11 Dec 2013

Debunking LFC Myths: No 15 - BR publicly dissed LFC starlet as 'not good enough'

In September, Liverpool youngster Joao Carlos Teixeira sealed a three-month loan deal to Brentford, which, on the face of it, seemed like an ideal opportunity to gain some much needed experience. Unfortunately, after only 28 days, the Bees have sent 20-year the Portuguese attacker back to Anfield. At the time, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers provided a perfectly reasonable explanation for the termination of the deal, but some fans are perpetuating the myth that the manager publicly claimed that Teixeira got dumped because he is 'not good enough'. This may be a minor myth, but it I feel compelled to get the actual truth on record.

In my view, it is categorically untrue to suggest that Rodgers hinted, implied or stated - either directly or indirectly - that Teixeira is 'not good enough'. When asked about the situation in his pre-Newcastle press conference in October, Rodgers gave a lengthy explanation, the bulk of which is below (verbatim):

JOURNO: "Michael Ngoo and Joao Teixeira came back early from their loan spells. What was the reason behind that?"

RODGERS: "There’s different types of loans. There are loans where players go out to play, or where they go to offer squad support. If it helps a club with their finances to bring them back, or they’re not getting enough game time, then that’s what we’ll do.

"I’ve worked at the lower level, and if they’re not playing, and they’re not going to play, they might as well come back here and get prepared for another loan deal. That allows the club to then go and get a reinforcement in a different area. I have to protect the young players here. They will have learned from the experience, good or bad, and they can either progress here, or get another loan spell".

At this point, the question is answered. If the press conference ends here, there's clearly no negative reference to either Teixeira or Ngoo. Another Journo then asks a related question, and as you can see, it is a general question, and is not specifically related to Teixeira:

JOURNO: "There’s a lot of debate about the experience young players need, but it’s not as simple as throwing them into loan spells as it doesn’t always work out.

RODGERS: "No, absolutely. With all due respect, some of the young players aren’t good enough. Everyone thinks that because you’re at a top club, and you’ve got some good young players that think they can just walk into a League One team, but they can’t. I supervised a group at Chelsea where we had some wonderful young players, but the harsh reality is it’s not all bright lights and the Premier League. It’s a tough world".

Rodgers simply makes a general comment about young players, and it's a valid point: some of them just aren't good enough. I don't see how his answer to question two has any direct relevance to his points about Teixeira and Ngoo. Rodgers even mentions Chelsea in his second answer, which suggests that (subconsciously) he could've had young players at Stamford Bridge on his mind.

The press had a lot to do with the misconception. Lots of high profile sites - such as ESPN, for example - ran headlines like 'Rodgers warns LFC young players', and used his line about young players not being 'good enough' in a misleading context.

Rodgers' comments are, of course, open to individual interpretation, but I don't see any evidence to support the contention that the manager directly criticised Teixeira. He certainly didn't say that he's 'not good enough'.

View Rodgers' press conference HERE.



  1. Maybe they were just some snobby lil kids that come to a team in lower division were they dont have the same luxuries as they did in the reserves at LFC. I have see a few of the Texeiras games in the reserves and I have never been impressed with his work rate and this both pre and post injury.
    Ngoo is going to have a tough time like Crouchy did, just being too tall aint always the best things in footy.

  2. True, It doesn't matter what club you come from, at the age of 17 there is very few players out there who are going to improve a lower league team, the body is still growing, the reality is that there are very few players who can burst onto the scene like Rooney did at that age

  3. I recall someone's comment way back which said it was not rogers words but his body language which gave the perception of affirming the two players were not good enough. Could someone add the interview so we can see what happened?????.

  4. glad you cleared that up. at first when the comments were out i failed to read between the lines and mistook that rodgers slated joao as not good enough.

  5. Never mind. I see it is posted. Sorry my browser screened me. I'll have to wait until I get home.

  6. JK: Link provided does not get me there.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if 'not good enough' is reserved only for PL matches. As an example, Nuri Sahin had a tough time here, but he starts for Borussia and starts in a CL match...clearly talented enough for Borussia's trust in a huge match...which they win...with his help. Heck Marco Reus was subbed out and Sahin stayed in. I am befuddled as to why he wasn't good enough for us when our midfield is roundly trashed on ESPN by even the lilliputian David Usher...and I CAN'T disagree with him. I have seen any number of rumors on this site and others linking us with this or that 'the new (enter your legend striker here)' when what we clearly need is almost an entire new set of mid-fielders. Is all this striker gobbledy-gook just a smokescreen for us seriously working behind the scene for decent mid-fielders? I hope so. We keep making allowances for mid-fielders who really aren't very good. Let's please remove our red colored lenses and admit that Lucas is not very good, and Henderson...for all his energy...is not very good. Allen was very good against West Ham...but I will with hold judgment until I see him perform as well against Spurs before I just state the near-obvious...our mid-fielde sucks. We need crafty wise old CB's...which we have...but we REALLY need young, fast, crafty, imaginative, brave mid-fielders or we will not last the winter into spring. There...off my soap-box and ready to defend.

  8. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva8:41 am, December 12, 2013

    Give the boy some time, god knows we have given Hendo plenty and for me he is still not that impressive. I don't know whether or not he will succeed but he has talent and some elevate to the next level and some don't. I think with the likes of Sahin it was more of a comfort thing maybe he had less pressure on him, lets not forget the press can be pretty harsh on players who are underperforming and not to mention fans who are wanting their club to be back on top.
    Anyway lets hope he does well in the future and BR does well in January transfer market.

  9. Sahin was unfit when he was with us; it wasn't just that he showed no appetite for the physical side of the game -- I don't mean crunching challenges or whatever, just normal tracking of runners from midfield -- it was that he didn't seem capable of it at that time. Looks like he's coming back to his best back at his home club.

  10. Please define unfit?

  11. lukaku and delufeo are loans whats going to happen to everton when the season is done and these players go back to there respective clubs it is not good to over rely on loan players ask WBA

  12. robben is out now and shak plays on the wings, so it seems like they might need him

  13. He'd missed much of the previous season injured and then hadn't played for Madrid more than a handful of times in 2011-12 before coming to us without a full pre-season under his belt. That sort of unfit.

  14. It's all irrelevant - football in the Premier League is totally different to that in League One and below.

    No creature comforts or carpet like pitches to play on makes it a lot more difficult for certain players to thrive than at the top level - In fact, I'm VERY sure there that are many established Premier League players that would struggle in the lower leagues, nevermind these kids