12 Oct 2013

'The Prem is my dream' - LFC chase 'exciting' striker with 'unlimited potential'. Bid...?

Liverpool are reportedly tracking Vancouver Whitecaps striker Kekuta Manneh, who recently became the youngest player in MLS history to score a hat-trick.

According to reports this week:

* Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United are monitoring the 18-year old Gambian striker.

* In 2010, Manneh underwent a one-week trial with Chelsea back.

* Arsenal scouted him in 2011.

* Manneh trained with Liverpool last year, and the club were interested in signing him last summer.

'He has unlimited potential': LFC want 'exciting' striker who 'dreams' of Prem. Bid?
LFC want 'exciting' striker who 'dreams' of Prem. Bid?

Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi believes Manneh has all the attributes to become a top class player at the highest level. He recently told the Vancouver Sun:

"He [Manneh] has unlimited potential. We don’t want him to get too carried away with himself, but the raw talent that he has will make him a very exciting player.”

In 2011-12, Kekuta hit 21 goals in 16 games for Lonestar SC's youth team, and on Wednesday, the youngster scored a hat-trick against the Seattle Sounders:

When asked recently to describe his style of play, Manneh showed that he's not short of self-confidence. He told the Vancouver Sun:

“I can entertain the fans. I have good speed and I’m technically gifted and have skills to show the fans.”

He also revealed his goal of playing in the Premier League:

“It’s been my dream to play in the (English) Premier League. I grew up watching the Premier League. It was my favourite league. It’s been my dream, I’d like to play there one day.”

Worth a bid?

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  1. We already have Yesil and Morgan who have more potential than this kid IMO. Also the level of American Soccer isn't anywhere near the top 5 leagues but could be same as League 1 or very slightly somewhere near to Championship. If we're going to bring him as "One for the future" I don't think there's any need of it to be spent there, rather make our first team even more stronger by signing some of the players that can actually make us genuine contenders for top 4 for sure.

  2. liverpool have a lot of youth coming through
    i think like fergie had beckham,giggs,nevile scholes etc
    rodgers hasdunn, ibe,wilson ,rossiter,mcclauglin and lloyd jones
    all in my opinion can be fantastic players
    sterling,suso,wisdom and kelly are slightly older but i think they have big futures as well
    intresting to see how flanagan and robinson turn out , robinson has played really well for blackpool and flanagan looks heavily built now.

    coady could be a useful player as well but unlikley to be given chance could be the new nicky butt but adam morgan is not good enough

    lots of youth coming through

  3. jamie you say we need another cam
    but what about suso who is doing fantastically well
    is it right to wait for him

  4. what annoys me most is youth being loaned to leauge 1
    there is no point

  5. Did anyone watch france absolutely f**king rape my country Australia inside out? If they did, how did Sakho go?

  6. I'll admit, I saw a bit of the match, but not a lot. Not enough to make a judgement of Sakho's performane though. Valbuena looked like a little pocket rocket though. Anyone rate him? Shame he had to be booed just because he's a Marseille player.

  7. Mate i had to turn it off Osiek deserved the sack but there is a serious lack of talent there and i just hope the new young talents can amount to something or Brazil will be the last W.C for a long time.

  8. The team has no flair whatsoever. It's frustrating, because unlike a lot of Europe and South America, Australia has big f**king parks everywhere in the vicinity of just about anyone living here, that people can naturally develop their skills on. I know it takes a lot more than that to consistently hone new quality generations of players, but it's a very good start.

  9. Or...maybe that's our problem. It accidentally discourages the development technical skills, and all the space promotes hoof-ball. A lot of park soccer with kids in Aus just involves hoofing the ball up the field and hoping for the best. They aren't the best passers of the ball. Street soccer however is much more prevalent in Europe, which therefore promotes technical skill- i.e keeping the ball close to your feet when dribbling, ability to pass in tight spaces, and faster improvisation on the ball

  10. Offtopic: Suarez was caught saying Negro multiple times again:

    "I wish to congradulate my teammates for beating MonteNegro, Now that they've beat Montenegro their chances of reaching the world cup are very good..."

    Langauge and culture experts are already on the case, and T-Shirts are being printed as we speak.

  11. With the other football codes also encouraging talented kids a lot more to their codes and the fact that we need a lot of money spent at grass roots level.
    For a long while i can see us relying on European clubs to develop a lot of our better kids sad but true.
    Maybe futsal would be a great alternative for training.

  12. Jackson Martinez played for a team in the Mexican league but look at him now, We have to scout him to see if he is as good is being said and not worry about him playing in the MLS

  13. We're well stocked IMO we can't sign everyone and even if we do its going to hamper their development and in turn cost us money. Just because their is a Martinez and Michu doesn't mean any youngster can do that, just like you said its better to scout him for 2 or 3 years more if possible and then see if we should land him or not.

  14. We have plenty of kids. We need first team speed and scoring punch at midfield and 1 real seasoned striker when Suarez self-destructs or Daniel gets nicked up......at some point you need to put some faith in your youth system or else good ones will sign elsewhere........

  15. football is actually the most played sport in Australia on a junior level.

  16. true nick but afl and rugby still get many junior players change over as does cricket

  17. If he's as good as Freddy Adu he'll be perfect!
    For Crystal Palace or Norwich...