaccio's Player of the Season for 2012-13 - has a flamboyant public persona, but according to the people that work with him, the Mexican's humility is what makes him popular in the dressing room. In April, Ajaccio defender Arnaud Maire explained his appeal:

"He [Ochoa] is quite a simple person and he's actually quite subdued, strangely enough. I think he's someone who shines through his performances rather than his role off the pitch"

The club's goalkeeping coach Thierry Debès added:

"He's well liked because he is extremely humble. He's a superstar in his country, but when he arrived he just kept his head down and worked hard."

Surely this deal is a no-brainer?

* The Reds' prior interest is factual (why would Ochoa publicly lie?)
* Liverpool tried to sign him in the past.
* Ochoa is a free-agent, and LFC can sign him on a free transfer.
* He dreams of playing for LFC, so it's basically a done deal if LFC pursue it.

Granted, there's the Pepe Reina situation to resolve, but Ochoa seems to make financial sense, and he would provide intense competition for Mignolet, and maybe even relegate him to bench duty.

Should LFC pursue Ochoa?



  1. Absolutely..much better option than Brad Jones, who hasnt got the required temperment for high pressure games.

  2. Ochoa had a good game, however a few of those miracle saves were directed straight at him. A little direction either side and it could have been 2-0 and there would have been nothing the keeper could have done about it. No doubt he put himself in good positions and ultimately got the job done, but it wasn't entirely his own doing.

    The Pepe Reina situation absolutely needs to be resolved and I don't think that is any small thing. If Napoli can't do the deal for what is supposedly a modest transfer fee then what other club will be interested? It's not going to be an easy sale and we might have to cut our losses and have him back at Liverpool next season. Maybe that bridge has been burned - there seems to be a bit of something between Reina and Rodgers.

    If we can get rid of Reina then Ochoa would be a great buy, a guy with a great attitude to the game and who would enthusiastically take an opportunity to make a name for himself at Livepool. That's the kind of player you want challenging Mignolet. Brad Jones is unfortunately never going to be better than third choice at the PL level.

  3. Reading about transfer news these past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that Liverpool fc are fighting every top club to sign every top player in the world and for every good player for good measure, the kop would not hold them all.

  4. Based on last night's performance and the glowing references in your article, we should definitely pursue him. That save from Neymer's header was truly "outstanding". i think their might be a queue though...

  5. There is no doubt Ochoa is a fine shot stopper, but so is Mignolet. The real question for me is how he deals with (a) high crosses/physical play and (b) playing it out from the back under pressure. Both areas our current first choice is a little dodgy. I haven't really seen enough of him to be totally convinced on either of those two points. Has anyone else?? Competition is obviously a good thing (he is miles better than Jones), and for a free transfer it is definitely worth the risk. If we were paying any sort of fee I'd be asking it such a wise idea to have two GKs with potentially the same problems though.

  6. Definitely a name to consider as I do believe we need a better back up than Jones. Probably a better fit than Vorm as I think he would expect to be starting whereas Ochoa may be slightly more accepting of a place on the bench. Having said that all this talk of heroics from him last night slightly amazes me, yes he made some good saves, particularly the Neymar header but a lot of the shots were straight at him and would have been harder to let in than save. Remember this is just one game we are talking about plus I would have concerns over his relatively small stature (5ft 11) in the PL.

  7. What about Stephane Mbia?, just won the Europa League with Sevilla and his contract at QPR has just expired........................28 years-old on a free!!!................a dog of a midfielder a real bully!!!

  8. He made a few saves with his body. He needs Luis to show him how to use his hands.

  9. I'll second that a dog AND a bully sounds familiar

  10. Everything that Lucas isn't.

  11. I think that he is better than mignolet

  12. thirty sixth matc of the league is CHELSEA AWAY!!!

  13. We ain't signing another keeper until Reina has been moved on.

  14. We better win the league the week before then. Just in case! :-)

  15. Would be a nice player.

    However, if he's not guaranteed to start, he's not going to come here.

  16. my thought exactly. the save from neymar was out of this world but all the other shots were directly at the keeper.

  17. so yeah how about australia...

  18. sanchez seems to be killing it at the WC. cant see us acting swiftly to get him. would be awesome to have him though.

  19. Didnt finish off a few chances like they should have but a great effort i am very proud.

  20. Sorry to be blunt, but we should definitely try to sign him. Been sneaking a watch at him since we were linked to him a few years ago, and he just gets more impressive. Has this quiet-ish confidence that surely rubs off on his defenders. A real commander at the back.

    Last night was him in top form, so nothing new really, but it was against Brazil at the World Cup, so it was special.

    I so hope we sign him. I love Reina, but Ochoa is prettier. Yes, football is a heartless game, and people like me that want supreme goalkeepers for their team make it so.

  21. To be fair, I think you've nailed it with the positioning point. He's been making these kinds of saves for years, so I suspect that he's just honed his anticipation skills to the point of nearly always seeming to simply be in the way of shots. That's not an easy thing to do consistently.

    I don't understand the Reina thing. There really seems to be some bad blood between either he and the manager or he and the money men. Either way, sad to see one of our greats in relative limbo.

    If Reina leaves, which looks certain, I'd be over the moon with Ochoa challenging Mignolet.

  22. Sounds like this guy's tailor made for our needs

  23. heres a keeper who could challenge Mignolet for the starting keeper role. Has been nothing short of impressive the past seasons and for being a free-agent, Liverpool would be daft not to at least inquire into such a top class keeper.