14 Oct 2013

Goal-machine: LFC want 'fantastic' €8m star who's broken 3 records this season

Liverpool are reportedly interested in signing Olympiakos goal-machine Konstantinos Mitroglou, who is also attracting interest from the likes Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan.

According to Greek newspaper Gazetta:

* Brendan Rodgers is keen to make a January bid for the prolific striker.

* He is available for a knock-down fee of €8m.

Mitroglou is in record-breaking form this season, and after only a two months of the season, he's already grabbed FOUR hat-tricks for Olympiakos.

* First career hat-trick in a 5-0 away win against Levadiakos.

* Second hat-trick in a 4-0 home win against Skoda Xanthi, becoming the first player in Olympiacos' history (as well as the Greek League), to score two consecutive hat-tricks.

* Third hat-trick in a 3-0 away win against Anderlecht in the Champions League group stage, making Mitroglous the first Greek player to score a hat-trick in the Champions League.

* Another hat-trick four days later in a 6-0 home win against Veria, becoming the first player in Greek history to score four hat-tricks in one season.

In December, Mitroglous scored two goals against Arsenal in the Champions League, and after the game Arsene Wenger hailed the striker. He enthused:

"Mitroglou scored two great goals. The first one in London was a great header and tonight was a fantastic goal as well, I must say. I won’t say more because if I do you’ll think I want to buy him,"

Mitroglou is clearly on a hot scoring streak right now, but with the greatest respect, this is the Greek League we're talking about, and at the age of 25, his career goalscoring record is not the greatest.

Liverpool should wait until the end of the season to see if Mitroglou maintains his form, as it could just be a significant purple-patch in form.

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  1. Better than Yilmaz I'd say and for 7m could be just a decent back up just like we have a lot of them coming lately for that price to us and sitting on bench.

  2. Seems like a good player, like you said he does play for the Greek League. But at the same time he has Champions League experience and has scored in the competetion. So you never know.
    His past record is not that great to be honest.
    I think our focus should be on midfield, which is below par IMO. A good DMC would be a boost and an AMC (Honda anyone?!).

  3. It's funny to me how Man United are the ones with the slow start to the season yet we're the ones constantly linked to every player possible.

  4. Greek League, shmeek league. Hyypia came from the Dutch league. Says nothing about the individual class of the player.

  5. That's very true. Although a big percentage of striker for those league struggle in the EPL. But it's true, if a player has that "quality" (Benitez voice) then that's it.

  6. And on top of that, we've brought in quite a few players from big leagues like Spain, Italy and France that failed to perform, let alone the ones we bought from other Premiership clubs!

  7. Regardless of who we buy, we must not sit back comfortably after the start we have had. FSG should go again in the coming window, to strengthen again. We have a huge opportunity that could be dictated by our success in January?, It could really push us over the line. If we buy well then absolutely anything is possible, I mean that sincerely too!!!

  8. Not too loud my friend :). It's true, in January we will have to be more active in the transfer market than ever.

    if we work harder than the past 4 seasons in the second half of this premier league we have a realistic chance to do better than 4th provided we win at least 2 premiership games from that tough December matches.

    Also our good position in the league come that window opens might do us a big favor in attracting a number of very good players, those highly rated at a good fee. I remain very optimistic.


  9. It has to be a dynamic midfielder, I would let Allen go and bring in a goal-scoring midfielder to play with Gerrard and Lucas. Will Allen score goals or influence games?, Henderson does more than him but he needs to get more goals too.

  10. Let's wait til we've played City and Arsenal before deciding how good we are!

  11. Yes true, but even in the Greek league scoring hatricks is no mean feat. I would have to assume he is double/triple teamed routionely. I like him because of his consistency. He has been scoring buckets of goals since he was a little kid. He grew up in Germany and scored buckets there as well...10 goals in 14 matches in the under 19 BL. Since he has had an international life to date, the transition to a new culture would be minimal. I am wondering how he has apparently flown under the radar for so long...84 goals in 189 appearances in all competitions since 2007-8. That's an impressive feat for any professional footballer. Even if LS stays he would be a great pick-up...I wonder if he can play AM.

  12. 8M? seems worth it. Might be the greek league, but 4 hat tricks, that's at least 4 games with 3 shots on target, some of them were from out side of the box. Would be a steal. Only issue is would he be able to get playing time?

    Some might not like the idea, but it might not be a bad idea to take sturridge off early every now and then, given his injury record - and his tendancy to score early goals.

  13. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva3:03 pm, October 14, 2013

    If it is 7 mill than i personally think that this guy is worth every penny, lets not forget 35 mill for Carroll and he was British.
    BR should seriously consider a bid for this guy, he can find the goals and he will succeed in the EPL he has the ability and the strengths and lets not knock the Greek league to much they did win the European cup, he looks good for 7 mill.

  14. Yet another example of rumors intimating LFC is "Keen", "tracking", "following" another player. If all this crap was close to correct, we would have a 75 man squad.... Really, more useless BS...............

  15. i cant decide if hes good or the Greek league is bad......a hatrick against skoda doesnt inspire me

  16. Olympiakos being my "second team" I've followed him along through the years. He's had some marvelous performances at the top level only to disappoint or get shafted for playing time in the first team during league play. That's why we haven't seen much of him in the National Team outfit (and surprisingly still can't seem to find him starting).
    For some perspecitve, the Greek league definitely has some stinkers for teams, but the quality at the top sides is there (as they are frequent European qualifiers). I'd put it above the Belgian league (which has sourced some great players as of late) and slightly below the Dutch Erdversedsie.
    Kevin Mirallas was at Olympiakos before Everton and owned a very nice goalscoring account. His transition to the EPL has been quite smooth, I don't see why the same couldn't apply to Mitroglou. At that price I'd wager he'd be better than Aspas (or at least provide different options).