18 May 2014

Dream Deal: 'Incredible' £20m LFC target hints at transfer. Better than Lallana?

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool have been linked with a whole host of Barcelona players, including Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma (aka 'Pedro'), and with Barcelona in comparative disarray at the moment, the 26-year old has hinted that he could be on his way out of the Nou Camp this summer. Could this be a golden opportunity for LFC to snap up a truly top class player?

In December, Spanish newspaper AS, claimed that Liverpool and Arsenal were monitoring Pedro's situation, with the 26-year old allegedly favouring a move to the Premier League.

The Guardian also reported:

"Liverpool and Manchester United are interested in introducing Pedro to Premier League football, while Monaco are also on red alert"

Then, in April, Pedro's agent, Francois Gallardo, suggested that Pedro could be on his way out of Barcelona this summer. He told reporters:

"Pedro is very angry this season. The player is in a difficult situation and may be sold".

Barcelona failed to win a trophy this season for the first time since 2008, and according to the Daily Express on Friday:

"Pedro has received numerous offers to change clubs this summer - and if first-team football can't be guaranteed next season Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool could be battling for his signature"

When asked about his future this week, Pedro - known as 'the silent superstar' by Barca fans (on account of his humble demeanour) - still seemed a little bitter at his perceived lack of playing time. He noted:

“Things have to be evaluated every season. When you play less you do not feel less important, but it is true that you notice playing fewer minutes and it is different"

Barcelona are currently managerless, and with Neymar and Messi permanent fixtures in the side, Pedro's situation is unlikely to improve next season. As such, this situation represents a potentially great opportunity for Liverpool, who can offer the Spaniard Champions League football.

Liverpool MD Ian Ayre met with Barcelona officials in December to discuss some kind of transfer business. The prevailing view seems to be that Martin Montoya formed the basis of discussion, but given sheer number of Barca players linked with LFC over the last year, anything could've been on the agenda, including Pedro.

What would Pedro bring to the Liverpool team? In a recent interview, the forward outlined what he perceives his role to be for Barcelona. He told reporters:

"My job in the team is to free up space on the pitch for my teammates, to build moves, to turn certain episodes into goalscoring chances or to get assists for teammates in better positions. These are my responsibilities during the game. Everything I do must benefit the team."

After Spain beat Uruguay in a friendly recently, Vicente Del Bosque hailed Pedro's performance, and outlined what makes him such a special player. He told reporters:

"He [Pedro] is a dynamic player, who knows exactly what he needs to do on the pitch, and he's got this incredible pace, which is vitally important in the modern game. In the first half we lacked a bit of attacking depth, but Pedro gave us some speed."

Despite the ridiculous competition at Barca for attacking places, Pedro's stats over the last few years are creditable:

2013-14: 20 goals/10 assists in 52 apps (so far)
2012-13: 10 goals/7 assists in 48 apps.
2011-12: 13 goals/6 assists in 51 apps.
2010-11: 22 goals/8 assists in 52 apps.
2009-10: 22 goals/4 assists in 50 apps.

Pedro has an incredible €125m buyout clause in his contract, but Barcelona will reportedly accept £20m, which is the same price Liverpool are prepared to pay for Adam Lallana.

Signing a player of Pedro's experience and talent would be a massive boost for LFC, but is there any realistic chance of it happening, and is the Spaniard a better option than Lallana?

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  1. JK - I've seen other reports linking us strongly with Alexis Sanchez. What are his stats like and who would be the better player/option?

  2. I really think the press are just working their way through the whole of the barca squad. They arent gonna sell players until the new manager comes in.... It would be self defeating.

  3. i believe that if Pedro comes at anfield we might increase our scoring goals next next season we know that he is top finisher instead of Lallana i would like Pedro

  4. silly tranfer gossip wat is needed is a defensive midfielder , left back , a experienced winger , and get rid of lucas, toure, reina, agger,

  5. Pedro would be a stellar move, but I still think would be good to get a LW/AM in the mold of Lallana, Maybe a cheaper option since the primary need of a Wide forward is covered with Pedro. Alberto would be great as that option, as would Suso and Texeria, but BR hasn't shown any confidence in any of them.

  6. Nicolas Chamberlain9:48 pm, May 18, 2014

    Totally different players. Pedro can not play in midfield.
    We could use them both, but we can only use Pedro when playing 4-3-3.

  7. Pedro's a great player but I think Lallana is a more reasonable target. Proven in the premier league and his wage demands will be nowhere neat pedro's. Would be perfectly happy with either player tbh and it's refreshing to see us being linked with top talent again

  8. super shamsher7:01 am, May 19, 2014

    PL proven?Wth!!
    This guy has won everything there is to be won and has been a star while Lallana was plying his trade in the championship a couple of years back. Remember Downing was PL proven and Coutinho wasn't. So this argument is lame. Comparing Lallana to Pedro is like comparing Downing to Mata or Silva. No competition whatsoever. That being said, with Luis Enrique back at helm, Pedro won't be sold. Valued really highly by him.

  9. To me he's more the kind of player you'd expect in the #7 shirt than Suarez - a wide attacker who will often be on the end of a pass as much as be the one delivering it. The problem with his role at Barcelona is that you'll almost never see him in the #10 spot. He'll always play more advanced than Messi so that makes him somewhat different from Lallana who will spend a bit more time coming deep. I think they are different players in that regard but maybe Rodgers would simply adapt to what he's got. I can see Pedro up front with Suarez and Sturridge, Coutinho or even Sterling still playing behind them. I'm didn't imagine Lallana playing in that kind of formation unless we were really all-out attacking. Maybe either player could play centrally or wide in attack while Pedro could also play as an all-out striker. Lallana is more versatile through the midfield and you'd almost never put him out there as a striker.

    I couldn't pick between them if I was in Rodgers position but just personally I'd prefer Lallana. Pedro would have to adapt to the different standards of physical play that is allowed in the Premier League. That's an old excuse but it's genuine and there is no guarantee that he'd do so well. He could struggle with everything that doesn't get called in England but that gets called so often in Spain. Lallana has no such issue and would need virtually zero time to adapt. However he would have to step up to that next level of skill and pace that is needed at LFC and other issues aside Pedro would be more likely to be able to do that.

    While it's a hard decision to make I think either player would be a good move and both would improve the club. If we sign a player of that same quality we should be happy.

  10. Do the youngsters have the pace required wide? Teixeira might make it as an inside forward or midfielder. Suso I don't see having enough of anything beyond technique to make it at Liverpool.

    Something makes me think it'd be hard for Pedro to make it outside the Barca bubble. I like him a lot, that said. But I wonder if he carries enough direct threat? Or if he has the guile and passing to unlock a deep defence?

    Anyway the grass isn't always greener -- we have Sterling, one of the most exciting youngsters around in Europe at the moment; who can play anywhere in the front 4 positions; we have Coutinho, a number 10 who gives his all, and when the goals come for him will be one of the best creative forwards around; we have Ibe coming up who looks as good, better in some respects; and we have Sturridge and Suarez of course.

    It's pretty healthy. What we most need is a player who can create consistently against a deep-lying defensive formation -- is Lallana that player?

  11. That would be a serious signing. Sanchez is wonderful. I'd have assumed Barcelona would want to keep him, but if he's available, I'd spend virtually whatever necessary to secure him. Similar level of player to Suarez before he came to us in my opinion.

  12. There is no chance Alexis will be headint to Liverool this summer. Zero chance!

  13. Calm down I wasn't making any argument. Merely an observation that Lallana has proved himself this season to be one of the better players in the league and you know what you're getting and he'll be cheaper. Pedro is still an unknown quantity in the premier league. Not an unreasonable observation surely

  14. Big time experience, good stats; I believe his pedigree helps more entering CL football. Don't know who is faster and more durable but maybe someone else on this site knows that better............

  15. Yea, remember he has a bad reputation as a diver? I might consider others since EPL is a heavily body contact game and I fear that he still think he is in Barcelona and make headlines for diving which is bad.