27 Sept 2013

'We'll see' - LFC plan Jan bid for £37m star hailed by Messi & Zidane. Pipe dream...?

Liverpool are reportedly considering a January move for Paris St. Germain forward Javier Pastore.

According to reports in England today:

* Brendan Rodgers is keen to bring in a 'big-name player' in January.

* LFC have been tracking the Argentinean for 'a few months'

* The attacking-midfielder is 'disillusioned' with life in France.

Last night, Marcelo Simonian - Pastor'e Agent - hinted that a move could be on the cards. He told reporters:

"In football there are always ups and downs. He has been happy there, but now is not the time for nostalgia. We will see what happens in the next few months."

In August, Pastore admitted that the pressure of being at PSG affected his performance last season, but after a summer of big signings, he's now more relaxed. He told ESPN:

"With the players that have come in, the pressure is no longer only on me. People aren't only looking at me now. It's better for me to have less responsibility. Other players have the burden. I'm calmer, that's certain. When the pressure is shared on the shoulders of your team-mates, it's better."

Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi have both praised Pastore in the past. Last season, Zidane enthused:

"He [pastore] is a vital player for Paris. He has demonstrated that he was interesting in the game by scoring goals and playing decisive passes. He is good in Paris, it is necessary to let him play"

Messi plays alongside Pastore for Argentina, and he also believes the attacker is top class. He told FIFA.com:

"You can see he is tough, he's physically fit and he's going to go far, I am convinced of it. We played alongside each other [for Argentina] and we struck up a good understanding"

Pastore cost PSG a whopping £37m in 2011, and I sincerely doubt that PSG will sell the Argentinean for anything less than £30m. He is 24, entering the prime of his career, and Liverpool would probably not be able to afford him...unless, of course, the club sells Luis Suarez in January.

Even if Suarez goes for big bucks, Pastore is not a striker, and it wouldn't make sense to replace Suarez with an attacking midfielder, especially given Daniel Sturridge's ongoing injury problems.

Pastore's stats since 2011:

* 25 goals/15 assists in 74 apps.
* Goal every 3 games.
* Goal/assist every 1.8 apps.

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  1. Seems unlikely. But shows ambition if it is true!

  2. Looks like it's gonna be us against Italian clubs, unless a Manchester sneak in. If the team looks solid till then it might happen. He will be great addition.

  3. Although not a replacement for Luis Suarez, a good signing. I would still like to see Mata but there will be lot of competition whenever he is available. I actually think next transfer window will be between big clubs. Not much of a big talent left in the market, 95% of them were bought by big clubs and only unhappy players from these big clubs will force any kind of transfer activity. Eg:- Rooney, Lewandowski, Suarez, Benzema, Mata, et al.

  4. His Stats for 2011 was amazing but he got progressively worse apparently. Pastore's form has dropped markedly especially from earlier this year. Ancelotti has gone on record saying that while Pastore is a "good boy" he spoke to his weak mentality as a player to come back from a run of bad form. PSG want to sell him but not many really want him. If BR can do the arm around the shoulder thing that may help.

  5. This would be such a great signing if we pulle it off. Playing him just behind the striker!
    Of if!!!

  6. Juan Mata or Ben Arfa please. Pastore is a bit out of reach right now but if we get CL next year,then maybe. The real boy to get was Erikssen but Spurs bought everyone left right and centre last transfer window!

  7. He will succeed at Liverpool in a similar way Coutinho and Sturridge did so far, and i would add this is a target i really get and shows the better side of Rodgers's vision. He would be so influential for the current team he should be a top priority.
    Most important is that we show attractive football for this kind of players to sway our way. We have great attackers in Suarez and Sturridge. Some good defenders and full backs, especially Johnson. Lucas is good [hope his Brazilian side of play will be pushed to show more]. If we kick off Jan with a couple of promising signings we might just be able to shift his way in.

  8. Ho, and i think he would do much better then Mata to suit LFC and develop our play.

    Looking at the way we played when we were hot last season, this is the kind of player that would provide stability to it.

  9. These are the sort of players liverpool need to compete for fourth position and beyond .these are the players liverpool need In there side to compliment Liverpools others stars In Suarez Coutinho and Sturridge.The yanks need to dig in deep this time and give BR what he needs to get this side back playing Champions league football again...lets try and beat Spurs this time please ....

  10. While it would be great to have a player like this brought in, the truth is that due to his large fee, there would be sales going out to help fund the buy.

    Easy answer is Suarez being sold.

    All I'm saying is if we are going to bring in star quality players, we can't be selling the ones we already have to do it. Unfortunately, I fear that we won't make that buy without a sale.

  11. Dayum that's the sickest transfer rumor that I've heard in the past few seasons. Would absolutely love to have Pastore at Anfield, also a real threat going forward and will show ambition as well.

  12. Fat chance! Too expensive for FSG. What we do need is a defensive midfielder. It would be a good boost to us if we get him + Mata + DM. Then i'll stop moaning and eat my previous words.

  13. Ho come? We have been told there's 50m to spend and that the wages are the issue. Of course the most likely is that Skrtel will be sold. Suarez ithink will stay until next season. The bids for Makitiryan, Willian, Costa, Mata shows that this money exists. Plus we spent only 17m threw the summer. I think they do have money for one big name in their plans.

  14. Him and Mata? Mata will probably even more expensive. I think a striker, playmaker, 2 dm's should be the priorities. But i red they're looking for another RCB, and an RB, and wingers. I can see why a winger definitely. Pastore will be a game changer for us though, hope they would do the best they can to attract him. his only 23 i think.

  15. suso is a millon times better
    sign mata instead
    imagine if we had mata
    jamie tell rodgers to sign mata

  16. Yes, he will let you know after the call.

  17. Willingness to spend money is not an issue and never has been under FSG.

    But I can't imagine them splashing the money on a player without having some way to recoup that money by selling another.

  18. Ben Arfa is a good player no doubt but he's a sick note. We don't need any more of them.