11 May 2014

'It's a sickener': LFC legend slams 'flat' performance vs. Newcastle. Bottled it?

It's half-time at Anfield, and with Liverpool losing 1-0, and Man City winning at the Etihad, it looks like it's finally game over for the Reds when it comes to winning the Premier League. In my view, Liverpool totally bottled-it in the first half, and LFC legend Jamie Carragher is also disappointed by his old club's poor display.

Discussing Liverpool's first half performance, Carra told Sky Sports*:

"It's been pretty flat. I think the damage done in the last 20 minutes at Palace has affected the players, and the crowd. It looks like they felt it was gone beforehand.

"It's isn't the normal Liverpool, and they're fortunate it's only one. The Palace and Chelsea games were sickeners, and if West Ham do their job, and Liverpool don't win, that will top the lot".

Carra still expects the Reds to go on and win the game, but based on the first half performance, it seems unlikely. Still, the is the Premier League, and anything is possible. The next 45 minutes could either be the biggest anti-climax in years, or the most memorable end to a title race in history.

* Comments made at half-time. No link available.



  1. Lets all blame this on Glen Johnson.. please...

  2. FFS, whinge much? Give it a rest.

  3. Certainly he does have his problems. He always waits too long to pass. He is a chance killer if there ever was one. However, I saw plenty of things that reminded me of last season. Top of the list is the over-reliance on heading balls that were better put on the pitch. Heading balls to nobody follows closely behind. Absolutely no hustle on 50-50 balls resulting in predictable loss of possession. We conceded the middle of the field most of the game and didn't make aggressive moves to win possession back. And finally we lacked decisiveness in the final third...much of which I put on Johnson who apparently has no field vision whatsoever.

    That being said...second place was saved by Steven Gerrard's inch perfect free kicks for goals and another cross that Sturridge should have put away. Fitting that in the last match of the season, SG is man of the match for me.

    Great season lads...on to next year.

  4. It's Johnson's positioning that pisses me off. He's never there when needed and gets out-muscled too easily. If only we had better full-backs.. sigh..
    That being said Liverpool have exceeded all expectations this season.. Champions league and second place to boot..Brilliant!! I would not have believed that six months ago..

  5. It wasn't to be for us this year but thank you LFC for making me dream again. It's bitter sweet because we were in the thick of things all the way to the end. Congrats to MC.
    I would take this heartache any day than not fighting for anything like we had been in the last 4 years.

  6. It was a great ride and we all enjoyed it while it lasted ...Cheers

  7. Well done lads for coming back and winning the game. Let's store this winning mentality in our muscle memories and go again. Hopefully we can properly strengthen in the summer and the likes of Sterling, Sturridge and Hendo etc can get great experience in the world cup. YNWA.

  8. I hope rogers has learned that speed is vital especially in midfield.

  9. Thankfully the season is over now. The way we were playing since chelsea, if wed been in week 30 we would of missed cl place. Chelsea gave us a terrible blow and mignolet johnson cissokho aspas lucas must all leave asap.

  10. Eveyone you mentioned, except maybe mignolet.. But only because whoever we get as a replacement is unlikely to be better.. Can't think of any world class keeper who would be available this window.. Reina maybe :-p