23 Mar 2014

'He's the best': BR determined to sign 'wonderful' £30m star for LFC this summer.

Over the last couple of months, ex-Reds John Aldridge and Phil Babb have urged Liverpool to sign Southampton star Luke Shaw, who recently received his first call-up to the England squad. Shaw is coveted by a number of top clubs, including Chelsea and Manchester United, but reports today suggest that Reds' boss Brendan Rodgers will fight hard to sign the young full-back this summer.

According to the Daily Mail today:

"Liverpool will compete against Manchester United and Chelsea to sign Luke Shaw this summer.

"Ambitious [Brendan] Rodgers is determined to sign him".

Rodgers is an admirer of the 18-year old, and in his pre-Southampton press conference a few weeks ago, he enthused:

"It's great to see Luke Shaw doing very well at Southampton. He's 18 of ages, and a wonderful talent. It's good to see British talent progress"

After Liverpool's magnificent 4-0 victory over Everton at Anfield, Aldo tweeted:

"This is our big opportunity to get 4th spot. Luke shaw would be a great signing but we'd get blown out of the water by the big spenders".

A few weeks later, Babb urged Liverpool to 'break the bank' to sign Shaw. During the 5-Times Podcast he raved:

"I know it’s ambitious but I would like to see Liverpool going in for Luke Shaw. Pay the £20 million and view it as getting England’s left back for the next ten years"

Southampton reportedly want £30m for Shaw, which is chicken-feed for Chelsea, who would probably buy him ust to keep him out of the clutches of their Premier League rivals.

Former Chelsea star Graeme Le Saux has, however, advised Shaw to reject a big-money move in the summer and stay at Southampton to develop his game. He noted recently:

"He has the qualities a lot of pace and a lot of energy, but he is still very young and the more experience he gains for his club the better. I feel that he’s in the right place at the moment and his development is crucial"

I agree with Le Saux here. Where's the fire? Why does an 18-year old who already plays regular football in the Premier League need to move to a massive club so soon? The only reason, IMO, would be money, but Shaw - described by Dejan Lovren as the 'best left back in the league' - should look at the experience of players like Jack Rodwell, or Chelsea's stockpiled legion of on-loan young players before he follows the money to Stamford Bridge.

Left back seems to be a problem position for a host of top clubs at the moment. With Jose Enrique's long-term injury - and arguably inadequate long-term back-up - LFC desperately need to fill the role; Chelsea need to replace Ashley Cole (and have already send Ryan Bertrand out on loan); Gael Clichy is struggling to hold down a regular place at Man City; and Patrice Evra is on his last legs at Man United.

Clearly, it's a seller's market when it comes to high-quality left-backs, but I doubt Liverpool will be in with a chance of signing Shaw, who is a boyhood Chelsea fan.

£30m for an 18-year old?



  1. I think u have a point about him stayin to gain more first team exp but the fact u mention the four clubs above I think he would prob get first team football at most of them more or less straight away!

    An interesting one to see where he will end up, would be great to get him! Fingers crossed

  2. Not sure how much of him being a fan is going to play here. I think we match up quite well with wages overall, what we don't do is pay extortionate transfer fees....rightly so. Shaw would be in good hands with Brendan imo. He will get every chance to play and in a technical tactical system. Not just use your athleticism to beat your defender. Rodgers has done that with Sterling as well, where he can now play even as a number 10...of quality. Im sure Rodgers would love to have him, it would give us a great dimension. Thats one thing with us, for all the goals our FB have not scored many this season. A player like Sturridge is a great recruiting tool for us. He was at Chelsea, and he was at City...now he is England's number 1 with us and second to his teammate in the scoring table with 8 games to go. Don't take Rodgers word...ask Sturridge.

  3. He is not worth 30m. 15m max. Please look for a LB who is not British.

  4. I will be disgusted if we spend 30mil on an 18 year old with one years pl experience and one international cap. Can't see there being any truth in this

  5. Michael Blankson3:13 am, March 24, 2014

    Bertrand would cost considerably less, and imo, is a very good left back. Young, pacey, hungry and British (if thats what we want)....
    Shaw is very good, but its all down to how the club he choses nurtures him. For 30mill, or whatever is being touted for him is just madness.

  6. If we do sign Shaw then we will have a top left back for the next 12 years or so. I watched the Spurs vs Soton match yesterday and have to say that this kid at the age of 18 is a masterclass. Maybe breaking the bank for him would not be such a bad idea.

  7. If you were Shaw you would move too. Just think, his form might drop, he might get injured etc etc so of course he would move. He'd be fantastic for us, take Llanna too while we are at it

  8. Typically over inflated price for an over rated young brittish talent & people need to get a grip!!! He's 18 years old, been in the prem for a season & still hasn't played a full 90mins of football for the national team. Never won a trophy or played in a squad where his place is under threat from another quality left back so how is he worth 30mill?? At that price LFC should look else where (Moreno) but Shaw is 15mill maximum for me!! Llanna up to 20mill for me & not a penny more unless your telling me he's worth more than Firmino which i'm not having a bar of!!! No slight on the players, both are very good but the brittish market is full of over-inflated prices for over hyped players & LFC have proved that we don't need to be held to ransom to get quality players.
    YNWA, JFT96.

  9. The kid would not be harmed too much if he stayed another year but at the same time, an England international should be able to fight for his place against anyone, no matter what the age. It's not like Chelsea are flush with talent in that position anyway. And neither are we. Although rather than spending that much money on Shaw I'd prefer us to look at Ben Davies at Swansea for, at most, half the fee of Shaw or Samuel Umtiti at Lyon for even less.

  10. Sterling did the right thing in supporting Suarez, unfortunately he did'nt need him and quite rightly claimed his hat trick, If it was to be a match winner then i'm sure he would have passed. Would'nt he be great if he got the golden boot? I would LOVE IT...LOVE IT..

  11. every great striker has to be a little selfish. they are there to score goals and thats what they do. he wanted a hatrick and he got it ! im sure if there was a chance after that he would of passed to sterling.

  12. Bertrand, Shaw, Davies... there are a few potential targets out there, sure.

    I've seen things from Shaw, though, that I've not seen from the others: I've seen him run a game from full-back, with the authority of a seasoned pro. I've seen him using the space inside in a way that only the very best full-backs are able to -- even better than Evra, who has been the best full-back in England in that respect for years. Shaw looks like a central midfielder when he moves into that space, poised and intelligent. I've also seen him skinning opposing full-backs, crossing from deep, from the byline, and passing into the area from narrow positions. He can tackle out wide or inside; he can nick the ball or slide in with technique and timing; and he has pace enough to recover mistakes. He's athletic and strong, rarely beaten in the air, durable and calm.

    He is an extraordinary all-round talent in his position, and I challenge anyone to find a better player there of his age in European football. As such, he's worth paying top money for: because we will hopefully be buying a player that can fill that position for 10 or 15 years, as one of the world's very best.

    But either of the others would be ok, too.

  13. Sterling should have been glad that Suarez had his hatrick and for the team. I do not agree with Hamann. Maybe if it was an absolutely crucial goal then I might. Liverpool wants their player to become the league's top goal scorer. Shame on your reaction Sterling! Once the goal had been scored Sterling should have reeled away in celebration.

  14. I agree with your points. It's hard to believe he's only 18. He also had Henderson absolutely knackered in our recent match against the Saints.

    Bertrand is the much cheaper option though. Shaw already has more games than Bertrand in the PL, but honestly 30M is just way over the top. I'd love us to sign Shaw but it just wont happen at that price. You'd also think that Bertrand would take his chance at Liverpool just like Sturridge.

    The only reason Shaw would move though is for money. If he can be recognised and get into the England team while still playing for Southampton, at 18 years old, there's no point of moving to another team. Plus, Southampton are one of the most intriguing and promising clubs in Europe and if they hang onto their young stars they could easily qualify for Europe through the league and win a cup.

  15. if fab coentrao available? and why dont we give enrique a chance?

  16. The problem there is, do we need him to do all that? That was Spurs main problem, accomodating Bale and his many talents. Then he left and they have issues in several positions. We have great players playing like a central midfielder, in midfield. So the question is do we need a left back or an allrounder who needs to be given a free role. If it's the latter I think there are better players our there, if it's the former I think there are cheaper players out there.

  17. Is he a good full back? sure, and will probably get better and better.
    Would I like seeing him in LFC? sure.
    Is he worth 30mil? No way!
    The ONLY left back who's worth that much is Roberto Carlos, but of course he'll have to be 15 years younger...

  18. If it was 0-0 in the 94th minute don't take the chance and just pass it. 5-3 up and cruising, the best striker in the world on a hat trick, take the shot all day long.
    Agree with you, Sterlings reaction was un-called for. If he is that desperate for personal glory, go out and make your own goals son.

  19. Yeah as the season gets on and in games already won. Gerard's stats on his last 30 pens are something like 90 odd percent. He can miss but doesn't much.

  20. I liked what I saw of Bertrand on Sunday. I also like the looks of Delph. Very good attacking mentality and a guy who could play DM too. I like Shaw, but 30 million is too much. I lked Caulker, but now I'm getting the hairy eyeball over him. I like Jordan Rhodes too.

  21. Is he worth £30m? In footballing terms - no. In financial investment terms - yes.

    Irrelevant anyway. It doesn't matter what he's worth to Liverpool. It matters firstly whether he even wants to leave, then what he's worth to Saints (obviously £30m as stated), and then from there Chelsea, Man City, Utd, Spurs, Liverpool etc.

  22. I doubt many will agree that Shaw is worth 30 million but is Bertrand better than Enrique?

    LB has been a problem for us season after season. The last consistent LB we had was Riise. Since then money has been wasted on players occupying that position who have either not been good enough or to injury prone. To solve the issue would be to pay a pretty penny for Shaw and have our first choice LB for the next 10-12 years. Think of the money that will be saved in the long run.