12 Sept 2013

'He had a problem, but...' - AK claims £15m LFC star is in 'best ever' form. Agree?

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger continues to be linked with a move to Barcelona, and with his steady form this season, it's not hard to see why the Catalan club retains a serious interest in the great Dane. Agger's injury record seems to be (comparatively) better these days, and Reds legend Alan Kennedy believes fans are now seeing the 28-year old producing the best form of his career.

Discussing Agger's performances during a recent 5-Times podcast, Kennedy - who won five league titles and two European Cups during his time at Anfield - enthused:

"Agger’s had a problem over the years with injury, but he seems to be playing his best football ever now. I love him playing, so hopefully he’s got over it".

Is £15m-rated Agger playing his 'best football ever' now? Let's look at the facts:

* Three clean sheets in three league games this season.
* Eight clean sheets in the last ten league games overall.

Football is a team game, but as a defender, Agger's contribution to these clean sheets is vital. The Dane's individual stats, however, suggest that his overall performance is slightly less effective than last season:

* Passing accuracy: 84% (Last season average = 88%)
* Passing accuracy in opposition half: 61% (Last season ave = 77%)
* Ground duels won: 55% (Last season ave = 63%)
* Aerial duels won: 50% (Last season ave = 61%)
* Tackles won: 66% (Last season ave = 72%)


Agger is performing below last season's average in all five areas above, which suggests that he is not playing his 'best football ever' right now. Agger also gave away a silly penalty in the opening game against Stoke City, a mistake that recalls the costly errors he made last season.

Still, you can't argue with three clean sheets in a row, though Simon Mignolet, Kolo Toure and Martin Skrtel have played a huge part in Liverpool's great defensive start to the season.

Who is LFC's best performing defensive player so far this season? I'd go for Toure, though Mignolet has saved the team on several occasions already.

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  1. I've been worried about Aggers form this season. Despite he clean sheets, there have been a couple of times where Toure and Mignolet have bailed him out! It will be interesting to see which centre backs BR decides to start with on Monday with Toure back, Skrtel in great form vs Utd and Sakho coming in!

  2. Stats dont lie. However, we got to look at the fact that it is only three games into the season. what were his stats for the first three games of last season

  3. In event his form dips or he gets injured, we now have Sakho who is also left footed!

  4. I think Aggers form last season was tremendous. However, this season he seems to be off it a little bit. Hopefully he can pick it back up again. Its a tough choice between Toure and Mignolet for best defensive player so far. Both have been absolutely immense for us and look like quality signings.

  5. Agger is a left footed defender who is smooth with the ball, everyone loves him. But he is not who we need defensively if we are going to sit back and defend in the box like we have been doing for the last few games this season. However he can be an asset for a possession based system like Barca's who do not allow too many crosses to come in and most of the attacks are counter attacks. So for me we should sell Agger to Barca and buy a dominant defender like Papadopoulus instead.

  6. Is obvious you are a catalan but which part of Barcelona do you stay?

  7. Kolo Toure definitely gets my vote aswell he's been brilliant. I have to say Glen Johnson has done his part aswell.

  8. Comparing a 3 game run against the stats of a whole season is a bit useless. Perhaps comparing the stats against 3 comparable games of last season even the same fixtures would present a more useful measure of comparable performance.

  9. You can't compare averages over three games to averages over 38 games. The impact of one poor game is 10 times bigger. 12 times actually. He's a class A defender who makes a mistake sometimes (even though not the handball that never was...). All defenders make mistakes. Agger is no different. Name one defender that doesn't.

  10. Titus Bramble? Now that's what I call a defender ;)

  11. Aggers mentality still scares me but clean sheets are clean sheets. I don't think we should jinx him by talking about his relative good health. I also don't care how he passes beyond midfield, just as long as he is back there defending attackers and marking people correctly on corner kicks....
    Besides Toure, I I would rate Enrique 2nd best defender right now. Skrtel had two good games especially Man U....jury is still out though until more games have been played.....

  12. No I am not. But i like to watch Barcelona play every week :)

  13. Well according to the fantasy premier league its Mignolet, followed by Enrique and then Agger...

  14. Interested to see what his stat line was after his first 3 league games last year. Agger seems to start his season off slowly and builds up to form. I'm more excited that he has lots of areas for improvement. Lots of competition at his position as well.

  15. Mignolet's penalty save, saved Agger's blushes v Stoke!
    Also to be honest... Toure and Skrtel have made Aggrr look better this season!
    Sahko will be Liverpools first choice with Agger, Skrtel & Toure fighting for the partnership...
    Llori may be a season it two away!