9 Jun 2014

Barnes raves: 'Amazing' £25m star will be a 'fantastic signing' for LFC. Agree, or too much pressure?

Liverpool target Adam Lallana is reportedly 'desperate' for a move to Anfield, but the trail seems to be getting colder with each passing day. Benfica star Lazar Markovic has emerged as a possible alternative, but Anfield legend John Barnes is still convinced that Lallana is the perfect signing for LFC.

According to the BBC, Brendan Rodgers has put in a £25m bid for the 26-year old, which seems excessive, but Barnes believes that Lallana's versatility makes it worth the outlay. Over the weekend, he told the Liverpool Echo:

“I like Lallana, and he can play behind a frontman, he can play wide, he can play central.

“Brendan is trying to implement a British thread throughout the team which I believe in. I think Lallana would be a fantastic signing for Liverpool.”

On the face of it, I agree - he probably will be a fantastic signing, but the inflated price tag is a cause for concern. In an ideal world, Lallana will come straight into the team and have an immediate impact, but as we've seen with Joe Allen, it doesn't always work that way. There are some eerie similarities between the Allen/Lallana deals:

* Both played in the lower leagues immediately prior to Prem promotion.
* Allen had only one season's experience of the Prem before moving to LFC.
* Lallana has two years' experience, and is now on the verge of LFC.
* LFC paid over the odds for Allen, and may do again for Lallana.

Of course, they're two totally different players, and I'm not suggesting that Lallana will follow the same pattern as Allen (i.e. struggle to become a first-team regular), but the similarities cannot be ignored.

Like Barnes, Reds legends Dietmar Hamann and Jamie Carragher are convinced of Lallana's talent. Hamann recently tweeted:

"Lallana is the most skilful English player I've seen in a long time. Skill and balance. Beautiful to watch".

On Saturday, Carra told the Daily Mail:

"He [Lallana] is better in central areas rather than out wide. He plays with both feet, he scores goals and sets them up. He never rushes anything and looks so cool in possession. You can see why Liverpool are so keen to sign him."

Even if Lallana - described by Mauricio Pochettino as 'amazing' - matches the above descriptions, I personally don't want LFC to spend £25m, for one simple reason: the pressure of the price tag.

Lallana may feel he's able to handle that pressure, but like Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, Joe Allen, and even Mamadou Sakho, he'll be plagued by the massive fee, and that could ultimately end up being counter-productive.



  1. In my opinion Barnes should have added......" and he can play pretty averagely".....

  2. If you don't think he's worth the £30m quoted then don't buy him, simple. It's not like another team won't pay it or Saints need to sell him, and if they don't then Saints keep him, great. I'd much rather he went to Spurs anyway where he can fail miserably to get champions league again and we get Townsend as part of the deal.

  3. I do like the idea of lallana but i am completely over LFC being held to ransom for players. teams are adding 5m onto anyone we are interested in.
    Not saying Lallana isnt worth 25m but if our scouting system is only looking at 1 player for each need i'd be very concerned.
    surely there are other options to at least investigate

  4. Rumour in the Independent that Suso is off to Porto.

    He has one year left on his contract so he may well never play for Livepool again.

  5. Don't go for players who are at clubs who don't need to sell then. Not saying that harshly but in reality if clubs don't need to sell then they can set whatever price they want. In this case it's a price which gets Saints a replacement of the same quality with a bit extra for the sell on clause.
    Either that or try to offer something other than money in return. What with Suarez, Lambert, Aspas and Sturridge, surely Borini could be offered in part exchange and it suits everyone as Saints need a striker and it saves the hassle of trying to find one elsewhere, plus means less goes to Bournemouth for the £25% of the price (I assume).

  6. He's never worth 30 million, not in a million years. 25 absolute max

  7. I wouldn't buy any English players right now . The only English players I want to see in our team are the ones that come up through the ranks like Sterling. Generally English players are overpriced and not quite as good as there made out to be . If Lallana would of stood out in our recent friendly matches . The only player I noticed that made a difference against Hunduras that I noticed was Ross Barkley when he came on . Being where we are now ( champions league and wanting to do one better next season in the league id hope we would bring in at least 1 or 2 top signings but from what I've seen so far it's mainly risky signings like can and Moreno that we're going for. To me there young and may or may not turn out to be great signings . If were to progress on last season and maybe do well in the champions league were goner need a couple of marquee signings in my opinion and in my eyes that would be going for players like Sanchez and not overpriced English players with no champs league experience, hardly any international experience and has had 1 good season in the premiership . It will be interesting to see how far England get in the World Cup . I would like to see how they fair up against the other top countries because if you ask me England are poor . In the champions league were goner be up against German, Italian, Spanish , Argentinan international players etc and if our main signing is going to be a Southampton English international then I personally don't see us going very far . Let's hope I'm wrong but for me I don't see England qualifying out of there group

  8. Lallana seems like a good player who would fit well in the BR model.

    The price seems a little high but no one was moaning when were linked with Willian for similar sort of price, considering their ages are similar and it looks like Lallana can play in more positions than his Brazilian counterpart, I fail to see what the issue is.

    Especially considering Lallana is English (British) which is what we have been lacking for a considerable time, and has proven that he can lead a team playing similar(ish) football to our style. £25m plus Aspas should suffice.

  9. If this is true and not "speculation" then this saddens me, would love to see Suso in and around the match-day team.

    He has good control of the football and can pick a pass. would be good option off the bench and for cup games.

  10. It would be a real shame seeing him leave but I guess if BR doesn't have plans for him its best for everyone.
    IMO he can be a useful player out wide and in behind the strikers going into next season but the coaches know more than i do lol

  11. Yeah don't know too much about it just that article. I surprised he has only a year left on his contract.

  12. I do think £35M is a lot of money

  13. Large fees are mostly counter-productive for fans who place unrealistic expectations on players. However the disappointment of unrealistic fans isn't always relevant.

  14. I like Lallana as a player in a mid table team just like i didnt mind Downing either at mid table Villa and to me this just seems to wreak of Downing all over again.

  15. Totally agree with you. I think 25M is just too much for Lallana and would place too much pressure on him even tho it would be great to have him join the club. I would prefer to spend that on Sanchez or Pedro - proven international and CL quality.

  16. Muhammad Ibrahim3:36 pm, June 09, 2014

    25mil is way too much. I suppose the extra 10mil is added for him being an England international. For a bit more money we can get Kono and perhaps Shaqiri which would be a better long term investment. I want us to get Mateo Kovacic and Heung Son Min, both of which I think will add to our first XI and squad strength

  17. "Large fees are mostly counter-productive for fans who place unrealistic expectations on players"


  18. Rooney didn't stand out either, or Wilshire.
    I bet you couldn't get them for £25m either.

  19. But yeah I agree. I think England will be lucky to get a point.

  20. still not that high on Lallana, especially for the money. That said, I don't think we have any chance of signed Alex Sanchez. Is the even a 100-1 chance of that at all???????

  21. call me John Snow cause I know nothing...

  22. Markovic is better, and only 19.

  23. Barca have deal in place to get I Rakitic(26) Of Seville for 15-20 Euros. Why B Rodgers has not brought this guy to club is beyond me, we are offering £25M for class quality player who has just recently made it into the international scene.

    When we could have snapped a world class talent who has been a regular international for Croatia over last two seasons and who every time i see play seems to be getting better and better for under £20M.

    B Rodgers needs to take his bloody finger out, We need the class quality of I Rakitic(26) alot more than Barcelona do.

    I Rakitic(26) will not displace Xavi, Busquets or Iniesta in centre midfield if these three are all fully ft injury and suspension free he will warm the bench more than not as Fabregas and Song have during last two seasons.

    A deal is in place but if B Rodgers really wants world class talent at club, he should stop wasting £17m on A Moreno(21), Offer Seville £20m and get I Rakitic(26) to the club.

    And then bring in B Davies(20) Of Swansea Or R Bertrand(24) Of Chelsea for £4-£6M to compete and Cover J Enrique(27)