28 Feb 2014

Top Target: LFC to offer €14m for 'irreplaceable' Brazilian with amazing goal stats

Since Brendan Rodgers took over at Anfield, Liverpool have been linked with a number of Brazilian players, and it appears that the Reds are interested in yet another South American attacker.

According to multiple reports this week:

* Liverpool plan to make an offer for for Hoffenheim midfield star Roberto Firmino at the end of the season.

* The 22-year old is allegedly a 'top target' for LFC.

* The Reds are willing to offer €14m for Firmino.

Firmino is in staggeringly good form this season. His stats so far:

* 17 goals/12 assists in 25 games.
* Overall: 29 goals/assist in 25 games.
* Goal every 1.4 games.
* Goal/Assist every 1.1 games
* League Only: Goal/Assist every 96 mins.

29 goals/assists? That's a brilliant achievement in one of Europe's best leagues, so it's no surprise that Rodgers is interested.

When asked about the interest of 'top clubs' on Wednesday, Hoffenheim manager Markus Gisdol told SportBild:

"Roberto is currently in excellent form. He fits the way we like to play football, but he has a contract here, so I'm not worried"

When pressed about how Hoffenheim would cope if Firmino left, Gisdol added:

"He is irreplaceable, and no club in the world can directly replace their best players when they leave"

Like Coutinho, Liverpool's current Brazilian magician, Firmino dreams of playing for the Brazil national team, as he told Bild recently:

"Playing for the national team is one of the biggest dreams of my life. If and when that will happen, others decide. I just have to work hard with my club"

Last season, Firmino managed only 5 goals and 2 assists, so it seems like he is playing out of his skin in a bid to make the Brazil World Cup squad. The upswing in end product this year is significant - will Firmino be able to maintain this kind of record for Liverpool, or is he just trying extra hard because the World Cup is on the horizon?

If LFC are going to spend €14m on an attacking player, then it should be on someone with (IMO) incredible creative stats, but there's a strong possibility that Firmino could end up being a one-season wonder. After all, in the two two seasons prior to this one, the Brazilian managed only 12 goals and 5 assists in 67 appearances.

How will he react if he doesn't make the Brazil squad? Will he still be massively motivated next season?



  1. The Bundesliga tends to be a pretty good value market. The Hoffenheim owner has shown he is willing to part with his stars for the right money too.

    I watch a decent amount of Bundesliga, but highlights aside, I haven't seen much of Hoffenheim- anyone able to shine a light on this guy?

  2. 29 goals or assists in 25 games is a goal or assist every 0.9 games no?

    Either way, great stats - get him in!

  3. His 22 years for crying out loud.. Previous season's stats are meaningless/useless.. I mean young players aren't expected to score that many anyhow.. Look at coutihno.. How many goals does Soldado have anyway?

  4. He is 22 years old what's the possibility of improvements? He is not going to come to EPL and do the same. Suarez scored ridicules amount of goals at Ajax, how long did it take him to start scoring consistently in the EPL.

  5. Typical Rodgers player, tecnically gifted who seems to look comfortable regardless of were he is on the pitch, reminds me of a young Bebeto... WTF if he is a genuine target he why would we be siginalling our intent again on who we want 2 sign, have we not learned lessons from previous failures, Willian, Sallah.. Damm if FSG back Rodger's he will put together a great squad... Mirthaykin, Costa, and d other before mentioned... Future is bright under BR YNWA

  6. Not sure what you meant by stating Suarez example. Bad signing or good signing!! :-)

  7. Any news on re-signing poulsen? Please post if you know something, Im in all stress waiting!

  8. His stats seem to be improving as he adjusts to first team football and gains experience. Exactly what you would expect and if he has shown he is capable of playing to a high standard I cannot imagine he would then just slip back because the World cup is over.