4 Nov 2013

Rip-Off: LFC star's transfer value plummets by £16m in two years. Dodgy deal...?

Xabi Alonso aside, Liverpool have a history of getting stiffed on transfer fees for players who move from Anfield to La Liga. Steve McManaman left LFC for free, and who can forget the paltry £8m fee the Reds received for Michael Owen (along with the useless Antonio Nunez as a 'makeweight')? Pepe Reina is currently on loan at Napoli, but he's expected to move on again in the summer, and reports in Spain today suggest that Liverpool could be about to get ripped off once again.

According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo:

* Liverpool have agreed to sell £15m-rated Reina to Barcelona next summer for the piffling fee of €5m. That's Euros, not pounds (!)

* The fee will be made in two payments: €2.5m in 2014, and another €2.5m in 2015.

€5m for one of the top goalkeepers in Europe with probably another 8-9 years left at the top? Seems like a giant rip-off to me, and if Liverpool agreed to that fee, then it's arguably transfer negligence on a par with Owen deal.

Having said that, perhaps the club just wants to cut its losses and get Reina off the wage bill. Liverpool could hold out for a bigger fee - £10m, perhaps - but if the Spaniard can't be shifted at that price, the Reds could ultimately be left with an unhappy goalkeeper on massive wages.

When asked recently about his in August, Reina told the The Independent:

"At the moment it's difficult to think about being a Liverpool player next year. They have a young goalkeeper in Simon Mignolet and the manager prefers him to me. There's no reason to think I'll be a Liverpool player from now on"

In October, however, Reina seemed resigned to the possibility of returning to Merseyside next summer. He told Italian newspaper La Gazetta Dello Sport:

"My future? As far as I know, I will return to Liverpool after my loan spell is over. Then, we'll see what happens. Now, I'm only thinking about doing well with Napoli"

Reina certainly has a lot of support within the Barca camp, though, and over the last couple of weeks, several of the club's players have declared their public support. On Monday, Pedro Rodriguez told Esport3:

"He [Reina] knows the club and has been here in other years, so he would be a great goalkeeper for us. We would be delighted to welcome Pepe because we already know him. He would fit in very quickly."

Sergio Busquets also wants Reina at Barca. He told COPE Radio:

"He [Reina] is a great goalkeeper. If he comes it would be fine.”

Cesc Fabregas also supports the move. He told Radio Catalunya:

"Victor has been here for 10 years and none of us can imagine another goalkeeper in his place, but one of the things that Pepe can bring is that he knows all of us. He provides a very good atmosphere in the dressing room and is experienced."

There is speculation that Barca plan to sign two 'keepers - one young, and one older, experienced head - but if that transpires, I doubt Reina will want to spend the rest of his career nervously looking over his shoulder.

If Reina goes for €5m, is that an acceptable fee? In his autobiography last year, Reina revealed that Liverpool turned down a £20m offer from Arsenal in 2011. £20m to €5m in two years? That's a massive £16m loss in value, which seems a little extreme.

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  1. We simply have zero leverage. Why would they pay market value for a guy we obviously don't want?

    The only way to drive up the price would be to get a competition going among suitors but that seems unlikely given the fact that Pepe has his heart set on Barca.

    It's essentially the opposite of the Joe Allen scenario... we had to overpay to get him because:

    a) Rodgers was not technically supposed to buy a player from Swansea for a year
    b) There wasn't a real market for him other than us because no one else was going to match the buy out clause (because it was a ridiculous value)
    c) Swansea wanted to keep him and were in no rush to get rid of him unless they received an offer that they couldn't refuse (in this case, literally).

  2. Cant act like I'm surprised. The moment we chose to loan out Reina rather than sell him we accepted the loss. We could have got at least 16 pound our of him in August IMO, especially if we had got teams like Arsenal involved as they obviously need a GK and had money to burn. Napoli just sold Cavani for a ton of money, why not insist they buy him instead? Coming back from loan he'll be a year older and have a year less on his contract which sharply devalues him. The loan wasnt a smart move from the beginning and essentially handed the power to Reina and Barca going forward.
    We could press the issue and try to get a bidding war going to drive up that bargain price (because at 5mil euros, im sure even millwall will be looking to make a cheeky bid!) but it just feel like at this point both parties are just ready to part ways amiacably.

  3. You're right should have made them pay-up with the Cavani money.

    In the end 5m is better than having him on wages then leaving on a free.

  4. JAIMIE.
    Asmir Begovic is fair play hero of the month. Scored a goal and did not celebrate because he thought it would be disrespectfull to his colleague.
    Write an article about that Jaimie?

  5. You explained it, brother!

  6. When Arsenal offered us that money, I was praying we take it.
    Remember the first match of the year vs Arsenal when Reina scored to give them a point in the last seconds... Damn...

  7. Firstly, we dont know if the rumour is true, I doubt it.
    Secondly, we saved £5m on Pepe's wages this season, I dont know if thats a factor, again I doubt it.
    Finally,there is better value in a swap deal, especially with Barca's array of talent.

    Oh one other thing, Berahino of WBA looks a great prospect,
    his wages ????? he gets £850 a week it was revealed today.

  8. Sometimes I even amaze myself... :)

  9. What if Tello is coming the here and they're offering 5m + Tello?

  10. We could do with Pepe back. The current keeper is not convincing at all - not least with his distribution.

    that's Rodgers for you though. Turned us into flat track bullies.

  11. Even though he's already saved us at least 6 points this season...? Get a grip. Reina needed to move on. His heart wasn't in it anymore, highlighted by the fact as soon as he left his performance levels picked up (for the most part)

  12. Reina should not be sold for no less than 8-10M minimum, no matter how old he is Goalkeepers can play until their 40's. Its comical things like this which is what annoys us fans, we get ripped off by teams. Yet sell our class quality players for peanut money, its pathetic. Reina should not be sold for no less than 8 million pounds, then that money can be used to bring in back up replacement to come and compete with Mignolet for next 5-7 years at club. A Mccarthy(23) Of Reading for 5-8M

  13. I was disappointed we signed Mignolet rather than Begovic. Not only is he a better keeper IMO but he also gets goals!

  14. Agree. Reina was fantastic for us for years but latterly errors were becoming frequent in his game & it seemed he'd got stale at the club. A great servant but it did seem time for him to move on. Plus he did want the move to Barca, just pity for him Valdes stayed on & BR had lined up a replacement.

  15. That would be genius

  16. I know right!!! ;)

  17. Bring in David Dein to sort out our woes in the transfer market.

  18. I don't get this at all. There are top teams in Europe who would have paid a lot.lot more for Reina. Our transfer policy is not helping the club. Coutinho,Sturridge and Sakho are good signings but the rest are not good enough . Assaidi,Allen,Borini,Moses, etc. It is mentioned that BR goes for very technical players , yes tell him to start putting them on the pitch. Alberto actually looks like he could be ok and did well v Newcastle but why hasn't he been back in the side ?

  19. Me to.. And I do not understand the vote down..
    But we can finally be calm about that position...