1 Mar 2014

Running Scared? - Redknapp warns that exciting £30m trio can 'hurt LFC' today.

Southampton seem to Liverpool's bogey team at the moment, and after three defeats in the last four games, LFC will be looking to start a new winning trend against the Saints at St. Mary's tomorrow evening. Southampton have struggled for consistency over the last couple of months, but they have an array of quality players at their disposal, and Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp has highlighted three Saints stars he believes will cause Brendan Rodgers' team problems.

In his column for Sky Sports today,

"They [Liverpool] will have to be on top of their game.

"Adam Lallana (£15m-rated), Jay Rodriguez (cost £7m), and Rickie Lambert (£8m-rated), have the capability to hurt Liverpool, as they've done to fellow title hopefuls Manchester City and Arsenal in this campaign"

Combined stats for that £30m trio this season:

* Lallana: 8 goals/6 assists in 33 apps.
* Rodriguez: 12 goals/3 assists in 34 apps.
* Lambert: 9 goals/5 assists in in 28 apps.
* Combined goals/assists: 29 goals/14 assists.

Clearly, if given the chance, Lallana, Rodriguez and Lambert will cause problems, and with Liverpool's suspect defence, the trio will fancy their chances of making an impact.

Liverpool were recently linked with a move for Rodriguez, but it seems unlikley that Mauricio Pocchetino will sanction any deal, especially when he believes that the England international is 'one of the most talented players in the English game right now' In early February, Pocchetino told reporters:

"If Lallana had Brazilian [or] Spanish nationality, if he were another Mata, Oscar, Hazard, then, for sure, he would be going with their national side. He is a very special player, and hopefully he can be on that plane to Brazil because I think he fully deserves it".

How do Liverpool stop these three from scoring? Obviously, the defence has to be sound, and with Agger/Skrtel almost certainly starting the game (BR confirmed Agger 'will play' tomorrow), their partnership will be well and truly tested.

Lambert will be a major threat in the air, and one of the club's key weaknesses in defence right now is defending high-balls into the box. Against Swansea last weekend, the Reds lost yet another goal from an opposition player being allowed a free header into the box, and neither Skrtel nor Agger have are particularly dominant in the air.

Midfield will also have to be on the ball. Southampton's team is filled with nippy players, and if Liverpool don't get a grip on the game pretty quickly, Steven Gerrard will probably get overrun by the high-pressing intensity approach sure to be employed by Pocchetino.

Like they did at Anfield, Southampton will try to beat Liverpool at their own game, so the Reds will have to be massively focused to pull off a victory.

I have to be honest, I don't have a good feeling about this game...



  1. I agree individual errors can b cotributed to a large proportion of the goals we've conceeded this season. But I also think Macateer has a point when he acknoledges that our defence is been left exposed by a lack of midfield cover. On numerous occasions I've been left holding my breath as the opposition is running at our defenders on the counterattack in a 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 situation.

    I think the way we're set up to pour forward in attack has a lot to do with this. But maybe BR has realised we're best workig to our strengths and tells the team to go out there and concentrate on our scoring the opposition. Ibe interested to see if the return of Allen and Lucas can help rectify the situation, but it probably take a change in the way we're tactically set up and the purchase of a Mascherano esk player to solve the problem.

    But hey I'd rather us win a 4-3 thriller than watch a 1-0 Chelsea grind out win, so I won't complain too much.

  2. The key to our defensive fragility actually is what we've all been swooning about: SAS!! When one or the other was not there (due to injury or suspension) we naturally made a 4-2-3-1 fit. When they are both there we cannot make it work. In addition we can have Sterling & Coutinho bomb on as well leaving a midfield out gunned.
    Koppites - you can have the most exciting front pair ever seen or great defensive team set up - you may not get both....

  3. Southampton form is poor lately, they just lost to west ham 3-1 and they have just two wins away in the last six, none at home, chelsea and spurs scored three there, so based on that we should be winning this, but knowing they are one of our bogey team I dont feel confident much. We lost like five games there I think in the last six which is tragic. Theres no way we will keep a clean sheet I think, just hope we outscore them like we did most in this season. My worries: mignolet, back 4 and suarez.

  4. I like Adam Griffins points: we need steel to counter the pressing game and the last one or two matches Coutinho has had mixed performances by his own high standards. We need patience and thought to win against Southampton: not because they are a better football team then LFC, but because we are having "unexpected success" wobbles. I believe our performances against Fulham, Arsenal away and Swansea are us showing nerves. Unfortunately we sometimes need a loss to snap ourselves out of it. BR will be earning his dosh now: let's face it for the run in we have great ability, limited injuries, not burnt out key players (Saurez, Sturridge, Gerrard, Johnson, Agger, Sakho, Lucas - all have missed games this season) & good momentum. It's always emotional but let's dare to believe: BR said mid way thru ask me again with 10 games to go. After today there's 10 games to go. YNWA.

  5. Two Liverpool players fail to deal with Dyer? Why not tell us the names? Sterling?

  6. Even if it is all about getting in the Brazil side it shows he has the ability. It would just take good coaching to get him to try and maintain that form afterwards. So could work.

  7. I'm not feeling good either, but it is a must win so the guys just have to dig deep.

  8. There have been rave reviews about this guy for the last one year ,he's young and fit the FSG profile .He will only get better with better players around him and LFC could be the place for him.

  9. Goal 3 - Wasn't a foul. FFS, get a grip. We won the match and 3 points is all that matters. PC has done a great job this season. It's a toss claim. Stand your higher ground and claim the technicalities, but I've seen every match we've played this season and it's awesome. I hope we win every game 4-3.

  10. Saints fan here. Interesting that a lot of you guys have a bad feeling about this game - I have the same feeling about our chances. We're very good at dominating possession, but are susceptible to the counter. That's where I think you'll have the advantage. Hate to say it but can see a clear 2 goal win for Liverpool.