13 Dec 2013

Transfer Update: LFC plan Jan bid for €6m star who'll be 'as good as Ibrahimovic'....

Earlier this year, the Agent of Manchester City striker John Guidetti confirmed that the Swedish star wanted a loan move to an English club, and with the youngster now seeking a permanent move away, it appears that the Reds are considering a January move to bring the talented goalscorer to Anfield.

According to the Daily Mail this week:

"Manchester City's John Guidetti remains on the lists of many, with clubs as diverse as Liverpool and Real Betis understood to be mulling over offers".

The Liverpool Echo linked Liverpool with a move for the talented striker during last summer's transfer window, and speculation about a move arose again in October, with multiple sources claiming that:

* Guidetti is 'all but certain to leave' in the new year.
* Liverpool are 'front runners' for his signature.
* The club has followed Guidetti since his loan spell at Feyenoord in 2012.
* City want at least €6m for him.

PSG superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears to be a big fan of Guidetti, as he revealed in a recent interview with AD Sportwereld:

“We need to treat this talent with great care. He [Giudetti] is still young, but his actions show that he is already very good. Give him time, he has a bright future"

Guidetti hit 28 goals/assists in 23 games during his recent loan spell with Feyenoord, an achievement that elicited praise from (then) boss Ronald Koeman, who raved:

"I think that John can be as good as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I've coached them both. Zlatan struggled a lot more than John to find his way in Netherlands. John is on the same level as players such as Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart at that age".

That's high praise indeed. A loan deal to Anfield (or even a permanent deal) would seem to make sense for both Giudetti and Liverpool:

* He wants to move to a Premier League club.
* Given his age/experience, wages probably wouldn't be too excessive.
* Transfer fee definitely within LFC's budget.
* Fits LFC's transfer policy.
* Would fit nicely into the striker pecking order at LFC.
* Good cover for Sturridge.

If Liverpool really pushed for Guidetti, I'm sure the club would be in with a chance of signing him, but with his recent injury history, is it a good idea, though?



  1. Hmm.. I'd be a bit irritated if we have signed another prospect, especially on loan, I think I'd be a bit miffed.. We have lots of quality youth players coming through, we don't really need another one. In terms of covering footballers, I don't think there's anything wrong with Aspas.. Poor lad has barely been given a chance!

    If we're going to sign people, I think we need to sign someone that can really press the players we have now for spots. I really think we need to target someone that can press Gerrard for his starting place, because I don't believe he should be a dead cert in the team.. Especially as he's pushing towards his mid-thirties now..

  2. Dear God no. We need an old head. A pinch hitter.

  3. Here's a stat: In 43 PL games under BR, Luis Suarez has scored 38 goals...........................not too shabby eh???

  4. And 20 of those have come against Norwich.. ;)

  5. injured for over a year he is not up at the level he was before yet. he lacks speed but got everything else

  6. Considering the fight for places this season in the top four there is no way City are going to sell or loan Guidetti to Liverpool.

  7. Snap him! Very interesting direction.

    Sometimes you don't get how City's and Chelski's give up such players but who cares, it works for us. Hope this is true. TRUE...............

  8. I don't think it's their decision at that point. He chooses.

  9. Liverpool are fighting hard to get into the CL. and BR is under pressure to sustain our good form. If we get into the Champions League we will need a squad of 3 top class centre forwards to play across the season. so the club should be looking at Remy, Muriel, Damaio. I would take any of the three in addition to Suarez and Sturridge but that must be how we go into the season, should we qualify for CL. Sturridge is top-class, but with his injury record Suarez should have a partner who is much fitter than him to start alongside him every game. If we had Remy in our team, Sturridge would not be missed and if hes injured he would just have to work his way into the team.
    As for Midfielders, BR knows Gerrard and Lucas are top class but get overrun and I know we haven't got a lot money. We need to pursue Diame as he is PL experienced and can slot in right away. Kevin De Bruyne needs to be purchased for about £10M and he has shown he is capable of playing at the top level in Bundesliga. with a run of games at Liverpool I think he can be top class. Julian Draxler would be a dream but im sure De Bruyne is more realistic and he could still make a similar impact. to add to that would be Mohamed Salah. were in need of a RW to enter the CL where 4-2-3-1 Is a Crucial formation in terms of football and Salah can Slot in from the Right with no problems.
    I think our central defence positions are covered for years but we should sign Montoya for RB positions and I think if Rodgers wants serious and quality LB cover he should pursue Michel Bastos. he plays in the Arab Leagues now for money of course but I don't think he'll reject the opportunity to play for Liverpool. he is an explosive LB and would be a fantastic addition to a team needing a LB.
    Pepe Reina will be sold to Barcelona but i'd personally try to do a palyer exchange deal with Gerard Deulofeuo. I love the kid, he reminds me of messi but something tells me he can be even better. if Barcelona give this kid a chance in their first team, he wont disappoint. if we can con them to taking reina as they badly need a keeper, Deulofeuo could take us to new height.
    Loic Remy - he'd cost £10-12M max. QPR are in the Championship and cant afford t demand such a high fee
    Mohamed Diame - he'd only cost a mere £3.5M. its chicken change really for a player who we know will definitely justify his fee and help our midfield
    Kevin De Bruyne - he'd cost about £12M. but he'd take LFC by storm. like sturridge, Chelsea don't realise a players potential because of their stardom squad.
    Mohamed Salah - £15M but hes quality. no doubt about that.
    Gerard Deulofeuo & Martin Montoya - Montoya will only cost about £5M as he will be free in Summer. with Reina as part of the deal Deulofeuo will only cost £8M. for 2 of the most promising young talents in world football its worth it.
    Michel Bastos - £5M is what it would cost for an experienced LB. wouldn't do us any harm at all
    imagine our CL Squad was this
    Goalkeepers: Mignolet, Jones
    Central Defenders: Skrtel, Sakho, Toure, Agger
    Wing Backs: Johnson, Montoya, Enrique, Bastos
    Defensive Mid: Lucas, Diame
    Central Mid: Gerrard, Henderson, De Bruyne
    Attack Mid: Coutinho, Deulofeuo, Suso
    Wingers: Salah, Sterling
    Strikers: Suarez, Sturridge, Remy

  10. We should stick to beefing up our mid-field for the present.

  11. Can you add -up kid????

  12. Do you understand the premise of 'jesting'????

  13. Coutinho is at least as good defensively as any other attacking midfielder, if not better due to his effectiveness at pressuring opposition defenders - his reputation defensively seems to be based more on his size and attacking capability than his actual on pitch performances...

  14. I didn't think about that setup. it's interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing. maybe in the second half. I think we should start aspas with saurez up top. aspas has more experience in big games. i think him and suarez with coutinho could strike a very fluid relationship and really trouble the spurs defence. if not slot alberto in and lets see if he can thread some balls through for saurez.

    p.s. not sure if aspas is hurt or not

  15. As much as I'd like to believe that could be true, then why did we lose 3-1 to Hull?

  16. Off day, 2 big changes, no sturridge, no coutinho, and a tired Suarez - and 9 other guys who didn't have their $hit together.

    And yeah probably won't happen, but 3 from outside of the box isn't out of the questionl.

  17. I think, Spurs team hasn't gelled yet. Player to player, they have one of the most talented bunch in EPL. This is the time for us to take advantage of Spur's transition. Too bad that SS & SG 'll not play, but probably still we can manage, considering Spur's present form (against better teams).

    We should stick to our best formation & play to our strength, which is 4231 or 433 with Sakho & Kolo (A veteran of many north London derbies) should make the CB pairing. Rest squad almost picks themselves (hardly any options left). I think, Agger can partner Lucas at CM, Allen as advanced AM, Pipo, Luis & Henderson are 3 forwards could be a good starting XI. In last 30 min, Sterling & Moses can add pace. I wish it's 2-3, but probably 'll end up 2-2.

  18. Few days back we were linked with another potential Zlatan, from Sweden. I wonder if we are making Zlatan too cheap - players like him aren't born every generation from one country. I don't think this guy is that exciting. Every top team has very good scouting network & I don't think a real talent, potentially as good as Zlatan could have escaped the eyes of other clubs, not for $8mn or so & not from MCity, who hardly pressed for transfer budgets. His Dutch league stats are frightening, but so was Kyut. Again, Suarez also had similar stats, so fingers crossed.

    I can accept his purchase, if only we have enough money for 3/4 other positions we need to strengthen for starting XI.

  19. This game is exactly the type of situation where we need to prove that someone other than S&S can score. Coutinho, Johnson and hendo played well enough to be on the scoresheet. This would be a good time to step up. Hope Toure, Skrtel and Sakho have big games.

  20. Only two. But thats two more than Liverpool in recent years

  21. Liverpool have brought through more than two players from the reserves in the last year alone, nevermind in recent years

  22. Oh, you're talking about quantity, fair enough. I was talking about top quality players. None of the recent ones are there yet and dont look like they will be.