9 Oct 2013

'He's in demand': LFC favourites to sign 'fantastic' £12m maestro hailed by Carra

Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for Derby County's Will Hughes, and after missing out on the midfielder over the summer, the Reds are now reportedly ahead of both Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal in the race for the coveted 18-year old midfielder.

According to the Daily Express:

"Liverpool are leading the chase for Hughes, with the attacking-minded midfielder already been compared with Reds captain Steven Gerrard"

This follows a recent report in The Mirror, which claimed:

"Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is stepping up his chase for Derby's midfield magician Will Hughes. Rodgers sent chief scout Dave Fallows to watch the England Under-21 international, who is seen as a potential long-term replacement for Steven Gerrard".

When asked on Monday about Hughes' future, new Derby County manager Steve McClaren conceded that the rams face a tough task keeping the youngster. He told reporters:

"Our job is to make sure he [Hughes] makes it, but eventually he will be too good. What we need behind that is players coming through to replace him."

Liverpool have been scouting Hughes for months now, and in August, The Independent claimed:

"Liverpool are close to agreeing a deal for Will Hughes. Hughes has been watched extensively over the last six months by Liverpool scout Barry Hunter".

Other Reports further claimed that:

* Rodgers has instructed Hunter/Fallows to continue scouting Hughes until the new year.
* Liverpool are prepared pay up to €12m for Hughes.
* The Reds are interested in an ongoing player-exchange partnership with Derby.

In September, ex-Rams boss Nigel Clough confirmed that he believes big clubs will be in for Hughes in January. He told the Barton Mail:

"I think there will be interest in Will in January. I think that is when everybody can assess the first six months of the season, where they are going and where they are a bit short."

In a recent column for the Daily Mail, Jamie Carragher highlighted Hughes as one of the top young players in the country. He enthused:

"His [Hughes'] reputation is growing by the week and he was excellent when England’s Under 21s demolished Scotland 6-0 earlier this month. The way he carries himself and the way he passes the ball suggest he has got a big future".

Derby County Chief executive Sam Rush admitted yesterday that Hughes is in 'great demand', and admitted that he'd leave it to McClaren to decide the best course of action. He told the Derby Telegraph:

“I am conscious not to talk too much about Will Hughes. He is 18 and we all know what a fantastic footballer he is. Ultimately, it is a matter for Steve and I think the most exciting thing I see is the coaching quality that Steve will bring to players like Will"

Steven Gerrard is a Liverpool legend, but his influence and impact on the team (in purely footballing terms) is waning, and as sad as it is to contemplate, he will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

'Replaced' is the wrong word, as Gerrard is arguably a once in a generation-type player for LFC, and it will be impossible to replace him in the traditional sense, but the club has to start thinking about it now, and looking at players like Hughes is a step in the right direction.

Having said that, I have a feeling that Hughes will ultimately end up Arsenal. His game seems suited to Arsenal's style of play, and he seems very much like the type of player Arsene Wenger would target.

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  1. get me dah kid#rodgers

  2. I agree with you about Gerrard. It was difficult to accept with Carragher and it will be with Gerrard but he is 33 and we do need to plan ahead. Apart from Gerrard, we have three central midfielders right now and he's still, arguably, our best one which means losing him to injury or retirement would be even worse should it happen right now. I don't think we should address this by bringing a 12 million pound kid though. As in the summer, first things first, we need to bring in at least one first teamer for central midfield. Preferably a DM. If FSG still have 12 million burning in their pockets then, sure let's take a punt and give this kid a shot. We've missed out on plenty of them before by being too careful. Walcott, Bale, Lampard, Oxlade etc, Cristiano Ronaldo....

  3. Long term replacement for gerrard ??? Seriously i think under BR tactic will not really miss Gerrard if he retired ! I dun think aging problem is a MAJOR BLOCK to let us see good old gerrard, he just not too suit playing that role at the moment.....

  4. Whats so different about Arsenal's play to ours that makes you think they are a better bet than us?

  5. Kevin Van Bruymen.

  6. they dont get exhausted in the second half

  7. Is this kid actually good? Or the typical overhyped english player? £12M is a lot.
    Never seen him play, just youtube.
    What would he offer us?

  8. I am sure this guy isn't what we're looking to add in our midfield currently. We need Pastore and Lars Bender who can fix the DM and AM issue to the extent the fans want. I am not sure if 12m on a prospect would be a good idea looking at our current status and its important for us to qualify for CL and invest money in that direction so as to get it ASAP.

  9. dude please it´s kevin de bruyne

  10. Derby have said they expect around £15m for this untried youngster. That is more than, Thiago Alcantara, Eriksen, Sturridge, Coutinho, Michu, etc etc etc. NO WAY is this guy worth more than them, or JJ Shelvey for that matter.

  11. Insert comment about needing proven midfielder *here*....