23 Apr 2014

€15m Price Crash: LFC in talks with Barca over signing 'explosive' €25m attacker

During the January transfer window, Liverpool were strongly linked with a loan move for Barcelona attacker Cristian Tello, a long-time Brendan Rodgers transfer target. Despite Barca's recent transfer ban, the Reds continue to be linked with Tello, and now it transpires that LFC he could possibly get a massive €15m discount on the Spaniard.

Over the weekend, The Mirror reported:

"Liverpool's Cristian Tello transfer could finally be on if Barcelona beat the FIFA ban.

"Contacts are still open, and the Anfield giants regard Tello as an exciting young talent who could boost their squad"

This was followed by reports on Tuesday, which claim that:

* Barca are willing to sell Tello for offers over £8m (€10m).
* Tello already has an end-of-season transfer meeting scheduled with Barca.

Tello has a €25m buyout clause in his contract, so if Liverpool snapped him up for £8m, it would mean a massive discount of €15m. Liverpool's interest in Tello is beyond dispute, and the player himself confirmed this in September 2013, when he told Marca:

"I knew that Liverpool were interested in me, but I never planned to leave. I always wanted to stay at Barca. The coach has confidence in me, I am content there and ready to play a lot of minutes".

In December, the Reds were heavily linked with a January move for Tello, and at the time, a report in Spanish newspaper Marca claimed:

"Cristian Tello is very close to leaving the club in the January transfer window. According to Radio Barca, Tello is close to joining Liverpool on loan".

Soon after, CNN journalist Tancredi Palmeri - who also writes for Italian newspaper Gazetta Dello Sport - claimed that a 'source' at Barcelona has confirmed to him that Tello is definitely joining Liverpool:

 photo ScreenShot2013-12-31at124059_zpse9beeae9.png

Prior to signing his new contract in September 2013, Tello - recently described by Barca boss Gerard Martino as 'very explosive' - hinted that he could be forced to leave if things don't change. He told Spanish newspaper Sport:

"Next year we'll see what suits me best. [I want to be] playing as much as possible but I know who I have in front of me. I know that I can perform at the top, but that's the coach's decision"

Tello may have talent, but With Messi and Neymar ahead of him, he's once again stuck in the role of perennial substitute, and unless something drastic changes, this is likely to be the pattern for the foreseeable future.

Obviously, any potential deal with LFC will only go through if Barca's 14-month transfer ban is overturned, or modified in some way, and I'm sure the Catalan club will find some kind of loophole to exploit. Additionally, if LFC are really still in contact with Barcelona, the transfer ban is clearly not discouraging the Reds from pursuing Tello.

Would this be a good move? With the emergence of Sterling and Coutinho, Do LFC even need Tello now...?



  1. Would be a steal at that price, tons of talent, but not playing enough to show it. IMO would definitely be a welcome addition.

  2. arsenal milan liverpool man u all want him so transfer price will be around his contract transfer clause of 25 million

  3. I thought they're allowed to sell players but not buy players? It'd be harsh on players who want to leave the club...

  4. I absolutely believe Tello is the perfect target for us to pursue. This kid is dynamite and yes, we DO need him. He is The perfect LW option for us. Coutinho would be free to play in his preferred central role and Sterling can be slotted in anywhere on the pitch. I hope we manage to get Tello and, if possible, Son Heung-Min as well...

  5. Absolutely right, but why should barca sell their players (or allow them to leave), if there's no chance to replace them or find an upgrade on them that improves their squad?

  6. If the ban is challenged I don't think it will stand scrutiny under EU Legislation as it prevents the free movement of labour throughout the EU.

    I could be wrong but see:-

    Free Movement - EU nationals

    Free movement of workers is a fundamental principle of the Treaty enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and developed by EU secondary legislation and the Case law of the Court of Justice. EU citizens are entitled to:

    look for a job in another EU country

    work there without needing a work permit

    reside there for that purpose

    stay there even after employment has finished

    enjoy equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages

  7. Not to forget Antoine Griezmann as well...

  8. Fine for selling perhaps but only presumably for those who were already free to leave ie not on contract or if Barca wanted them to leave. As for players coming in,no one would be denying anyone their employment rights in a country just the one club so personally I cannot see a way out there.. That said others have suggested d Barca might appeal and in the meantime the ban would not be applied. I don't know about this but it sounds like a typical compromise which favours the rich.

  9. Would be a very good signing but many teams will be interested so this will end up being a bidding war.

  10. Bang on..... the ban goes against the EU I'm also sure it will be overturned in court.

  11. We do need competition/backup for Coutinho. We can't expect that we will be so lucky with striker injuries next season. He would be a great piece of business. Exciting player to throw into the mix.

  12. What about that kid Deulofeu who's currently on loan and already has PL experience

  13. Barcelona's one-year transfer ban has been suspended while the club's appeal against the sanction remains unresolved.

  14. Tello would be a fantastic signing,already a great talent and has the potential to get much better.

    These are the signings I like to see us make. Players who already have a great ability, young, hungry for success and who have a great future ahead of themselves.

  15. well their ban has been suspended, so bring on tello then.

  16. Lazar Markovic anytime over Tello. Even Konoplyanka is better player than him... But our top target for left mid/wing should be Arda. He is pure class, aldo, problem with him is in his injuries. We should also pull back Borini and Pepe from their loans. Borini will now, with his solid experince, be good sub, and i think we should use Pepe/Mignolet in the same way as Real uses Casillas/Lopez. Pepe has masive experience in CL, and now he was one year on loan at Napoli, and played in CL. Mignolet on other hand didnt had any experience in CL, and he also needs more time to become one of the best. So my opinion is that next season we should use Mignolet for prem league, and Pepe for CL and FAC. Beside this we need top class both left and right fullbacks...

  17. C Tello (22) is a very good winger, but there are better wingers that B Rodgers could bring to club for same value, cheaper or a bit more.And he has rejected us for the last three seasons/ Years to warm Barcelona's bench.

    1: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £15-£17M

    2: Susaeta(26) Of A Bilbao for £10-£14M

    3: J Rodriguez(24) Of Southampton £12-£15M

    4: Pedro(26) Of Barcelona £17-£23M

    These 4 wingers are all better than C Tello (22)

  18. I think this transfer would make much more sense too

  19. the law you have stated is not applicable in this case. The said law only covers EU nationals ( also probably of working age of 16 and over ). Barca have taken children from Africa , Asia and South America who have no rights under the above law . P.S. the Spanish F.A. have also been fined for allowing said children to be registered. The sanctions have come from FIFA not UEFA so i suggest you take a read of the FIFA rules regarding the movement of children.

  20. koonoo, kono konoo, kono kono, kono kono plankya!

  21. lol , just read my post through. Didn't intend to come across as a douche.

  22. Fix the left side(LW,LB) and 3-4 quality additions for depth and Liverpool can challenge on all four fronts. My personal preference would be Konoplyanka for LW and Firmino for attacking midfield depth. Both have pace that Rodgers likes and both young. Firmino is a beast