3 Mar 2014

Hansen raves: 'Explosive' £12m star is the transfer 'bargain of all time'. Agree...?

Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has come down off the fence, and emphatically predicted that Liverpool can win the league this season, and he's highlighted the Reds' 'formidable' attacking ability as the main reason a first league title in 24 years is now a serious possibility.

In his column for The Telegraph today, Hansen insisted that his old club can 'definitely win the Premier League title this season', and dismissed Man City and Chelsea, arguing that the Reds 'have got so much firepower', which could ultimately make all the difference. He observed:

"Eight of the last nine teams to win the league scored the most goals and Liverpool are even ahead of City on that at the moment. They are so formidable on the counter-attack."

Hansen the praised the the three 'explosive' attacking players who've really set Anfield alight this season. He raved:

"Luis Suarez as an incredible talent. Then you've got Daniel Sturridge who at £12 million is the bargain of all time. Raheem Sterling has also really trained on and, while he's not the finished article by any means, he has got so much pace".

Sturridge is definitely one of the transfer bargains of the Premier League era. 40 goals/assists in 40 games is just absolutely phenomenal, and a lot of those goals came when the striker wasn't 100% fit. Other superb bargain deals for LFC over the years include Xabi Alonso (£10.7m); Sami Hyypia (£2.5m!); John Barnes (£900k), and Andy Carroll (£35m). Oh, wait...

Liverpool principal owner John Henry is also impressed with LFC's main attacking trio, and in an interview over the weekend, he noted:

"We have three gentlemen up front: Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge. Those three are young, and I think Luis and those three could be together for a long time."

It's telling the neither Hansen nor Henry made any specific reference to Philippe Coutinho, another integral part of LFC's attacking arsenal. That may be a sign that the Brazilian is not consistently impressing this season, and to a certain extent, that's true. Coutinho's form is up and down this year, with his performance against Southampton at the weekend (arguably) his most ineffective of the season.

It's a testament to LFC's attacking strength, however, that when one of the club's key players under-performs, the team doesn't appear to miss a beat.

If Sterling has an off-day, Coutinho will step-up; when Suarez has a quiet game (like the Swansea game, which Hansen described as his 'poorest performance of the season'), Sturridge is there to pick up the slack; and when Sturridge doesn't score or create (a rare occurrence these days!), Suarez does the business (as he did against Southampton at the weekend).

As for LFC winning the title: below is a table showing the club's league form since the 1st January 2014:

The Reds are in the midst of Premier League winning form. Chelsea clearly have a better defensive record, but goals win games, and Liverpool are way ahead of all challengers on the goals-scored front. Granted, Man City have two games in hand, but even if they win both, they'll still be a point behind LFC overall when it comes to 2014 league form.

Given Liverpool's history over the last 24 years, I - like many, I'm sure - keep expecting the team to slip-up, or buckle under the pressure, but it just isn't happening. Long may that continue (well, for the next 10 games at least!)



  1. March 2014
    Sun - 16 Man United A
    Sat - 22 Cardiff A
    Wed - 26 Sunderland H
    Sun - 30 Tottenham H

    April 2014
    Sun - 6 West Ham A
    Sun - 13 Man City H
    Sun - 20 Norwich A
    Sun - 27 Chelsea H

    May 2014
    Sat - 3 Crystal Palace A
    Sun - 11 Newcastle H

    Those are our remaining matches. First things first, give the mancs a proper hiding at old toilet.

    Do not want to get ahead of myself but if we can win our next 4 matches then that is our top 4 spot pretty much taken care of. After that this season could end up being one of the closest title races of all time!

  2. Nice article and I'm just wondering how much a 2104 version of John Barnes would fetch on the transfer market today

  3. Those stats for Sturridge are outrageous, the lad is top class!!!.

  4. 2104?


  5. Jamie, it would be interesting to know our form from the January window when we got Stude and Phil C. I would say of all the windows BR has had we have only had one good one.
    As for the title its is so tight, like I said before, we could win it or we could finish 5th. Tott are still on our tail...I wont be happy till it is mathematically proven that we have a champ league place.

  6. Patrick Ó Fearghasa5:19 pm, March 03, 2014

    Sturridge played bad too against Southampton, but like you said, it shows Liverpool have a good team that when 2 of our most important players aren't at their best there's 2 or 3 others that can make the difference now.

  7. Patrick Ó Fearghasa5:22 pm, March 03, 2014

    United will be different against Liverpool with their fans calling for blood to try stop Liverpool getting in the CL.

  8. Yeah, shite as they have been, they'll be enormously pumped up to get a result against us. I don't see us getting all 3 points in that one, unfortunately.

    Hodge will probably end up crocking Sturridge etc. too.

  9. errrr toti is not on our tail their rather on arsenals tail

  10. There is not much stopping our attack at the moment. Suarez will probably be treated like dirt again so he will want to have the last laugh.

    It is going to be one hell of a match, that is for sure.

  11. They'll be in for him, no doubt. They'll be in for the manager, too, which is even more of a worry, for me... but let's not start getting antsy about all that just yet!

  12. Agree with the overall article Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling are on fire - Coutinho is hit and miss.
    What I'm curious about is your take on Henry's admission that Suarez did have a release clause.

  13. Let's hope Hodgson doesn't f##k it up for us by getting Sturridge, Sterling and Gerrard injured playing in that meaningless friendly.

  14. The victory over Southy was fantastic, especially given a shaky first half. Although he is a key for us, Coutinho was invisible for all but one pass all day. He trotted around the field as if he was under the weather. Only the clubhouse really would have the reason(s). Hendo also came alive in the the second half. I really didn't expect a win and would have been ok with a tie. Great win at the end of it all. WOW. Man U always won games when they didn't come close to dominating so this is a great sign for us....