29 Apr 2014

Yes Please: BR wants 'world class' €24m star who'll 'listen to offers'. Replace Aspas...?

Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for long-time transfer target Xherdan Shaqiri, who recently admitted that he will consider offers to leave Bayern Munich this summer.

According to reports today, Liverpool and Sevilla are considering summer offers for 22-year old attacker - a perennial benchwarmer at Bayern - and with the Reds guaranteed to be in the Champions League next season, the club will now be a much more attractive option for players like Shaqiri.

When asked in March about LFC's interest, Shaqiri told reporters:

"When you hear these names [Lyou have to listen to the offers if one of these top clubs is interested"

After receiving criticism for his comments, Shaqiri later backtracked a little, and insisted that he's 'very happy in Munich':

"I never said I want to leave. I'm not thinking about leaving, but if a top club comes in, then you've got to consider it - every player is like that."

In December 2013, ITV Sport claimed that Liverpool are interested in signing €24m-rated Shaqiri, but given the fact he plays for one of the world's best teams, and is practically guaranteed trophies every year, it's hard to see why he'd leave.

Shaqiri - recently hailed as 'world class' by Munich's Sporting Director Mattias Sammer - made only 17 starts for Bayern last season, and after almost nine months of the current season, he's managed only 10 Bundesliga starts.

Clearly, with the vast array of elite players at Munich, the Shaqiri is finding it increasingly difficult to make the breakthrough. Additionally, he hasn't played since the 5th April, when Bayern suffered a shock 1-0 in a league game against Augsburg, so it looks like may have finally fallen out of favour with Pepe Guardiola.

Would Shaqiri improve Liverpool? Would he be regular starter, or would the game-time situation be similar at Anfield? One thing's for sure, he'd be a major upgrade on Alberto/Aspas, and he'd provide solid competition for Coutinho and Sterling.



  1. I think he'd be a great addition for us.

    My only concern is, will "top players" (whatever that means) come here if they are not guaranteed a starting position week in and week out?

    Shaqiri is a good example. This would be a fresh start for him, certainly. But if he's not guaranteed to play consistently and he's going to have to fight for his place, will he feel like moving is a waste of time considering he knows what he has now.

    It's a calculated risk, and it gives him potentially gives him a chance to play... but that's all it is, a potential chance. Nothing concrete.

  2. Those are players LFC needs..No big names from big teams...We need players who are young and Hungry!!! If Suarez sign with Madrid I did rather have Morata or Isco than Big Benz!!!

  3. It's all based on form. Any player needs to prove they can contribute to the progression of the team. If Shakiri joins us. He'll need to keep doing what he's doing and BR will have a selection headache. Which is what today's managers like to have. This means players that start will need to prove their worth and competition for places is won this way.
    He's young and skilful, very quick and has good passing ability. The German top flight is a good league to harvest young players, and as Bayern have a wealth of talent Shakiri isn't getting a look in. BR could be his best chance to shine on the best club football stage of all. The Premier League. YNWA

  4. For me if it was a choice of him or Konoplyanka I'd take Shaqiri think he's got much more potential. I only see us signing one maybe two new attackers, a midfielder, left back and a centre back. Maybe better cover for Mignolet as well.

  5. so its either Xherdan or LallaNA? can't get both as we need a strong midfield engine next season.

  6. Not at that price. He's shown he can't quite cut it at the very top. Maybe a season's loan, see how he gets on.

  7. Definite starter. Top player

  8. Shaka Hislop still thinks we'll win the Premier League. There is still hope!

  9. As far as the attacking side of the squad, 4 ins and 3 outs should do it. Moses (end loan), Assaidi, and Aspas out, with a direct replacements, + 1 for depth. Shaqiri and Lallana would be the only two buys needed imo with borini and Suso coming back, but one more striker would be nice. Of course funding might hinder the buy of both Shaqiri and Lallana, but I'm just thinking out loud here :)

  10. Rakitic will be my choice. I think Kono is coming too

  11. If I were Shaqiri, I would take the opportunity to fight for my place over waiting for Robben/Ribery to retire. Based on Shaqiri's personality, he is extremely confident and proud in his ability. If he came into the club and received opportunities and missed them, he would blame no one but himself. He would accept it. However, sitting on the bench with little to no chance of starting regularly in the near future can dent this type of personality.

  12. Shaqiri is better than konoplyanka. Kono has 0 defensive work rate, which is a shame for all his attacking prose. But shaqiri is definitely more suited to our system.

  13. Fits the bill for me.

  14. Defence OK then? ink the full acksneed looking at and Ilori if he's ready

  15. He probably wouldn't be a starter at first, but I think he would have more of a chance a Liverpool, and if he performed well, he could become a starter, something that I think he hasn't really gotten at Bayern.

  16. He won't be bullied off the ball that's for sure. I thought he was a really exciting player when he was at Basel but who knows what two years of limbo have done to him. If he were to be around 8 million like Coutinho, who was in a similar position, I would say yes but I don't see why a bench warmer who has only featured in 17 league games this seasons should cost 20 million pounds. I think with Lallana, Konoplyanka and a striker we'll have enough attacking options and competition. I'm more worried about left back and central midfield.

  17. I meant only considering attaking transfers...of course we have priorities in other areas, but I was saving that for another article :D

  18. 2 years of Limbo? Shaqiri has played very regularly when he wasn't injured. From all the games he could have played this season in Bundesliga, he was only once not played by Guardiola. The problem of this season was that he was injured three times (at the moment also, which explains why he didnt play since beginning of April, a bit of Research wouldn't hurt writing an article like this) being 3 to 5 weeks out with each injury.
    He will also next year be able to play an important role at Bayern. And at Liverpool he would definitely be a 100% starter! The kid has it all: Speed, power, technique, a great dribbler with a good Goal scoring instinct. Plus: he can be played in about any offensive position. Guardiola used him on left and right flank and also in central offensive midfield.

  19. Scanning all the comments, I agree with most, but of
    course lets try to take Shaqiri on loan with a first option. Then we can
    scoop Lallana and Kono. Borini returns and so does Suso. So really
    we have Kono on left Shaqiri in Center and Lallana on Right, which is a whole
    line shift on top of what we currently have. Sadly I say we should cull
    Lucas (one who I identify as a recognized Red) for another prospect
    (injuries have hampered his performance sadly-but that's the level that we are
    at-has to go. Allen . . . hmmmmmmm. close to making my list to ship
    off, but I'll keep him so I can help implement the philosophy in training, plus he is British so has that extra tiny bit of consideration for helping meet league requirements. Hendo definitely is a keeper along side of SG.
    What a difference without him imo, I notice it. Sakho, im not so
    sure about. I think he is a bit of a liability. I don't trust him
    for some reason in the big moments. Danny Agger, I think its time to move him on ( I saw a title of a article the other day which was fitting - D.A. Great Dane or Old Dog? - lets get the most we can from the sale now and imo use the fee and a bit more to capture another solid confident enforcer. We don't know what we have in Luis Enrique when he returns, I don't hear anything which is ominous about his progress, so I think we should go for a stingy defender. I know everyone wants an
    attacking wingback. So do I, but with the way we have been attacking and conceding goals, I place more value on another defending ethos rather than attacking. Ilori send back out on loan, as the bread hasn't fully risen just yet. And, please pick up another quality keeper. I'm sure we can find someone. Sorry again, but Brad Jones doesn't inspire me with confidence for some reason.

    Summary (pounds):
    In (or my wish-list):
    Kono: 13-15
    if no Kono then Son Heung-min, gaining appreciation for
    this guy.
    Lallana: 16-23 if
    he really wants a move it should help us on the lower side. I see
    us haggling all window especially if he wants the move.
    Shaq: 17-20 flat out
    buy or 3 loan fee for yr
    Instead of Shaq: Rather see Firmino for
    No Firmino, try for Rakitic. a very nice all around player.
    Def mid enforcer how about the French lad at Rubin K 'Yann
    M'Vila': Mark say 13-15
    Or Fernando from Porto
    for 16-18
    Or Medel from Cardiff
    for a loan deal for a year with an option.
    Or Emre Can of Leverkusen
    - 20 yrs old plays in middle and left back could pluck him for 10.
    Always admired Fabian Delph at Villa, covers a lot of
    ground, great in transition, only at 6-8
    and Mulumbu at Albion
    for 5-7 but he is now 27 yrs old so maybe too old for us but he is a good
    LB: Schmelzer, BVB for 10
    or try again for Guilherme Siqueria for 10
    CB: Try for Mats Hummels for 24
    or Dejan Lovren for 12-14
    Goal: anyone solid at 5-8
    (min: 86 ; max: 121)

    Danny Agger 12-14
    Lucas 12-14
    Aspas 4-6
    Moses - Return
    Cissokho - Return
    Reina - 6-7
    Assaidi - 3-4
    Coates - 1-2 shame
    (min: 37 ; max: 47)

    86-37 = 49
    summer transfer funds touted to be near 50
    ...cant believe I just spent my morning doing this...

  20. Problem is, we can't buy them all. No one said he's a bad player. He just hasn't played much.

  21. wow def shaqiri cheerleader

  22. I like Shaqiri's physicality, speed and quick feet from these clips. IF his defensive work rate is also good, the say hello to him and goodbye to Assgas, Alberto and Allen. Net cost would be minimal with these moves.....

  23. The stupid old fashioned defensive one is kicked out on his backside.

  24. We should say goodbye to Aspas and Alberto no matter if we sign anyone or no one. Biggest wastes of money since Andy Carrol.

  25. Replace Aspas? I could replace Aspas and I could do it after a night on the piss too