20 Oct 2013

Play Me or I Quit: 'Special' €25m LFC target hints at summer exit. Next stop Anfield?

Barcelona winger Christian Tello recently confirmed Liverpool's interest in signing him, but despite numerous efforts over the last year, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers could not convince the youngster to come to Anfield. Tello recently signing a new contract at the Nou Camp, which seemed to close the door on a transfer, but thia week, the youngster hinted that he could leave at the end of the season.

In September, Tello told reporters:

"I knew that Liverpool were interested in me, but I never planned to leave. I always wanted to stay at Barca.

"The coach has confidence in me, I am content there and ready to play a lot of minutes".

Tello signed a new contract in August (increasing his buyout clause to a whopping €25m), but with Messi and Neymar ahead of him, he's once again stuck in the role of perennial substitute, and unless something drastic changes, this is likely to be the pattern for the whole season.

In an interview this week, Tello hinted that he could be forced to leave if things don't change. He told Spanish newspaper Sport:

"Next year we'll see. Every year you want to play as much and when the season ends we'll see what suits me best. [I want to be] playing as much as possible but I know who I have in front of me. I know that I can perform at the top, but that's the coach's decision. He has to choose between all of his options."

Tello - recently described by Tito Villanova as 'special' - was allegedly reduced to tears recently by Lionel Messi after the Argentinean targeted him for some dressing room harassment. According to Yahoo Sports:

"Messi's favourite victim at the moment is said to be Cristian Tello, to whom Messi has apparently delivered such gems as "What are you doing? You're new here, and you're nobody!" and "Pass me the ball, you're here to play for me."

"Tello was allegedly left in tears after these exchanges, a situation which the report claims was made even worse by the fact that the other players in the changing room blanked him even when he broke into the first team"

Who knows whether this is true or not, but if it is, then Tello seemingly faces a long, hard road to acceptance at the Nou Camp.

Despite the failure to sign Tello, Liverpool still managed to bring in a Barcelona player this summer. Luis Alberto arrived for €8m from Barca B (via Sevilla), though it's probable that he was Rodgers' back-up option for Tello.

If Tello had signed for Liverpool, would he be a squad player (like Alberto), or would he be more of a first-teamer?

One issue to consider is Tello's position. He generally plays out wide for Barcelona, but according to the player in a recent interview, he prefers to play centrally:

"I think they know how fast I am and how I’m always available. That is what I’ve asked of the coach and the team that if they can’t find a way through the middle, they always have me out on the wing.”

If Tello signs at some point, he'll find it tough to play through the middle with Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho at the club.



  1. well he is okay the concern is midfield
    arsernal have ozil,wilshere,flamini,ramsey,arteta and carzola
    liverpool have coutinho -carzola,lucas - flamini ,gerrard -arteta
    henderson -ramsey
    but we lack ozil and wilshere
    maybe mata and will hughes will make that up

  2. Messi sounds like a lovely chap. Add bully to tax avoider and rascist (he regularly uses the term Suarez got banned for). As for Tello he does sound a bit weak - it's a big step to move to another country and a tougher league if you can't control the tears in the dressing room.

  3. yeah messi is seen as a saint while c ronaldo gets criticized, i think people are jealous though.
    ronaldo has never gone to court and puts more work in football then most other players

  4. liverpool yesterday lacked that special player like ozil , that is why mata or pastore is a must
    even if mata cost 40m it would be okay

    but it was okay liverpool cannot win every match we are still joint 2nd so lets not all be too negative

  5. aly cissoko is the worst player i have ever seen
    please rodgers sign luke shaw

  6. I think ronaldo gets an unfair rep, but then those tight pink shorts he wore didn't do him any favours!

  7. Think you're being a bit harsh on Cissokho, he was very rusty in the first half hour or so but really improved. I can see him being more reliable than Enrique, plus if it wasn't for him we would have lost against Newcastle, his perfectly timed last ditch tackle saved our skin.

  8. I think wind up merchant springs to mind?

    It is best to ignore comments like the one you just replied to.

  9. Liverpool where getting beat bad until Newcastle went down to 10 men. Newcastle where the better team by a mile, if it would have stayed 11 v 11 I think we would have been beat. Lucas should be on the team even b4 Gerrard because of wat he does. Any1 who thinks hendo is better than lucas knows nothing at all about football. I know hendo has been improving big time and I've always been 1 to stick up 4 him but he could and never will be as important than lucas. And 4 u 2 say hendo was excellent I'd love 2 be able 2 watch a Lpool match through ur eyes.

  10. liverpool are shite, the manager is shite, the fans are mutants with no brains, better suited to bin dipping for their junk money, robbing handbags etc.. dirty place, dirty cheap fans... and a shit footballing city, pathetic. scum team who's no nothing fans would applaud a turd hanging from a rope if it wore a red jersey... why? because pool fans are retards. now jog on back to last century you pikey rodents

  11. Tello is technically a good player but faces similar problems that Borini had at LFC. He prefers to play centrally and will no doubt be pushed out wide with SAS ahead of him in the team. But in saying that if one of SAS gets injured or fatigued etc then Tello would be a good option off the bench which I would like to see. But where does that leave Borini as he can hardly get a game at Sunderland?

  12. Disagree... he played better as game progressed and this is for someone coming from injury and just starting to play in the premier league plus when you look at the video no one gave him the ball, most of it went to Johnson or went through the middle, in fact most of lfc attacks were through the center, when they should have pounded Newcastle through the sides or flanks. He has a better first game than Sakho and looks fitter and stronger than him.

  13. Well what the heck are we waiting for?

  14. liverpool4life5653:31 pm, October 20, 2013

    Are you for real? It was his first game back, he got even better when the game got along, and going forward he was good.

  15. No one was "excellent" yesterday.

    Lucas may not have done anything different on the goals, but I think two different things would have happened:

    1. We would have controlled midfield better. After all, one of Hendo's qualities is that he can get possession back for us. That didn't happen enough yesterday (especially 11 v 11).

    2. Cissokho looked like he was uncomfortable at times both with the ball and without. I think having Lucas back there would have helped him be more effective.

  16. I lost interest at the "25m buyout clause".

  17. If the dressing room stories have any truth in them, he sounds like a fragile little flower. Leave him be.

  18. Very strange comments. Even ALan Shearer was full of praise ofr Suarez's technique of getting in front of the defender and making them foul him

  19. We were flat as a pancake for 65 minutes. Tie against ten is unacceptable given our nearly full fit roster.......Consolation only in that two years ago, this was the kind of game we would have lost outright......hope this is an aberration.......

  20. Couldn't agree more. We definitely were lacking that creative spark. 40m for Mata would definitely be worth it. He is one of the few CAM's in world football that could justify that price tag. However I do believe Coutinho could have made a massive difference for us against Newcastle. He has been missed.

  21. I think enrique is a better option currently for us in that position but aly looked good on the weekend I thought. Whilst a bit one dimensional in attack I couldn't really fault him overly much defensively and he has a lot of strength. I think given time to adjust to the english game and learn our system he will be a decent option on the left.