2 Oct 2013

'He's upset': €8m star who loves LFC threatens to quit in January. Try and sign...?

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho seems hellbent on alienating some of his players, and after ignoring Juan Mata for much of the season so far, it seems that Blues attacker Kevin Du Bruyne is also on the Portuguese manager's hit-list. Could this be a great opportunity for Liverpool...?

Mourinho forced De Bruyne train with the youth team this week whilst the first-team squad jetted off for a Champions League clash with Steaua Bucharest, and when asked on Monday about his apparent marginalisation of player, a clearly irritated Mourinho barked:

"With Kevin, I didn't like the match he played against Swindon and I didn't like the way he was training. But you only ask about the guys who were not selected. Thank you."

Mourinho then stormed out of the press conference.

According to a source close to the De Bruyne, he is 'deeply upset' by his treatment and feels like he is being "treated like a child".

De Bruyne's dad, Herwig de Bruyne, has even suggested that the 22-year old could quit Stamford Bridge in January. He told reporters last night:

"If this situation continues, we'll have to look for a solution in January."

Could that solution be Liverpool?

The Reds need more attacking midfielders/wingers, and with the club's recent history of signing/loaning Chelsea players, plus Rodgers' great relationship with Mourinho, perhaps a loan move for De Bruyne would be a good idea? One thing in the Reds' favour is that the Belgian is a Liverpool fan. After he signed for Chelsea, he said:

"When I was young, in my family we loved Liverpool"

De Bruyne - who cost Chelsea €8m - is a regular starter for the exciting Belgium national team, but he's made only seven appearances for Chelsea since signing for the club in January 2012.

Clearly, the Blues - and Mourinho - don't rate De Bruyne, and with the World Cup approaching fast, he'll need to play regularly to assure his place in the squad.

In his final six months at the club, Debuyne grabbed 19 goals/assists in 33 appearances for Werder Bremen, so he clearly has the ability to score/create regularly. All he needs, perhaps, is a manager to show some faith in him.


* Fits the FSG transfer profile.
* Attacking midfielder, which is one area LFC need to improve.
* Can play as a number 10, or on either wing.
* Would bring even more depth to the squad.
* Electric pace, which the club also lacks in attacking areas.
* Would be desperate to play well with the WC coming up.

Worth a bid in January...?

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  1. I'd love to see de Bruyne play for us. Mignolet could attract him too and also being a childhood Liverpool fan it should be easy for us if he's available. He isn't Mata quality but surely is going to become on helluva player in a few years. Lets get as many from Chelsea as possible and then show them what they're missing out on.

  2. You could've said 2 weeks ago that clearly Chelsea don't rate Mata. Or David Luiz. Or 3 weeks ago that Chelsea don't rate Torres. Or at the start of the season that Chelsea really rate De Bruyne. De Bruyne will probably react well to being dropped and then Eto'o will be dropped. Chelsea have a squad of 25 players and if anyone doesn't perform well enough they'll be dropped. I doubt he's ready just yet to give up, and if he did leave there'd be lots of suiters from abroad trying to get him - Dortmund put a £18m bid in the summer for him. I doubt he'd be sold to a domestic rival.

  3. At the moment, in the Belgian national squad he is one of the 3 players (together with Kompany and Courtois) who will always start (ahead of Eden Hazard).. Definitely top quality and ideal bargain for LFC. and the bonus being a childhood liberpool fan..Brendan, go for him!
    Yougsy from Belgium

  4. Any Chelsea player are welcome. They perform great at LFC. :D

  5. I am not sure Chelsea want to do any more business with us after getting ripped off on Torres, Merieles and Yossi didnt do much and gifting us Sturridge.
    Either that or Roman has a soft spot for Liverpool!

  6. This is a good point. Or maybe we will get Mata and De Bruyne in Jan ;-p

  7. He went from Liverpool to Chelsea. ;) I am sure if he comes back which we don't want he'll still perform better than he's doing at Chelsea.

  8. That's a pipe dream at best. If Suarez is sold in Jan it's delusional at best lol It would be some dream come true though ;)

  9. We should def go for him, he's a good player in a position we desperatly need. We need to give Coutinho competition also. He can play both wings and behind the striker.
    Make it happen Brennie! I think it's pretty predictable we will be linked with him.
    Funny thing is we have a partnership with his old club Genk, and somehow...somehow we missed out on him and Cortouis!

  10. Yeah it certainly seems we've done quite well for ourselves from our dealing with Chelsea. Hell lets buy and sell to them ;) We'd be back at the top in no time :D

  11. If he's available and Chelsea are still idiotic enough to do business with us we should without a doubt go get him. Exactly the type of player we should get.

  12. I wonder why we did not go for him in the first place ?

  13. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela3:04 pm, October 02, 2013

    The guy looks good and has talent he is wasting his time at Chelsea. I wonder what that means to Sterling, Ibe and Alberto

  14. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela3:05 pm, October 02, 2013

    I really wonder What happened to Torres

  15. Ibe will be a superstar for us, the other 2 will not quite reach the same heights

  16. they will be shown the door but they will probably miss that

  17. Yes go for him loan first with option to buy

  18. Yeah I know mate. We need to not let Suarez go unless we have Spurs like signings coming in. We need to do better business Jan.

  19. Worth a bid definately. We should be exploring all options for AM and DM in jan. My preference would be for Honda, but no doubt a lot of clubs will be in for him. But lets get it right in Jan. Look at multiple options, make multiple enquiries, and above all actually fight to land a tarhet.

  20. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela2:59 pm, October 03, 2013

    Why do you think they won't ? They haven't seen much action this season in the league. I think Rogders should give one of them a run this weekend vs Crystal Palace

  21. Hang on...making it worse...family of Reds...played at our partnerclub Genk...one of Europe's hot talents for years...yet still we managed to let another club sign him....

  22. Kevin DE Bruyne by the way...Du would make him a Walloon...