16 Sept 2013

'He's terrific' - BR on Shelvey's performance & mistakes. Better than Gerrard...?

Despite a pretty atrocious second half, Liverpool thankfully held on for a draw against Swansea City at the Liberty stadium this evening, and after the game, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers had some nice things to say about Jonjo Shelvey, who weighed-in with one goal and three assists on the night.

When asked after the game about Shelvey's performance, Rodgers said:

"Nights like this are why he came to Swansea. He’s very good player, and he showed that today with the goal he scored.

"I didn’t really want him to go, and I don't think he wanted to either, but he knew that it was in his best interest.

"He made a couple of mistakes, but he will improve. He’s a terrific young player, but he’ll be better for that experience".

Shelvey (arguably) had a superb game overall, and he deserves great credit for keeping his head and impacting the game in a positive manner after two soul-destroying errors. If the roles were reversed and it was Gerrard who made those mistakes, but scored/assisted for two further goals, Liverpool fans would be lionising the captain right now.

On the subject of Gerrard - Shelvey put him to shame tonight in the passing department; with 84% overall passing accuracy, most of his passes found a man, and, crucially, he helped Swansea retain possession in the frenetic final 20 minutes. Conversely, Gerrard - with only 77% passing accuracy - repeatedly gave the ball away with a series of inaccurate Hollywood balls, several of which came when the Reds were under intense pressure near the end of the game.

It's disappointing that a player of Gerrard's experience didn't do more to help Liverpool retain the ball. He should be the one setting the tone on the field, but his indiscipline affected the whole team, and (IMO), Gerrard is one of the major reasons for LFC's continual second-half collapses this season.

As for Shelvey celebrating after scoring: who the hell cares? He's no longer a Liverpool player, and it's not like he spent 10 years of his career at Anfield. Football is an emotional game, and sometimes, emotions just get the better of players. Indeed, after the game, Shelvey admitted as much, but once again reiterated his love for LFC.

For me, Shelvey comes out of tonight's game with a lot of credit.

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  1. I can't make of Shelvey. One moment he is genius and the next moment he's a nuthead. The 2nd goal saw him pass from midfield and he ran to the box to square it to Michu. That's brilliant. But the mistakes he made makes you want to strangle him. I think that's what he does even in Liverpool. Anyway, all goals were silly mistakes (Liverpool defensively) but it is a really hard-fought point. Mignolet once again shown why we spent the best 9m this summer. He technically saved us 7 points already with his saves.

  2. Noo just no! He is awful and he was trying to appease the fans by confronting his former team mate Lucas. I really don't see how sturridge and Suarez can play together and same goes for sakho and agger. 10 out of 12 is decent start but we need to keep it going. And especially the unbeaten streak

  3. Shelvey showed he has great ability and character, but questionable decision making, all of which we already knew. i'm trying to work out what the hell is happening to us in the second half this season. my two current ideas are 1) do we really need to play gerrard as a second holding midfielder? Increasingly he is becoming a passenger as the minutes tick by, and 2) does Sturridge have the know how and experience to lead the line yet? he's not actually got that much experience of it given his lack of opportunities at previous clubs.
    on the plus side, Moses looked great!

  4. Without Shelvey's mistakes, Swansea would have won the game, for me that sums up his performance tonight.
    Stevie was dreadful at times, and his lack of pace was really exposed in the second half, players drifting by him as if he was not there, and his passing was awful. But he is allowed an odd bad game, and will be the first to recognise his bad display.
    Wisdom is not up to it, thats obvious now, Aspas, I dont see him being a regular, he needs massive improvement, Sterling and Ibe are much better.
    A good result though, despite being overrun after we lost Coutinho.
    With Suarez tonight we would have won IMO. But we are top right now, so no complaints.

  5. Sakho was terrible - worst Liverpool defender since Torben Piechnik and Bjorn Kvarme. The guy has no positional sense, dives in recklessly and tries little flicks when he's the last man!!!! Worst £18m spend ever. Aspas is too lightweight.
    However, Henderson is coming good at last - thought he was Liverpool's best player tonight.

  6. A bit early to write off Sakho, he had a few iffy moments, but overall I was pleased with the way he kept it going, you cant judge a player on one game.

  7. Hahahahaha..you need to relax

  8. bit early to judge sakho but i know what you mean - he got drawn to the ball for both goals. hendo has been really good for a while - id like to see him either further up the pitch or (big shout) replacing stevie

  9. Wow!! What an article that makes no sense!! So am guessing this is the first time Steven G could not become captain fantastic..? I taught the idea of rebuilding is so we don't have to rely on one player. Now we go on from blaming BR to Suarez and Steven G??! Amazing indeed!!

  10. Sakho had some good moments too. That little toe poke to deny Michu the potential game winner in injury time may well have saved the point.

  11. In the end he was a liability as much as a help. It was a good decision to let him go.



  14. I think your being harsh on STURRIDGE if you want him to hold the ball up and bring others into the game we've got to get him the ball first.From 45 minutes on we never played into his feet and i can't remember DS running onto anything either.
    Second half our passing to the forwards was aimless.No one in our midfield looked composed enough to put there foot on the ball and start giving us decent possession.
    I think it was HENDERSON who took a throw in near the corner flag late on.Nobody showed they wanted the ball and it was forced all the way back to MIGNOLET to whack it back down field.That for me summed up the second 45.
    It was like watching England we treated the ball like it was a bomb (getting rid as soon as possible).I agree with you about VICTOR MOSES.He can be very pleased with his debut!

  15. Four games in and there's a pattern emerging where we're world beaters in the first half and chumps in the second half. All four games we have hung on in the second half for a result. Must say though, Wisdom is terrible, can't see how he gets the nod over Kelly, and Aspas is useless.


  17. Most of his passes found a man, some of them were our men. More assists then his whole time at lfc.

  18. Think Iago Aspas need to go on the Frank Lampard diet pronto!!! Has the body type of a cross between a pubescent girl and the crazy frog. Haven't given upon on him yet... Henry and Pires started really slow, early in their careers, due to the pace and physicality of the league.
    Thought he had a 'REP' for putting it about and bit... maybe this was implying to his sex life (time will tell)?

  19. This is delusional - and that is a FACT ;-/
    I know folk who hold opinions like yours have been bypassed, somewhat, by reality, so I will help you along the way:
    1) No, Spurs don't 'not have a fan base outside London' - in fact, Spurs have a rapidly increasing global fan-base. You should also be aware that the global fan-base can be quite fickle.
    2) Spurs actually have one hell of a squad, now - and the Summer signings have enhanced that. Will they achieve a modicum of success and then dissolve, well...
    3) Spurs have one of the most highly rated youth set-ups in the country, and...
    4) Spurs have the best youth personnel in the country (Liam Brady's words, not mine). Also...
    5) By employing far-sighted policies, the players in the youth set-up are alrady prepared for the more progressive formations and tactical play favoured by AVB. Plus...
    6) Spurs have one of the most widely regarded young coaches in the game. What's more...
    7) Spurs have THE state-of-the-art training centre in Europe (and, yes, it does matter). Not only that, but...
    8) Groundwork has begun on an increased capacity stadium of something approaching 60,000. As if that wasn't enough...
    9) Through marketing innovations, ground-breaking sponsorship deals, etc., no club in the EPL, with the exception of Arse*al, is in a better financial/wage burden position to meet the FFP regulations.
    So, believe Spurs have a few good players who will be sold and then sink back to the middle of the table if you want.
    Oh, yeah, and by the way, Spurs have finished in the top four twice in the last four years, on one occasion finishing two places above Chelsea, and in the other two seasons narrowly missed out, one year because a reserve keeper threw the ball into his own net three times, and the other finishing with a record points total either for the club or whoever finishes fifth. And this is an improving team...that looks pretty close to competing with the Sugar-Daddy clubs and the clubs with great support - among whom, I take it, you are including Liverpool who have finished comforatbly below Spurs for the last four seasons. And this is an improving Spurs side who have just taken another giant leap forward (that you seem to have missed).
    Not to worry, lack of European football may aid you in trying to close the gulf between yourselves and sixth spot this season *giggles* :)

  20. PANDLE your right he wasn't completely useless like some are making him out to be.The thing with SAKHO is he seems to be one of those defenders that gets attracted to the ball.CHELSEA have been trying to knock that out of DAVID LUIZ's game but haven't managed to do it.
    These bullish ultra competitive players see the ball like a red rag.I hope he calms down and realises you can't win everything.Sometimes you just need to keep your shape and leave danger for others to deal with.

  21. Don't want to be picky but I think you left the caps locks button on.

  22. Maybe.
    But, there again, as has jsut been pointed out a couple of posts above yours, Spurs are still in the black this year...so we may see more 'jumping' in January :)
    Oh, and jsut for the record, do you really believe that professionals, and especially Baldini, are just buying players willy-nilly because they are 'good'? They have been buying for specific positions, with the specific aim of providing AVB with players suited to his prefered tactics and formations.


  24. So, your answer to why Liveropool always reel off past achievements in this discussionis to...reel off past accomplishments :()

  25. Because there are more ways to estimate the current standing of a club than 'global fanbase'? Just having a stab at it, here :)
    And how fast is Spurs global fan-base growing - I would hazard a guess that you have no idea to the answer to that...you are just making lazy statements.

  26. I would have rather we kept Shelvey and got rid of Allen. But with shipping out Assaidi and Borini, Rodgers couldn't lose total face by shipping another of his signings out. When Suarez is back Rodgers won't drop Gerrard, so it will be either Henderson or Lucas to make way, when on merit neither of them deserve to be benched.But I would prefer Lucas to be dropped and maybe Henderson will continue to get better by learning a few things from playing alongside Gerrard before he one day replaces him.

  27. Fours seasons, not two or three. Four...and comfortably finishing above Liverpool.
    Aside from the seemingly controversial nature of your anecdotal evidence (which makes me dispute it - for instance, I know for a fact that there is a very healthy branch of the THFC supporters clubs association in Singapore, they interract regularly on various Spurs fans forums), there are other places in the World. For instance, it has been statisitcally shown (y'know, like, that's stats and not your half-arsed anecdote) that the sale of Spurs shirts in Denmark have increased 500% since Ericksen signed for Tottenham. It is alos well known that Spurs have had a large following in South America, and particularly Argentina, ever since they sgned Villa and Ardiles - for which reason no less than Diego Maradonna and Lionel Messi grew up supporting Spurs.
    I guess that shows how big your knowledge is.

  28. Blah Blah Blah...History Channel.
    I'll give you a little bit of history. Until Bill Shankley saved your sorry asses, Everton were the big team in your city. Until Beetroot Head had won a few trophies, five or so years into his reign, Spurs haul of major honours was not that far behind United's...oh, and guess what, at that stage, THFC very nearly went to the wire. Meaning the last couple of decades is more appropriately seen as a fight back to being one of the elite for the former permanent member of the Big Five.
    THFC - first club in English history to win the double. First club to win a trophy in Europe, too.
    I'd rather be a Europea gap filler than not in Europe at all...perhaps you could tell me what that is like, I have a short memory, unlike your history boys.

  29. Good to see some Liverpool fans who are still capable of talking sensibly.
    I think everyone in the footballing World was a bit surprised that no-one went in for him and Spurs had such an easy run.

  30. Blah Blah Blah
    It could be argued that making the signings Spurs have made this Summer that that, without further evidence, disporves this small club mentality bullshit.
    As for 'choking' - Spurs didn't choke last season. Actually the form was very consistent and good (something you will see if you check the stats). What did happen was Arse*al went on an eight match run where everything seemed to go right for them even though they didn't actually perform very well (and I watched every one of those games).
    If you paid attention, rather than going on false generalisation, you would see that what AVB ahs done first is make the team hard to beat - check the stats for this season, six competitive games, one goal conceded - and even that was at the Emirates with a team that would be substantially, and better, different if the game had been played a couple of weeks later. For a start, neither Ericksen (just signed) nor Holtby (injury) were ready to start in the vital role linking midfield and attack and recycling play.
    If/when Ericksen leaves, Spurs will be in an even better position to capitalise than they did when Bale left.
    What makes Spurs fans laugh is that so many rival fans, and particularly Liverpool fans, seem offended that Spurs have pushed to challenge based solely on sound financial management, and not on sugar-daddy ownership like Chelsea and Citeh, who never seem to attract the same opprobrium. Maybe it is because it shows how wasteful their own clubs have been?

  31. Holtby chose Spurs over Liverpool, too.
    Ericksen and Holtby will comete for the same role.
    Coutinho is not better than Ericksen, and even if he were, you need cover/competition for him.

  32. Again, good to see there are still some reasonable Liverpool fans left.

  33. Because he is building from the back...and, because, as you say, one of Agger/Skrtel could be out. Either Agger or whichever is on the highest wage, maybe.
    p.s. Got a good keeper in Mignolet, IMHO...Reina had to go, too much burden on wage bill.

  34. shelve is good, but he will not take us to CL. but from what ive seen, Alberto looks even worst. Rodgers spent £7M on Alberto when he could have just added £5M and got eriksen.
    anyways, Aspas is absolute garbage. very good work rate but worst player ive seen in a LFC shirt for a long time. poor decision making, slow reactions, poor touch, inexperienced, and very ineffective. he literally just runs around and chases the ball. he was poor against Swansea and apart from the stoke match, he has been poor every other match too. spent £9M on him, when we could have just spent £4M more and Muriel.
    cant wait till suarez comes back. and tbh im abit upset Downing left if aspas was his replacement. Downing was much more use to the system and was effective. Aspas will take long to adapt and is clearly not PL standard. he was playing Spanish Championship 2 seasons ago. garbage, plus La Liga is not all that anyway, even if he did score there.
    Moses looks absolute quality. home to Southampton next game, he will definitely score. and I don't know what it is but Coutinho seems under abit of pressure. hes not playing as good as I know he can. with Suarez back soon, it will make everything better and relieve pressure. I'd put Coutinho RW, Suarez SS, Moses LW, Sturridge ST. that's a very deadly attack. then have Henderson and Lucas behind them. I think Stevie needs to make some more substitute appearances as he can make more of a impact. stevie is slightly slow and despite all his qualities, is a slight liability in the squad. Wisdom is becoming clumsy, so for the time being, i'd have Tiago Ilori at RB. CB Skrtel and Agger. LB Enrique/Sakho.
    win against Southampton and we will be rolling. still upset we didn't go all out to sign HK. hes top quality and the club should have smash the wage bill for him. we missed out on a player with the potential of lionel messi. pray for better days.

  35. 12 million pounds of cover? I mean, I respect anyone's view who says that Eriksen is better than Coutinho and therefore we should have upgraded in the summer, but that's the reality of the situation. Both players can't be a regular starters, so it's ultimately one or the other, not both. When you're talking lesser players in the team like Enrique then yeah, we need competition, and maybe we're all over-excited about Coutinho, but at the moment he starts every single game and if Eriksen was to get time on the pitch that would change. That's the reality, so fans who say we get should get Eriksen need to, in my opinion, explain how those two players would fit together in the squad.

  36. check your facts when barca first approached Agger yourself what can u say u say rubbish utter rubbish move on.

  37. that wasnt a penalty 1 eyed move on.

  38. Welcome to the fraternity! I see you are a new fan!

    Aspas actually looks almost world class next to some players we had before you started watching the team. For one, he looks better than Lucas in 08-09. Then there's the absolutely terrible trio of Degen, Poulsen and Konchesky. In the past 5 years, these 3 have been our most deplorable players - If you've seen them play, you'd take Aspas any day.

  39. The team seemed to lose composure and any clue of what they were doing when Coutinho left the pitch. We suddenly became shorn of someone to get the ball to who could set up shooting opportunities down the middle. Henderson should have been shifted in. However, we were very short of options on the right, having shipped Downing and Borini with Suarez suspended, with Ibe and Alberto not ostensibly better options to Aspas.

  40. Martin Skrtel had a howler of a first game for us(Havant & Waterlooville, FA Cup), but his performance was nothing short of imperious in his second(or third?) against Chelsea.

    I thought for a debut league game away Sakho did pretty well.

  41. After watching Gerrard this season I would say drop him. Opposition players just drift past him, he struggles to track back due to his lack of pace and his passing has been awful.

    Wisdom is a accident waiting to happen. I have to give massive credit to Henderson last night, it was like he was playing two positions.

    I am not convinced on Aspas.. guess time will tell.

    Last Night we were out fought and outplayed in the second half however we managed to hold on for the draw.

    Over the last couple of years we most likely would of ended up losing a game like that so it was good to see us getting the point.

  42. Jamie - We have all seen the stats for LFC performance in the first half and then in the second where possession fell dramatically. BUT my question is this -Phillipe C had t come off on 65 minute -were the stats better when he played in the second half ?

  43. yada-yada-yada - that whole nonsense isn't even worthy of a proper response.

    If you want to believe that a better team automatically has better players in every single position across the pitch, then good for you. Deluded, know nothing 'fans'.

    Just win something, please!

  44. I'm not being harsh on Sturridge - I questioned whether he'd had the opportunity so far in his career to learn how to hold the ball up - it's something he'll get better at through experience. Watch how Suarez does it.

  45. He's 21. He's still got time on his side.

  46. I think first of all Aspas is not built to the pressure yet. When he will play calm with the ball than i would judge him. Saw he is very intelligent and unique threw pre season but his nerves in the premier league so far were terrible. Last few seconds of yesterdays game he could have scored if he relaxed to sway left instead of playing face down.

    Prime thing that yesterday showed us is that Wisdom is way overrated - as myself said constantly and especially since Johnson's injury. Really wanted him out on loan. Toure should have started the game, or Ilori even on RB, or even Kelly. They can pass the ball! They are calm players.
    About Alberto, he is underrated in my opinion. I believe he will prove you wrong each time he get's his chances more and more. Don't know about who we could have brought, sure there are better players out there.
    Rogers made tons of mistakes yesterday and i felt to be watching the Liverpool that disappoints, that i know very well, that you feel like stopping watching the game at some point. Poor poor poor midfield. I don't care how good Lucas and Gerarrd are, they don't give you serenity when they got the ball. Coutinho is great but still young. Mainly Rogers should have brought in Sterling or Alberto before sending Aspas in.

    Sakho wasn't good enough yesterday. Makes you wonder. Moses is a good addition but not the best one we could have had. Sturridge is brilliant. Henderson have won to much reputation to soon as well. Worrying stuff yesterday. Hope someone gets the hold of that. I would have likes to see BR coming upfront about our poor performance but he didn't.

    A DM and a top Playmaker, should be our top priorities in Jan, more than we should have got them already.

    I suggested either Toure or Ilori for Wisdom before the game yesterday, Sterling for Henderson, and then the possibility of Henderson for Lucas.

  47. What most interest me is, how come Shelvey, in general yesterday, had such fluently to his game [The terrible mistakes are expected from him on which he use to make these every game he played for LFC only for us he didn't preform. Remeber the miss on about the 64th minute against Zennit when we were 3-1 up? I would have scored his miss. I do not joke], but at Liverpool he was a mess all together with sparkles of quality?

    That's one of the things that worried me most yesterday. LFC has alot in it but there's a lack of certainty in our play that i believe, effects each of our players in altogether. Drastic masseurs should be taken. One who can't preform with confidence should be pulled out of the opening XI, even if it's Steven Gerarrd, for this matter. We seem to collapse too frequently. Fact. Something need to fixed.

    Sakho showed some of this qualities, even though defensively he was close to poor. Toure has it all day long. Coutinho, Sturridge, Moses, Sterling, Alberto actually is filled with it and should have seen game time over Aspas for now (Suarez of course, Johnson, Kelly even). Others got it for times, threw games or threw long terms, and should be questioned if were series of becoming a top 4 force. Period.

  48. You were talking EPL - I pointed out that he has scored, twice, in competitive football this season. Six starts in competitive football, four goals. And all but one of those games was without the creative balance in the team.
    It is debatable whether it was a penalty, debatable...and we had an excellent claim turned down earlier in the game.

  49. It's not much as for Aspas being lightweight to which his mental performance. I see what your talking about but i feel i saw some quality in him that might yet be showed if he keeps he's head together. So on this one i would way to make stabbing comment's.

    On Sakho i feel your frustration - definitely much less from what i expected.

  50. I never said Spurs had better players in every position across the pitch, though, did I. What I said was that to list six Liverpool players who would get into the Spurs team and then add 'et al', which, by its very nature, means more than one, means 'you' are saying 8 or 9 Liverpool players would be automatic starters in the Spurs team - pretty much saying every Liverpool player is better than every Spurs player, and surely that DOES beg the question "how have Spurs finished comfortably above Liverpool for four seasons in a row, then?"
    Methinks this one should hone his text comprehension skills :D
    We have won something, we have won the 'finishing comfortably above Liverpool for four seasons running even though they have bigger revenues' Cup ;-/

  51. Some one top class should be brought in in order to put either of Lucas or Gerrard on the bench. They've been given way to much time and just don't get it together. No big shout mate. Just good eye sighting.

    He knows how to pass, he knows how to score, but his frequency is not top 4 anymore. Hursh truth. I just bag that Rogers with get smacked to see it sooner than later.

  52. You provide your own answer, it's a squad game. Rotation (remember, Rafa the Rotator).
    Ericksen wouldn't be the cover. I did say cover/competition. Coutinho would be that, and he can also rotate out wide. It's the modern way.
    TBH, nothing underlines, more, the difference in squad between Spurs and Liverpool: you think it woukld be implausible to fit Ericksen and Coutinho in the same squad, even considering both could also play the wider role, and how much was Coutinho. Spurs fan are looking at Sandro doing just this with Capoue, for the holding role; Paulinho and Dembélé, for the breaking role (and both cost upwards of £16 million); and Ericksen and Holtby for the recycling role.
    It's about squad - Beetroot Head established his dominance of the English game on his mastery of the squad system. You need to stop looking at a first eleven as the arbiter of strength, and starting thinking in terms of squad and rotation.

  53. "Not one Liverpool player would make the spurs team - fact". That is a comment I've directly responded to.

    Now can you point out this supposed quote that you are making up now and identify where I have posted any response to that?? That must have happened on the same day that Spurs were awarded a trophy for finishing above Liverpool, or for delaying St. Totteringham's day until the last day of the season...

    Don't try making up arguments with yourself after my comments and then come to talk to me about comprehension skills, mate.

  54. I wouldn't say that Wisdom is terrible, but the signings of Sakho and Ilori, along with the presence of Kelly and Agger surely indicate that he won't be at LFC long term.

    I'm still hopeful (though not particularly optimistic tbh) that Aspas will prove worth the investment in him.

  55. It's a mystery why we didn't push a deal for Eriksen as he is a top quality player but Rogers has his own ideas and at the end of the day success and failure lay at his feet as he makes the choices not me. We invested a lot of effort in trying to sign Mkhitryan and then missed out on Willian so we missed the boat with Eriksen. Oh well life goes on

  56. Yes, but you quoted my post - it wasn't me who said 'no Liverpool players would get in Spurs team' MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brush up on your reading comprehension skills, or maybe you can point out a quote made by me where I have said no Liverpool fans would get in the Spurs team.
    What you would find, if you bothered to ACTUALLY read what I've said, is that I am more than happy to chat in a friendly and intelligent manner with Liverpool fans who are prepared to talk in a sensible way, and with them I have stressed that the main difference between the two clubs, ATM, is in squad depth, and not first team (and I acknowledge in doing that that in regard to players we all have a certain myopia).
    But, there again, sensible Liverpool fans wouldn't be ascribing a quote that was actually from someone else, when directly quoting one of my posts, as proof of their reading comprehension prowess, would they, now? If you are not asscribing that quote to me, why on Earth do you think I should be answerable for it?

  57. It's sad but I think Stevie's struggling physically. I hope it's not terminal, but I think it's time to start subbing him off in games.

  58. It's not a case of getting on with it. It's a case of the balance of the team. I don't see liverpool with hendo in midfield at the moment, not because he's a gerrard or coutinho but in terms of our midfield dominating. And slow down with caps lock mate ;)