9 Jan 2014

'He'll be a superstar' - LFC want exciting Dutch winger with £37m buyout clause. Sign or avoid...?

Liverpool are reportedly tracking Benfica winger Ola John (brother of former Fulham star Collins John), who was scouted by Manchester United last year on the direct orders of former boss Alex Ferguson.

According to the Daily Mail:

"Swansea are rivalling Liverpool with interest in Benfica winger Ola John, who is free to leave"

This is not the first time the Reds have been linked with the 21-year old Dutch international.

In December, Portguese newspaper Jornal Record claimed that Reds boss Brendan Rodgers tried to sign John during last summer's transfer window, but could not conclude a deal.

In 2012, John signed a 5-year deal with Benfica, which included a whopping €45m (£37m) buyout clause, but I think it's safe to assume that if the Reds make a move, the transfer fee will be nowhere near that (!)

John's career stats:

* FC Twente: 10 goals/23 assists in 69 apps.
* Benfica: 4 goals/8 assists in 42 apps.

Decent contribution for FC Twente, but it's comparatively easy to score/create goals in the Dutch league. Over the years, many prolific Eredivise players have signed or Premier League clubs and failed to reproduce their form. Luis Suarez is, of course, one major exception ;-)

As for John's time at Benfica - in terms of technical ability, the Portuguese league is a step up from the Eredivise, and so far - Johns is struggling to consistently score/create goals. Having said that, he is still only 21, but based on his career so far, I don't see anything to suggest that he's the type of player to take Liverpool to the nest level.

John certainly has confidence in his own ability, as he revealed in a recent interview:

"I don't have fear on the pitch, even when I'm facing a physically large opponent. Who should I be afraid of? Defenders are more afraid than attackers! They know that the guys at the front are the players with extra quality!"

Former FC Twente youth coach Theo ten Caat speaks highly of John, and believes he has the ability to make a major impact on the game. He told reporters:

“In my seven years as a coach, I haven't seen a player like Ola. We are talking about somebody who will be a superstar in a few years.”

That's high praise indeed, and perhaps Rodgers also sees the same qualities in John...?



  1. How Much????
    Let's stick to known quantities for now...

  2. Some incredibly porous defending in that video, but the shots are strong and accurate.

  3. dont want him. we need top quality Loic Remy, Roberto Firmino, Marcos Reus, Fernando Reges, Hatem Ben Arfa, Mohamed Salah. we need top quality. why we linked to all these second rate stars? no wonder suarez gets frustrated when he scores wonder-goals like the ones against Zenit and still gets knocked out

  4. We get linked with many players by the media. Does not mean that we have scouted or are interested in each and every player we get linked with.

  5. Hey man I would suggest you not to write anything until theres something concrete. Weve been linked with over 20 players in a week, a total disgrace, just pathetic. When something is agreed or official then let the people know, if the media continues like this, we will sign 50 players!

  6. He'd go for no where near that much. These clubs have stupid high release clauses to stop the others in their league from poaching them

  7. Never seen much of him but looks decent from the clips. Then again you could even make Salif Diao look good on youtube!!

  8. Jackson Martinez is a great shout, but I'm not sure they'd let him leave before the summer. Same thing with Turan from Atletico, with the season they're having there's no way they are selling anyone. Same for Costa and Koke. Hopefully we'll get Salah, and in dreamworld we'll get Tello too. With Sturridge coming back, that should be enough to see us through to the end of the season attack-wise (I think Sterling will need a break to avoid burnout). Next we should prioritise a DM like Rakitic or M'Vila. Finally, Montoya would be a real coup if we could pull that off because he can play on either side of defence, but again think that might be a pipe dream. So basically I've just spent about 60mil lol that should do it :D

  9. Needing CM again we are looking at wingers, we got Suso and Osama doing great and proving they got something special to compete for LFC. I had a thought on a cheap and easy but because FSG does own Roma, I have MICHAEL BRADLEY on my mind. Young, strong to a tackle, box to box mid, good passer and cheap.

  10. Reus is the only top quality player in that list.

  11. His movements aren't fluid, he takes too long to set himself to shoot and makes it blindingly obvious what he's going to do. What he does is fine, but this won't cut it at the top level of football. Watch videos of Wilshere, Iniesta, Zidane, Ronaldo, Gerrard, really any of the the top players of the last decade, you won't see them doing this. They do what they are going to do with speed, fluidity, and disguise. He looks strong, fit, quick, but this is no great natural talent.

  12. but at least these players have serious potentiaal to do well in our current liverpool side

  13. I think that Salah's potential and Fernando's contract situation mean that both of these players are of the right profile and would represent good business in two areas which definitely need improvement in our squad.

  14. And yet there is Isco, easily tempted for 40 million and first rights to Suarez over Barcelona should it come to that. 16 matches in the primera for 6 goals 4 assists and in the CL 5 matches for 2 goals and 2 assists. Much more potent for the money. It is as much politicking/diplomacy as it is a sport in transfer windows.

  15. This guy won't be a superstar