3 Aug 2013

'He's the best' - LFC in talks to sign 'great' £21m Brazilian. Next stop Anfield...?

Liverpool full-back Jose Enrique recently urged the club to push forward with some more 'new additions' before the transfer window closes, and since then, the Reds have been linked with several new left backs, including Granada defender Guilherme Siqueira. It appears that things may be progressing with the proposed transfer, as new reports today claim that a deal could definitely be on the table.

In July, Eurosport reported:

"Liverpool, Everton and Galatasaray are interested in the full-back Guilherme Siqueira. "

According to reports in Italy and England today:

* Liverpool are in negotiations with Granada over a possible deal for Siqueira.
* Real Madrid and Galatasaray have also scouted the Brazilian.
* A £21m buyout clause exists in his contract.

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti sees 27-year old Siqueira as a replacement for Fabio Coentrao, who is set to leave the Bernebeau this summer.

When asked about the Reds' interest during an interview last Sunday, Siqueira admitted the 'time had come' for him to move on, but - unfortunately for Liverpool - he seems to favour staying in Spain. He told Brazilian newspaper Daily Catarini:

"The goal is this [to move]. The time has come. I have a price but it does not depend only on me. I hope any deal is achieved as quickly as possible. I have preference for Spain, but today English football is so advanced".

Granada boss Lucas Alcaraz certainly thinks highly of Siqueira, and in May, he enthusiastically told reporters:

"For us, Siqueira is very important. For me, he’s the best left-back there is in La Liga. It makes him even better having Brayan for competition, who is a great player and a great professional.”

Brendan Rodgers is on the lookout for another full-back, and in recent weeks, Liverpool have been linked with possible moves Ryan Bertrand and Aly Cissokho.

Is left-back a priority position, though? Arguably, yes.

* Enrique is the only experienced, natural left-back at Anfield.
* Glen Johnson can play there, but he's not a dedicated left-back.
* Jack Robinson is only 19, and has limited first-team experience.
* No one wants to see Stewart Downing deployed there again (!)

Competition is king in any successful football squad, and Enrique could definitely benefit from having to fight for his position.

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  1. Apparently we have agreed deal for Cissokho so cant see this happening.

  2. He would be a good signing. Have seen him play a few times and he looks good. Realisticaly though if Real are in for him, we will have to look elsewhere.
    But LB is definately an area we need some competition.

  3. liverpool4life5656:37 pm, August 03, 2013

    Haven't we agreed two deals with two LBs anyway? so I don't see this happening.

  4. Wow...so we'll have Cissokho, this guy, the Paraguayguy and Enrique...scratch what I said about not having enough left back options next season...

  5. did anyone see agger limping at the end ....i think we ought to rest him for the last two firendlies lets not flirt with his injury record

  6. Yep we're be happy to have Enrique on the bench with his wages just like reina ???? Oh yeah reina is playing for Napoli this season I nearly forgot.

  7. Have they been confirmed? Seen reports earlier in the week but like so many of our deals this summer it's all gone cold.

  8. Highly unlikely. A guy with a 21 million release clause (and with Real Madrid sniffing around) won't come cheap. Melgerajo or Cissokho is the likeliest.

  9. Who knows, which left back Liverpool will go for? If anyone at all. The mixed statements from Rodgers over the summer so far, are confusing at best. One minute he says:- After the squad players brought in, its improving the first team next! And now its, I won't waste money,just for the sake of just buying someone. Unless they can improve the team. It Sounds like either, poor scouting/identifying targets or the most probable, not enough money available, unless Suarez is sold. Which I think, even Liverpool expected a written request by now and more interest than just Arsenal.

  10. What im getting at is, I prefered it when Liverpool said little and just got the transfers done.

  11. Personally I don't think that Enrique is good enough and I would like to see someone else as left back. He would be a good squad player.

  12. JOSE ENRIQUE's trademark is a rampaging run down the line leaving players in his wake with his acceleration bulldozing the opposition with his body strength.Then slowly back tracking with the ball when his within a few yards of the corner flag.
    He also likes the long ball a bit too much which i give him credit for worked against NEWCASTLE last year or SUAREZ made it work.I like the way he shields the ball out for goal kicks though.But i think we could do with a upgrade at LB.

  13. He has good points, especially his defensive strength, but I find that I am more frustrated with him giving away the ball or losing it than I am impressed with his defending. He has moments of brilliance, but too often it's in between moments of mediocrity.

  14. I think we're singing from the same hymn sheet with JOSE ENRIQUE.
    The modern day fullback is now expected to perform like the reincarnation of CAFU or ROBERTO CARLOS.At top clubs where they dominate the ball most of the time, they tell the fullbacks to give the attack something extra.When only a few years back teams played with a more cautious approach.
    There are very few fullbacks who defend great and equally attack well.You usually get one quality clearly out weighing the other.
    I want the position improved but i think it's a hard spot to upgrade because of the lack of quality in that area worldwide.

  15. That is a perfect summary of Enrique.

  16. let madrid get him and then sign coentrao

  17. Come on ? He has a 15 mill euro buy out clause set in his contract then in the following sentence apparently there is a 21 mill pound release clause in his contract ???? More rubbish. If we listen to everything were hearing right now were have about 5 left backs by the end of the week and the Paraguayan mentioned recently coming to us on loan I can't see getting a work permit seeing as he has had 1 international cap

  18. the reality is we are not paying 21m for a player and keeping jose on the bench..we have already been told we don't have the money to keep high wages sat around

  19. The way our transfer policy i hope it doesn't sound "cliche" to say he's too old

  20. "Competition is King" Spot on Jamie, Enrique definitely needs some competition, far too inconsistent so far at LFC, kinda frustrating at times to watch, glad we are not fcuking around in this window, seems to me that those names in the envelope...might well represent the positions we are trying now to strengthen.....

    So far, i think with Reina's departure.....& immiment departure of Skrtel both going back to their mentor......cough...cough...surprise surprise....who'd have thought that would ever happen? ;-)

    I know i wouldn't have...:-)

    Cannot bear the thought of watching us play yet another season with underperformers in the side, letting us down, costing us our place in the top4 and getting paid huge amounts of money for it......cough...Glen...cough Johnson im looking at you too....

    Hopefully, with enough competition for places.... we might just see a turnaround in player attitude & more importantly some CONSISTENCY in their form................

  21. I like Enrique but if this kid is as god as the article says then lets get on with it........too many good athletic guys have passed us by....

  22. Agree...too many rumors and telegraphing of our "targets" unless that too is BS

  23. So it should read next stop Spain