1 Nov 2013

'Sign him!' - LFC legends urge BR/FSG to buy 'perfect' €30m maestro. Dream transfer...?

Four years after leaving Anfield, Real Madrid star Xabi Alonso remains a firm-favourite amongst Liverpool fans, many of whom remain hopeful that Spaniard will return to the club at some point. Alonso's current contract expires next summer, and unless he signs a new deal with Madrid, he'll be able to leave for free. Grabbing a truly world class player for nothing is an enticing prospect, and Liverpool legends John Aldridge and Phil Thompson have urged Brendan Rodgers and FSG to push hard to make the deal happen.

Discussing Alonso's future on the 5-Times podcast this week, Thommo enthused:

"I’ll be desperately disappointed if we didn’t have our name in the hat to sign him [Alonso]. He’s the best passer of a football in Europe. You talk about Xavi and Iniesta, but doing what he does, moving the ball in a positive manner, not just side to side; he passes the ball forward with pace and accuracy, and he doesn't need four or five touches".

Aldo added:

"We'd absolutely have him [Alonso] back. With the two we've got upfront, he'd be perfect. I'm just concerned with the owners, who'd probably say no. Having said that, they brought in Toure".

Alonso - who cost Real Madrid €30m in 2009 - has been regularly linked with a return to Liverpool, and in April the Spaniard who admitted last year that he 'misses' Anfield - hinted that a Liverpool move in the future could be a possibility'. He said:

"I have not decided where to play in the future. My return to Anfield? I had an amazing time during my long experience in Liverpool with the jersey of the Reds."

In September, Spanish journalist Pipi Estrada claimed that a return to Liverpool is not on the cards. Speaking on sports show Punto Pelota last night, he explained:

"Xabi will not go to the Premier League, Serie A or the French league - his future is in the U.S., at Los Angeles Galaxy or New York Red Bulls, where he will sign a 2-year deal. Alonso wants to play in a new league, in another country and experience another culture. There is talk that he could go to England, France or Italy, but Alonso wants to go to the U.S."

This seems to tie-in with Alonso's comments over the summer, when he told reporters:

"The Premier League? No. There's no way, no chance"

Over the summer, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers also seemed to ruled out a move for Alonso recently:

"Xabi Alonso was an incredible player for this club, a wonderful role model, but he is in a different moment in his career with Real Madrid"

An added wrinkle is Chelsea's reported interest in Alonso. According to the Daily Mail this week:

"Jose Mourinho has set his sights on bringing Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso to Chelsea in the summer. Mourinho would love to bring his former star to London, hoping to seal a free transfer in January"

If it comes down to a straight choice between Chelsea and Liverpool, you'd think that given his obvious affection for the Reds, Alonso would choose Liverpool, where he'd probably have more chance of playing regular first team football.

You never know, though. The chance of working with Jose Mourinho again could be equally attractive, and to be brutally honest, Alonso probably has more chance right now of winning trophies at Chelsea.

As Thommo says, though - it will be disappointing if Liverpool don't at least try hard to secure Alonso's signature.



  1. alonso is too old
    gerrard is now doing his role , and gerrard is better at it
    dont need him what we need is competition for SAS

  2. plus alonso left us
    he is a traitor
    you never leave liverpool unless liverpool want to sell you
    he should be resented as much as owen
    if he did not leave , the last 4 years could have been very different
    and dont give me the rafa excuse
    if he hated rafa ,why not give a transfer request that year rather then a year later ?
    alonso will always walk alone

  3. sign luis muriel ,and pastore
    this January to add that little pit of depth that lfc need
    will hughes signing for the future
    a back up gk could not hurt as well
    then we can win the title

  4. It ain't gonna happen

  5. Heard thatReal would give Di Maria Kedhira and Benzema for the amazing traitor. Maybe we can ask for Alonso instead of Kedira...

  6. Loved the guy and we started straight down hill when he left. That said, he is old and more likely to go to the US or stay in Spain..............I see little chance of this happening as I did in the summer when all this first was bandied about......

  7. Every time Alonso is mentioned people start talking about Gerrard's age as well. Alonso is a great player in his own right still and i would welcome him at LFC. It could be that him and Gerrard would be rotated or Alonso would partner Lucas with Gerrard competing with Coutinho which to me makes sense. The fact is if Pool could get Xabi Alonso it would give them a world class midfielder to keep Gerrard,Lucas,Henderson, and even Joe Allen and further forward Coutinho all fighting hard to get into a strong LFC side.

  8. A loss would be a blow, but we should have enough to keep them at bay, and just maybe sneak a win or draw. I can see 4+ goals scored. SAS could torment their defence especially Mertesacker, who I have seen left for dead many times. Finally we will see where we are this season, lets hope its a good place.

  9. "hounding Arsenal" that sounds like a plea to Rodgers to leave Henderson in and not play Coutinho. I say let's give Arsenal something to worry about. Coutinho scores goals, Henderson doesn't.

  10. Deluded as usual!!!!!!!!!! The only fans that watch football through wooden goggles.

  11. but henderson buzzes around the park , and defends , why do we need to play 3 attackers when we have 2 that are in form , and i think you will find henderson has scored just as many goals as coutinho any way lol , arsenals strongest point is their midfield , playing 3 attack minded people up front will only expose us in that area , and leave gerrard and lucas to be under the pump all day , leave the side the way it is , bring coutinho on later if we have too , leave lucas to man mark ozil , that will free henderson and gerrard to mop up the rest ,

  12. " Mertesacker, who I have seen left for dead many times." - can you cite instances? Have you watched Arsenal play this year?

  13. Come on Reds make history!!! Win and make us dream!!! It's now or never!!! YNWA

  14. Competition for SG is needed who can at least rival him in BR's mind and it is Alonso who can.

  15. I think it'll be Arsenal hounding us up the pitch just like Soton did because they're doing it in each and every match they've played so far and they seem to be good at it. However, I think it'll be a nerve wrecking match for both set of fans with emphasis mostly on SAS and Ozil because they'll be depended on most by their respective teams. I think Arsenal's defense is just like us, so we'll have to worry about the same thing that we do to them.

  16. Some people are way too obsessed with runners. Carlton Palmer could tun all day. So could Geoff Thomas. Rubbish with the ball though.

    Don't think it will happen, but Alonso for free is the biggest no brainer of all time. If he's thinking about the US then he would not necessarily be looking to play every game in the PL, perfect for us, would prolong both his and Stevie's career.

    Take a look at this: http://youtu.be/QiCV_rNS0GI
    And tell me Xabi couldn't play in the Prem again. Nonsense

  17. This should be one of the most entertaining matches yet this season. SAS have been too much for our opposition and do not think it will be any different today.

  18. We need Coutinho to play his best on the attack and on maintaining / extending our possession. Otherwise Stevie and Lucas will need oxygen every ten minutes....Moses can play both ways. I say Moses and Coutinho should play and try to wear down their midfield instead of the other way around!

  19. i say that in the second half when one of the midfielders tire they put on ilori or a speedy defender just to man mark ozil

  20. My intuition is to give up 352 for this one:

    Johnson, Toure, Skrtel, Cissokho
    Henderson Gerrard
    Sturridge Suarez

  21. 3 main test's today in my book:

    1. Sakho and Cissokho performances.

    2. How does 352 work in this intensity
    3. Just how good our midfield can be; Not long ago almost any LFC fan felt the midfield just isn't good enough, then they made some good performances and all seem to be forgotten. Let's see what they can produce today. If they disappoint the standard should go higher and just stay there until we sign 2-3 better players for our teams midfield as soon as possible if we are to get more series in competing for any goal.

    Unfortunately i feel today's result as more to do with how Arsenal preform. I predict a draw in a game we could have won.

  22. What about against Villa?

  23. And win by simply playin our good football.

  24. Interesting, but you need a really specific scenario for this to actually happen in real life, and assuming that Ilori is even on the bench.

  25. Focus is completely wrong here. Sure Arsenal can score against us, they have a couple of very very good players in the middle and up front who can all bury one against any defense. The thing is, their defense is an absolute liability. They showed on MOTD last week how easy it is to get in behind their defense and with Suarez and Sturridge both blessed with the ability to do so, I reckon we'll just outscore the buggers 4-2.

  26. Saying that he's too old is ridiculous.. Scholes was still a master of the role at 35+...

  27. Never go back - enjoy the memories and keep on moving forwards.

    Best advice for both parties.

  28. Gerrard isn't a better central midfielder than Alonso imho - Gerrard offers more going forwards (on those occassions when he decides to break forwards) but Alonso is much more attentive to his defensive responsibilities, whereas Gerrard is prone to turning off and ignoring runners off of the ball

  29. It is more difficult to press effectively when you are expecting defenders to engage in the activity rather than midfielders, as defenders naturally do not want to break out from their defensive shape, and so we keep seeing midfielders running onto our defense unchallenged.

    I still want to see the club return to a 253/262 formation asap

  30. what about against Villa?

  31. for 45 minutes a game.

  32. I think Arsenal's 5 young fast, quick MFs put the sword to the idea of having 2 32+ MFs playing for all the marbles. Those guys torched our MFs and wings. It wasn't even close to a horse race. More like 5 thoroughbreds playing a bunch of clydesdales. When one got tired they just reloaded another one. Arsenal is firing on all cylinders right now. They looked very good.

  33. I don't think that's particularly true.. In any case, Pirlo is still doing it at an exceptional level and is older than Xabi.