18 Jan 2014

'Il Timida' to Anfield? LFC chase coveted €9m star who's admired by BR. Gamble...?

Liverpool are reportedly interested in signing Lazio midfielder Antonio Candreva, who is also on Manchester United's transfer wishlist.

According to the Express this week:

"Liverpool are hoping to prise Antonio Candreva from Lazio.

"Brendan Rodgers is an admirer of the 26-year-old"

Manchester United tried to sign Candreva during last summer's transfer window, but Lazio president Claudio Lotito emphatically ruled out a transfer. He told reporters:

"He [Candreva] is not for sale. They have never called me, but if they do, I'd say he's not for sale."

Some info about Candreva:

* Jointly owned by Lazio and Udinese.
* Lazio are lining up a €9m million bid to assume complete ownership.
* Can play as a winger, or a midfield playmaker.
* Nicknamed 'Il Timida' on account of his cautious style of play.
* 5 different loan spells over the last 6 years.
* 18 appearances for Italy.

Candreva's stats over the last five years:

* 2009-10: 2 goals/6 assists in 39 apps.
* 2010-11: 3 goals/0 assists in 31 apps.
* 2011-12: 6 goals/4 assists in 37 apps.
* 2012-13: 7 goals/7 assists in 48 apps.
* 2013-14: 4 goals/4 assists in 24 apps (so far)

* TOTALS: 22 goals/21 assists in 179 apps.
* Goal ever 8 games | Assist every 8.5 games
* Goal/Assist every 4.1 games.

Clearly, when it comes to consistent creative output, Candreva is not prolific enough, and on that basis, LFC should steer clear (IMO). LFC should only sign proven attacking players, or those with a recent history that strongly suggests they can come into the team and contribute goals/assists on a regular basis.

Most of Brendan Rodgers' mid-prices signings are failures so far, and Candreva looks like another possible dud in the making. Plus, there's the Serie A connection to consider; it's becoming a bit of a cliche now, but there's no escaping the fact that players from the Italian league never seem to settle at Anfield.



  1. digusted. .

    GJ caught out of position for the first goal. not bothered at all and played the ball backwards on many occasions to the anger of the anfield fans even though he could keep the move flowing with a pass ahead. he needs to be dropped.

    Coutinho was poor and we must stop babying him as he poorness is leading to bad results. hes been terrible of late and must start making an impact. at least we know if the starting 11 is playing well without coutinho, maybe if he came on as a sub he'd be able to make more of an impact. he should play against Bournemouth but not against Everton. hes been poor and i doubt he will overcome Barry and Barkley in midfield so he'd be better off making an impact off the bench.

    I think kevin mirallas is going to cause Cissokho some real problems when we play at Everton. Cissokho is not up to the challenge of the PL. he tries his BEST but that is clearly his best. Bertrand was quality today and something must be said about BR's loan signings.

    Stevie was poor in the 1st half. he played well in the second half but with the team now evolving around Suarez i think he should now be the captain of LFC. against tottenham everything was perfect. if Suarez is captain Stevie can be a great substitue for LFC.

    Mingolet was poor again and his consistent mistakes is costing LFC points. that second villa goal was comedy. Benteke couldnt believe it. i think we should have personal talks with Reina and ask him to assist us with our PL title challenge. we need to win every game starting from Everton right the way through to Newcastle. we need the top 4, minimum but if we win every game we can win the league. Reina should be spoke to and asked to give his maximum as we know hes a world class keeper. Mingolets passing is also costing LFC possesion alot and Reina was very quality with his passing i must admit, almost like a 11th man.

    Suso should also be recalled and should be asked to play in the hole with similar effect to what hes done for Almeria. we want him to break up the defences and thread through passes to sturridge sterling and suarez.

    something tells me LFC wont get top 4 this year. its going to be extremely diffucult. if we want to do that we have to win literally EVERY single game from now until the end of the season. which means the players are going to have to do serious shooting practise to make sure every chance is converted. it realy hurts not to pickup maximum points. doesnt matter the opposition, it really hurts.


  2. this guy looks good and ive used him on fifa and hes got a powerful long shot. could be good never know. but the fact that despite we beat spurs 5-0 if they win their next game they will go level on points with us is just shocking really. absolutely appauled. this result will define whether or not we get top 4. because unless we win evey game until the end we will not get top 4.

    i would sign Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim. 22 years old with 12 goals and 10 assists from 19 games. top notch. performing at the top level to a much better rate than all our midfielders. clear no brainer due to stats and age. he'd cost about £15M

    after that i would sign Mohamed Salah. FSG should not be stubborn. hes a massive talent. they want £15M give it to them. he will be worth £30M when we sell him. he can come right in on the RW im sure to great effect.

    Fernando should be bought from Porto as our Beast type alternative to Lucas. he would cost right now about £6M.

    we said were looking for Stevie Gerrard replacement and we need to look no further than Adam Lallana. captain at Southampton and a quality player, good leader. he'd cost about £14M.

    i'd be happy with this January window if we wrapped up these signings

  3. Maybe playing a right-footed teenager with limited technical ability and no pace at left back wouldn't work out in the long run? Maybe playing our best all-round midfielder at right back isn't the smartest thing we could do? Maybe Suso who plays wide for Almeria isn't a natural born playmaker? Maybe Reina doesn't want to play for LFC? Maybe all GKs make mistakes? Maybe playing Gerrard as a withdrawn midfielder is obviously a shite idea because he can't play facing his own goal and never has been able to?

    A few players are suffering indifferent form. That's all. I don't like this habit of turning on individuals. Johnson's an excellent player and a few mistakes aren't going to change my mind about him. Any PL team will score goals if allowed to exert pressure as Villa were. Almost every team makes errors under pressure. It was a poor team performance in the first half. We were not good from front to back with errors throughout the team. It was a perfect storm really. Skrtel lumping it, Gerrard immobile, Cissokho anxious, Suarez and Sturridge showboating rather than working, Coutinho overwrought and tense. All things we've seen before, but suddenly all happening at once. Henderson was good throughout the game but the other midfielders never got going.

    More importantly Villa sprang a number of tactical and strategic surprises (notably stepping up to keep pressing and possessing in Liverpool territory) and several of their players, Delph, Vlaar, and Agbonlahor particularly for me, were outstanding, almost faultless. Personally I don't really care if we're in the CL or not next season, it doesn't motivate me particularly. I find the competition a bit boring to be honest. I'd like us to win the league. We're not going to do that this year, but the team's making progress and with patience we might get there in the next few seasons.

  4. if your referring to flannagan your completely wrong. when he renentered the team the togetherness after his goal against spurs due to the fact hes a scouser was tremendous. he was also very versatile playing at LB knowing when to push on and contributed to alot of our goals. he was almost playing like a LW, cutting in field on his right foot and pass in field. due to being a fan himself he shared the views of the fans, and having players like that on the field is vital as they often make the best decision in terms of what they do.

    Suso is currently doing better than coutinho in La Liga despite playing for a lowly Almeria. which proves Coutinho is struggling to keep up with the in form players around him, which explains why hes spurns so much chances.

    your the only 1 who thinks Glen Johnson has been excellent because hes been poor. hes been poor in his play, but not just that, his attitude, hes not even trying and doesnt care.

    yeah maybe having Hendo at RB is pushing it but im sure he would try much harder than GJ. hes played the role before and got forward well so with GJ's poor form i'd risk hendo there, who works his socks off anyway. his vision might also be good for sterling on the right with his pace.

    i just think no matter what, LFC should always play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 knowing that Sturridge and Suarez are both strikers and will naturally interchange into striking positions regardless of the formation. we always seem to dominate games completely with our 4-3-3 formation and it comes down to whether we take our chances. no more 4-4-2 or 5-3-2. 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. LFC have adapted to this formation well and should take it forward until the end of the season. Suarez at the spearhead by himself with Sturridge as support is perfect.

    and no we must win the league NOW. there will be no other better oppurtunity and being top at christmas, i thought the club would go all out and try to best the best players in January as a statement of being top of the league. next season if we dont get top 4, we wont have Luis Suarez. who right now is the greatest player in world football. to lose a star this good is truly the killing of a team. we need to go all out in this transfer window to try and win the PL title. knowing that if we went all out to win it the least that would be is the CL would just make it extra sweet if we never won.

    Im an LFC fan and i aspire big as all LFC fans should. my standards have not dropped and i still remember our European glory days when we were a feared opposition. Villa wouldnt dare turn up in the manner they did. this is not a good result for any LFC fans out there.

  5. Nice, well thought out post - though I dont agree with everything you state.

    Good call on M'Villa. Absolutely no brainer.

    Also agree with need for attacking player to support SAS. It seems we are playing hard ball, and prob will land him on the last day of the transfer window.

    For me, that is as much as I think the Board would sanction in this transfer window. To expect or demand more would be unrealistic.

    I too like the look of Rakitic as a long term replacement for SG. Again, unlikely, as he seems to want to commit to Seville.

    I'd like BR to use his friendship with Mourinho to land Mata, but again think that is unrealistic.

    As a cheap, left field, short-term punt, I'd put in a bid for lazy Berbatov. He just may do a job for us linking up with SAS, like Teddy or Cantona did for Utd.

    We could potentially line up as 4-2-1-3 or any variation thereof with M'Vila and Lucas holding, SG in the free role, and SAS + Berbatov free to cause mayhem. We'd have Hendo, Courtinho, Sterling and maybe Saleh on the bench to change things as and when required. Would be good enough to ensure 4th. No chance for winning PL this year, let's build slow and steady.

    Happy to be shot for considering an ex-Manc :-)

  6. Still want to sell Pepe? What for, the amount of money we get for him will not be enough to buy a backup keeper. IMO we should have 2 quality keepers. Yes Mignolet has definitely gone off the boil.

  7. Sell Johnson now and spend on DM. By the end of the season Johnson's value will go down quickly.

  8. Agree with Jaimie, We should not be buying mid price players. Push the boat out and buy 1 class player this Jan and shuffle the players the club has already. Stuff the politics if Stevie is not playing well enough to deserve a place bench him. I think we have a decent squad but for whatever reasons they are not being used as effectively as they might. If Gerrard will play further seasons he needs to be part of the defence. I quite liked last game seeing Lucas pop up in the penalty area. Would like to see more of him as an attacking midfielder.

  9. Sell GJ now this Jan while he still has value and use Gerrard as an impact player. Use the GJ money together with whats in the pot to buy 1 class player this Jan.

  10. Mignolet has made mistakes this season but have you forgotten how many points he has saved us?

    Our current back four will get outclassed over and over again. We are struggling to keep a clean sheet and leaking goals every game. Our defence is a MASSIVE problem. Why Rodgers is persisting with Johnson and Skrtel is beyond me!

    What needs to happen is

    1. Johnson needs to be sent to the bench and give Kelly a chance.

    2. We need Enrique and Flanagan back. They look the most adept for the left back position and Flanagan being a RB can also also replace Johnson.

    3. Our CB pair. This is one of the biggest problems at the moment. Sakho needs to come back as soon as possible!

    4. Rodgers needs to give Sakho and Agger a chance to form a partnership which has not been tried yet. These two would compliment each other perfectly.

    If Rodgers does not make changes in our defence then we will be conceding many more goals going forward.

  11. wow, this comment thread feels like a funeral...

  12. But please God, let Enrique be back next week. I'm having nightmares about Mirallas against. Cissokho. Liverpool deserve a refund from youtube. Looks a million times better on there.

    There's still positives to be taken:
    a) we would have lost this match 3-0 last season
    b) It showed that Lucas is actually valuable to the team
    c) Our team resolve is 1000 times improved
    d) It erases the untried but bad idea of 4-4-2 that would have lingered around in the back of BR's mind in the future, especially against tougher opponents.

    I'm confident we can get there. I don't think a devastating second half of the season collapse is on the cards

  13. Rodgers wanted to get this game over and done with in the first half. He has two of the best strikers in the league so he can't entirely be blamed for being ambitious. Unfortunately the first half went tits up. Villa were smarter than us throughout the game so they deserve leaving with one point and did enough to take all three.

    We lost this match 3-1 last season at Anfield so lets just be happy the same result did not make it's way into the back door.

  14. Hindsight makes everyone smart. A lot of people, Jaimie included, felt favourable to BR's line up.

  15. Additonally, BR's a young manager. You've got to ask yourself how many times Fergie made the same nature of mistakes early on in his career with Man Utd. Mistakes very well serve as benefits of the future. We know BR isn't too stubborn because he changed the line up at half time.

  16. Yeah, Rodgers is a very young manager and a very ambitious one which is what LFC needed after years of managers who would rather play it safe.

    The most important thing we have be experienced under Rodgers is progress and the only way one can learn is from your mistakes.

  17. Your comparison of Allen and Lucas is moot as they are different players.

    It is like comparing Lucas and Ramsey when they are not the same players.

    Lucas does not have the best statistics across Europe out of all the defensive midfielders.

    If you are going to compare then do it like for like i.e. defensive midfielder with a defensive midfielder.

  18. It obviously is very easy being a manager, especially for a big club like LFC...

    I guess that is why there are blogs for all of us fans :-)

  19. Sell Johnson nothing. We need the players we have right now and should only add to that. There should be enough money without selling anyone. Do you think Benfica wanted to sell Matic now they're finally with a chance to win the title back from Porto? No, but Chelsea recognized they need this player to challenge for the title themselves and they just went and paid the price. We should be on the phone to Porto today with a name your price offer for Fernando Reges and he should be ready for Everton. Qualifying for the Champions League brings in at least six additional matches, three sold out home games, additional sponsorship, extra TV money on top of premiums for points. These investments pay for themselves if they bring us back into the top four. But they need to be made RIGHT NOW.

  20. The match against Stoke with SG in the DM role sowed some doubts ,i was scared $h1t yesterday ,it was a lucky point gained after Agbonlahor got injured as Villa could have easily put four past us.We were overran in the first half and seemed clueless at most times .The second half was slightly better and we deserved another goal. Call it tactical naivety/complacency or arrogance from the boss we can't make the same mistakes against Everton.I'm sure Martinez has some trick up his sleeve after watching the match from the stands.I just hope we don't see SG in that role against he just does not have the positional sense to play there.

  21. Oh how quickly we forget. Bring Reina back? What are you on? He was making mistakes and playing with one eye on Barcalona - how about getting behind the good keeper we have and helping him return to confident goal saving form - he is surely not being helped by poor defending in front of him. Sick of fickle so called fans. We wouldn't have the points tally we do at present were it not for some great saves earlier in the season, saves which Reina was most definitely not making at the end of his time.

  22. Reasoned, rational points.

  23. How old is Mascherano? :-)

  24. Mr Henry was at Anfield yesterday and i just hope he see's that we have the potential to do well but he need to spend on a few players to get us to the next level.

  25. Be honest, we do not have the type of quality that the top 3 teams have. Being where we are is good enough for us. If we finish 4th this season, we are in CL and will attract a lot of quality players to come play for LFC. Apart from Gerrard, the rest of the team is very young and they can wait another year or two before they lift the EPL. One step at a time.

  26. Neutral Red, B Rodgers should prioritise bringing in M'Vila(23) and Fernandinho(26) for combined total of 15M

    Therefore we would have two big tall physical mobile defensive players who can protect the back 4. And as S Gerrard(33) no longer has the legs, him, Henderson and Coutinho could battle it out to play as the AM in the three man midfield. But due to the fact we need to press high and well, Gerrard(33) lack of mobility and pace now, Henderson(23) or Coutinho(21) get the nod.

    B Rodgers could and should start using S Gerrard(33) as an impact player if he brought those two DM this month.

    We have two full backs who are not very good defenders, one has been abyzmal since he came back from Injury and his contract is up and he looks like he doesn't want to be there ( G Johnson). The other is strong, mobile has good pace but has no football brain and is poor defender also.

    M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan and Fernando(26) Of Porto, should be the priority. Both players could be brought to club for 15M, Same amount J Allen(24) cost club 18mths ago.

    And Two Goal Scoring Wingers:
    M Salah(21) Of Basel and D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal / Lisbon both should be brought to club for combined total of 18-20M

    Those 4 players should be the priority, If we make Champions league this season.

    Then i think In the summer along with sorting out the Back up Gk, 1 CB and both full back positions: I Rakitic(25) Of Seville or Y Cabaye(27) should be brought to club for 16-20M CM

    Along with A Lallana(25) Of Southampton for 12-16M AM

    Those two players would help replace the class, quality of S Gerrard(33) as he is on his last legs and this or next season may be his last. ( Rakitic and Lallana would be picks to take over the mantle

  27. Mascherano is now(29), When he was at club he was 23/24. And left club at 25

  28. Time will tell, lucas had years to prove himself so its a bit harsh on allen if we dont give him time as he is still young like henderson. Since mascherano has left lfc have had the worst period till 2012, theses stats u mentioned which make lucas no1 across europe how come no one has bidded for him. If he was best at what ever he does then it would be clearly noticed.

    Anyway Im hoping we get a powerhouse DM in Jan as it seems we do not have that pressence since maschercano vacated and we are letting in goals for fun. Gerrard needs to be in his favourable advanced role and i would put henderson and Allen as hold midfielders till we get reinforcements.

  29. I totally agree with u mate...theres no way lucas has the same class as other DM in the world. Its like saying lucas is better than Yaya Toure and mascherano......incredible!!

  30. Logan, Mignolet(25) is making clumsy mistakes in his first season. P Reina only started making mistakes two years and a half onwards, when he became complacent and had no class or quality competition for his place. But P Reina is world class and better than Mignolet(25) but complacency crept in and due to his wages he needs to be shipped out. But Mignolet needs strong healthy competition, he is losing us points in his first season.

    Forget the excuses, If we had good back up GK. Mignolet would have been dropped after the city game, look at what Pellegrini did with J Hart, Englands NO 1 GK.

    He made mistakes , got dropped, Pellegrini showed J Hart and the world no player at City is indispensable.

    And now J Hart is back performing to a high standard and the mistakes have been cut out, B Rodgers needs to bring in a Class quality back up GK in summer, A RB, A LB, A CM, A AM and a back up FD

    But now help the back 4 stop conceding, M'Vila(23) of Rubin kazan should be brought for 10-12M

    And Fernando(26) Of Porto should be brought to club for 1-3M as his contract is up in the summer

    I am not having it Skrtel has easily been the stand out defender for Liverpool this season, apart from his man handling of players in area at Corners Or Free kicks , Skrtel has been immense.

    Sakho(23) had to get used to the speed of league, but know he is used to it him and Skrtel are our best pairing hands down, When they are both there we look solid and hard to beat in middle, its our dodgy full backs that have got us exposed. And the lack of protection from the three man in centre which has hurt us this season.

    Lucas(26) and Gerrard(33) lack of mobility and pace has been exposed so many times in games, not to mention Henderson's sloppy passes and so many teams have punished us coming straight through the middle and shooting without being close down or tackle by one of the midfield three.

    These are some of the players who scored against us through easily coming through the middle and somehow having time to shot without being blocked, pressured or tackle by any of the trio in our midfield:

    A Ramsey, Michu, Y Cabaye, Meyler, Huddlestone, Livermore, Negredo and C Adams.C Adams
    even had time to slip, get up and carry on then have shot that smashed the back of the net. And where was any of the midfield trio when these goals were happening? Where was the blocks or challenges? Where is the protection of back 4?

  31. the days when we can truly rely on stevie are well over and I am thankful that a youthful and exhuberant aston villa exposed that cruelly for our living legend. Not that lucas is the saviour, but he gets faaaar too much criticisim for the role that he humbly plays for our club.

    having said that tho, Stevie of course still has much to offer the team. but not in a flat 4-man midfield. yes if he is the anchor in a 3-man midfield but not if he has dual attacking and defensive duties. obviously he doesn't have the legs anymore

  32. Question for ya'll:

    We can reason that stevie doesn't have the legs to play box to box no more. Therefore where is he most effective for us? Deep lying in defense or higher up the pitch? Do we set up the team to accomodate stevie in the team?

  33. AndWithSuchSimplicity3:10 pm, January 19, 2014



    Are you a madman Jaimie??? Huh??
    The forward line is strong enough without the need to make way for Sturridge. And if Rodgers really wanted to include a player who had been out for about 7 weeks from the start, then drop Coutinho (who couldn't score on a night out with Rooney and a bunch of over 60's). But what you DON'T do is leave us wide open in midfield so people can attack our sieve-like back four whenever they fancy it.
    We should have been 2-0 down even before Villa actually scored, yet Rodgers still wouldn't change it, still tried to be fncking clever.
    Oh look at us, look at how many goals we can score, everyone keeps saying.
    Well I say, "Look at us, and look how sh!t we are at the back". And look how EVERYONE has won at Newcastle.... erm , apart from us. And how EVERYONE has made mincemeat of Swansea away (Spuds currently 3-0 up).
    Erm... apart from us.

    This needed addressing in October when we were leaking goals at an alarming rate, but Suarez was saving us.
    Well, he couldn't yesterday.

  34. we have always set up the team to accomodate stevie...and have never come close to winning the league. Rafa got it right. You have to keep Gerrard away from that central midfield because he is so tactically weak. Sweeper? could stevie play centre half? hmmmmmmm because he hasn't the flair to build a side around him in an offensive position. It'd be interesting, for the aske of accomodating him, to see if Gerrard could adjust to sweeper the same way lothar matthaus sort of adjusted to it.

  35. You said Bravo Brendan, when in fact the formation and loss of Lucas (no matter what you say he is vital for the teams balance). Getting all your attacking players on the pitch doesn't guarantee goals. We were so open it was a joke, Brendan got it wrong. Simple.

  36. It's interesting to read articles after the event and make comment. It was obvious that with Lucas missing in the first half we really struggled and Villa were rampant. Lucas plays the 'Whelan' role excellently now ( granted too many foiuls / free kicks near the box ) and it gives others ie. Gerrard to play the role that they are best at doing....

  37. Didi Hamann and Mark Wright made some interesting points about Lucas

    They said he is the only vocal presence, the only organizer and without him we are in trouble

    Gerard leads by example but Lucas talks people, especially fullbacks through the game

    This is something that a lot of modern analysis if the game misses

    We all remember playing with someone like that, a calming voice helping you tweak your position slightly. Hopefully his ACL is not gone again

    He has second highest number of tackles in Premier League this year

    Our 442 formation played a huge part in how the game went. Really interesting to watch the 2 in the middle being overrun in first half, from a football education point of view

    A mate of mine, a Gooner, pointed this out after 5 minutes. I fobbed his Whatspp message off but he was absolutely correct. We will struggle to accommodate SSS and Coutinho

    Hopefully we sign Salah. He really looks good in clips, but maybe opposition wasn't brilliant. Reminiscent of Arshavin in his pomp. What a super player he was before he lost his way, one of my favorite of all time....

    Suarez, Sturrridge and Salah up front. Wow

  38. I agree with you but the reality is that FSG won't do any name your price business. If BR wants big money he will need to create it. Johnson will be sold end of season anyway because he has refused LFC contract extension offer because of salary cut and the club has made it clear they are not going to offer more. His value is going down game by game because of poor performances and the expiration of his contract getting closer all the time.

  39. Johnson's value is not going to be much lower in the summer than it is now though. He's nearly 30 if he's not already and hasn't done anything worthwhile in the game. You can count on him ending up at Cardiff, Swansea or West Ham if they can stay up and he'll move their for a fraction of what we paid for him. So since that will happen anyway, I prefer we hang on to him for another six months.

  40. Maybe you're right but to tell you the truth I can't see him being a first team regular soon. I think BR has had enough of his lapses and might even put Flanno there when he returns from injury. Can't see Johnson keeping his place in the team now. I was suggesting selling him now because Arsenal had made an inquiry and they have the cash to spend.

  41. Well if someone is willing to pay over the odds for him we should always consider it.