20 Sept 2013

Done Deal: €24m attacker who loves LFC signs new 4-year deal. Big Loss...?

Earlier this week, Liverpool target Luis Muriel signed a new 5-year deal with Udinese, seemingly drawing a line under the Reds' interest in the player. Atletico Madrid winger Arda Turan is another long-term Reds target, but it appears that the club's chances of signing the Turkish maestro are also now at an end.

According to Atletico's official website, Turan has signed a contract extension, which will keep him at the club until 2017.

Confirming the extension, Turan told Atletico's official website:

"I feel very happy to have extended my contract with Atletico.

"After two years with Atletico I feel like part of the family which is the club. If I'm so happy at the club, its because my team-mates are so strong and we're all in this together."

In mid-August, ESPN reported that both Liverpool and Arsenal were' interested' in signing Turan, and the player's Agent - Ahmet Bulut - also confirmed that English clubs are on the prowl. He told NTV Sport:

"A transfer of Arda to the Premier League this summer is likely. England is where most of the interest in him lies and they are well informed about Atletico's stance. There have been discussions, and if they pay his release clause there is nothing the club [Atletico] can do"

Liverpool have been linked with Turan many times in the past:

* Apr 2009: Rafa Benitez made a €10m move for Turan, a self-confessed Liverpool fan, but the tricky winger ended up moving to Atletico Madrid.

* Dec 2009: Turan made it clear that he favours a move to Liverpool: told reporters:

"I most want to play at Liverpool because of the culture of the club and the fans"

* Mar 2010: Turan reiterated his Anfield preference:

"As I always mention, Liverpool attracts me because of their tradition. In Europe, I am a Liverpool supporter, so if I go to play in Europe, I would like to play for them".

* Oct 2012: Nuri Sahin posted a picture on his Twitter account of Turan in a Liverpool shirt.

* Oct 2012: Liverpool sent an 'observer' to watch Turan in Turkey's World Cup qualifier with Romania.

* Dec 2012: Bulut, told Turkish television channel TRT:

"Arda wants to play for another club, to live a different experience. We are working now to make it happen. Atletico know what our intention is. If all goes well, Arda will leave the Madrid club at the end of this season."

* Mar 2013: Reports in Spain claim that the Reds are lining up a €20m summer bid for the Turkish star.

Monaco reportedly made an £14.5m bid for Turan in August, but Bulut confirmed that Atletico rejected the offer:

"No team has come close to offering the €24m (£20m) stated in his contract, but there has been a lot of activity this summer."

If Liverpool were genuinely interested, it seems likely that the club refused to pay the €24m buyout clause, and to be honest, I think that is the right decision. Turan is a quality player, but he lacks pace,and his creative output is nothing special. The Turk's recent injury history is a concern ; in the last 15 months, he's suffered three separate incidents, and the last thing Liverpool need right now is to buy more injury-prone players.

All's well that ends well, or a loss for LFC?

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  1. Seems like there have been a lot of LFC targets getting better contracts toward the end and after the window. A lot of savvy work from agents this summer i think.

  2. FSG's secret plan is to topple every other club financially by making them pay overly lucrative contracts to keep them away from us.

  3. Well time to look for another player then.

  4. I think we just don't have the money left to buy a midfield. If any targets were available on a cheap, it would have to be Erickson. That was a loss at 11.5m euros. Others, I think would not be a big loss. Imagine now that Coutinho is injured, Erickson would just slot in nicely but then keeping both happy can be a problem when Suarez is back. Then there is Henderson and Sterling, Alberto and Aspas to contend, it would not be easy.

  5. I think the word "contract" not really a big obstacle these day ! Paying over the odd is just like a TREND hehehe

  6. Why some people still think Eriksen actually would have wanted to join us is beyond me! We definitely inquired but there must be VALID reseason why LFC and other top clubs did not want to sign him.

    £12 million is not that much for a player. We could have payed it with ease but lets look at the reasons why we may not have chosen to secure his services and why he could have refused to join LFC.

    1. He would have wanted guaranteed first team football and at the age of 21 which clubs want a 21 year old calling the shots?

    2. There must be a clause in his contract that states he may leave if Spurs do not get into the CL.

    3. He could have just declined a move to us straight away with London being a better attraction.

    4. How much are Spurs paying him in wages?

    5. Rodgers would have made it clear that there is a long term project so there is no time frame on success.

    Spurs surely were not the only club who approached the player. There could be many other reasons why LFC and other top clubs said thanks but no thanks. Again, why were other top clubs not willing to pay a small figure of £12 million?

    Do we want players this young calling the shots?

  7. A/Madrid have made him sign a new contract in order to get more for him when he gets sold. Simple! All his club needs now is for him to have a storming season to attract the buyers.

  8. How delightfully Machevellian. I can almost hear Mansour checking his piggy bank and weeping...

  9. He should only play when we have killed a match off early on. Would be better for him to be introduced when there is no pressure. That is the mistake that gets made with many youngsters nowadays. Youngsters get thrown into the deep end only for them to drown.

  10. Ah i dont agree with that. Its down to the individual, some can handle it, some cant. Manager needs to decide which it is. But automaticly not selecting a player because of his age is counter productive IMO.
    Fowler, Owen, Rooney, Ronaldo off the top of my head. Never did them any harm.
    If anything i think its gone the opposite way. Managers these days are less likely to trust in an 18 year old.

  11. Yes it is down to the individual but if Rodgers does not think Alberto is ready to start then he will not start him?

  12. Whatever. If we can't pass today and we struggle to create opportunities on high frequencies he should throw him in as soon as possible. Rodgers being afraid to play Alberto of start is an indication to our poor center midfield and defensive line (mainly Wisdom but other are also shaky still), for which if we had confidence there, it would not be so critical to weather trust Alberto of start or possibly throw him in later.
    Me, i think trusting him all the way may be a strong weapon for us today. I have a feeling that if you give trust to this guy he would pay you off and hold that responsibility way well.
    Whose gonna preform as our play maker? Henderson? because really, he doesn't have the passes in him that way. Alberto is the only one who can replace Coutinho's creativity, and if our attack will rattle and won't make it today i would blame our manager for it. Same as i blame him for the Swansea draw. He should have played Sterling earlier and Alberto for Coutinho, and shouldn't have touch Wisdom for the first place.

  13. Blame Rodgers for what exactly? That is really funny when we have had the best start to any EPL season since 1995 under Roy Evans.

    Rodgers is doing a brilliant job and he is showing that he is not a one trick pony.

  14. I agree the only player in our squad that has the qualities to replace COUTINHO is LUIS ALBERTO.
    Making his transition into first team is something we can't really afford to get wrong again though.
    ASPAS is struggling the last thing we need is 2 of the 3 attackers bought looking like flops.When you give a player a good platform to succeed you can make a fair judge.Throwing LA in from the start and expecting him with the limited experience to have the same effect on the side as one of our best players is risky.
    We as fans have no idea what goes on in training.He could look great in practise sessions and have the character to handle the pressure that comes with playing a important role for our club.
    If that's the case BR should play him.However if he's not standing out as a top player behind the scenes we shouldn't give him game time because he's the closest thing we have to COUTINHO.

  15. Just another player who has an agent simply concerned with pushing a price as high as he possible can. No loss to us. If he wanted to come he would have influenced his "departure" I am sure.