6 Aug 2013

'There is interest' - LFC in talks to sign €3.5m Algeria international. Assaidi MK II...?

The left-back merry-go roud continues! Over the last few weeks, Liverpool have been linked with moves for Aly Cissokho, Lorenzo Melgareja, and Guillherm Siqueira, but the Reds are now linked with yet another barely-known full back.

According to reports in France and England today, Liverpool are in negotiations with St. Etienne over the potential signing of Algerian left-back Faouzi Ghoulam.

The Reds have allegedly put in a late bid for the 22-year old defender, who is also wanted by Torino.

When asked about his future in December, Ghoulam told Sky Sports News:

"I have a contract until 2016 so it will not only depend on me. I have been told that there is interest from some clubs in the Premier League and some in Italy."

In March 2013, Ghoulam claimed again that Premier League clubs were watching. He told reporters:

"There is interest from the Premier League and I welcome that. It means I am doing well with my club. If I can add the level of playing well with a national team, more clubs will be interested."

In July, reports in Italy suggested that Torino had agreed a €3.5m fee for Ghoulam, but it appears that Liverpool are ready to jump into the fray and spoil the party.

In all honesty, none of the left-backs currently linked with Liverpool - including Ghoulam - seem that exciting. Rodgers said last months that his plan is to focus on buying players to improve the first team, but Ghoulam doesn't (IMO) look like the kind of player who'll come in and take over from Jose Enrique.

Given the fee, and the comparative low-profile of the player, this transfer has a touch of the Assaidia about it: i.e. a dirt-cheap player who came from nowhere and will (in all probability) come in as a squad filler and end up warming the bench.

Obviously, if Liverpool do sign Ghoulam, I hope he turns out to be a superstar, but I have a gut feeling that won't happen. I got the same feeling when LFC signed Assaidi, Sahin, Coates, Degen, Dossena, Voronin, and a whole host of other players over the years, and my instincts on transfers tend to come true a lot of the time (as I'm sure is the case for a lot of LFC fans?.

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  1. Why havent I signed anyone?

  2. I think Cissokho would be a better bet, he will be trying hard to oust Enrique in a World cup year.

  3. what your feeling tell you about Coutinho...when your first heard about him!! NOOOO

  4. players like this come have a few good games then are loaned out or sold a year later...the system rogers plays means you need worldclass fullbacks with pace and fitness or your two Cb become badly exposed ......so its a pretty safe bet to say agger and kolo will be exposed

  5. tino was quite well knowm as an enigma who had the talent but didnt always show it....the left backs we are linked with are nothing special

  6. With Algeria looking very likely to qualify for the WC, Ghoulam would also be competing as he's currently Algeria's 2nd choice LB.

    I would rather this guy than Cissokho as he is younger and has been playing regularly for St. ettiene, whereas Cissokho has been on the bench for Valencia.

  7. I'd like to add Pennant, Diouf, Diao, Ngog and Cole to that list...
    I really hope that this is not our supposed answer to the LB issue. If thats the case we might have well of given Robinson the run. Least we know he would give the work rate, even if he is just not quite good enough, thats only my opinion, before people jump on it. Like the lad and hope he does well at bpool.

  8. Honestly my feeling was yes, this kid can pick a pass and has great control. And really that was only from highlughts, which i know only show the good side of a player, but still you could see the guy had imagination. I dont pretend to know anything firsthand about this guy, but even the highlights arent that high... which is a little worrying :)

  9. Maybe this is the fsg marquee signing ........but we can only buy him if we get 50m for suarez and not 40m....

  10. thinks are looking up when we are linked with Algerias second choice full back...ive also heard we are after icelands 3rd choice Dm AS COVER FOR LUCAS

  11. That's the problem though isn't it? Getting class fullbacks are hard to find.Johnson is decent but I've never rated him as a good defender,(Something I've always wondered why has he never been played further forward? He's usually better going forward then defending)As for Enrique....well what can I say a moment of madness followed by a moment of genius. Enrique is a lot like a lucky dip :P But they're good enough to do the job,not much more.

  12. The least you could have done was to change the avatar to a picture of Rodgers.

  13. Dont sell suarez to arsernal or spurs , if we do then our season is over before it even starts.
    I dont understand liverpool should be confident they have a stronger team
    arsernals main players walcot,carzola and wilshere
    liverpool have sturidge,coutinho and gerrard which is stronger.
    arsernal have ox and ramsey , sterling and alberto are just as good
    Suarez is better then podolski if we sign costa then he is better then girou.
    arsene Wangker knows we have a better team and that is why is trying to take our best player.
    I hate him more then fergie .

  14. What about the £1 bid it is stupid , i want lfc to react
    why not bid 5millon for wilshere and i will chip in with an extra £1.50
    that wouldve been a good response but lfc hve stupid people in charge.

  15. Jamie do you agree we should not sell to arsernal?
    I would be really happy to see him with torres at chelsea , unlike wenger
    mourinho respects us , told sahin to come and has backed rodgers for sucsess.
    Infact i think we should make an agreement with chelsea like tottenham with real madrid , we can buy some of their youns=gsters while they can have first refusal on all our top players
    chelsea a team with class , arsernal a vile team

  16. And what about bringing daglish back to communicate with wenger , he can keep on telling him to "piss off" , wish that disgraceful manager would retire
    sell suarez to chelsea not arse - nal

  17. We would really be going places with you in charge for sure!

  18. So let me get this straight you want us to be Chelsea's feeder club? Interesting..... Chelsea a team with class, that is a new one for sure.

    Could you perhaps be a Chelsea fan?

  19. liverpool4life56510:41 pm, August 06, 2013

    Good to hear John Henry saying he isn't selling us or Suarez. Speaking in Norway where he going to watch us :)

  20. liverpool4life56510:46 pm, August 06, 2013

    Your joking right?

  21. Suarez just told the telegraph he will put in a transfer request because he feels betrayed - it was a gentleman's agreement he could leave if we don't qualify for CL.
    Wow ...

  22. Look at suarez interview please.. (guardian, telegraph) then tell me we wont loose him. To be honest I'm happy if hes away, you can't keep a player that has still 6 games ban is on enormous wages and clearly wants to play somewhere else. For me it was pretty obvious this is going to happen, wasn't it ?

  23. liverpool4life56511:45 pm, August 06, 2013

    Yeah I posted that before I saw that interview. He a embarrassment. We should just cut our ties with him. But abroad and true it was always going to happen, but how he treating liverpool and the fans shows he not a decent person.

  24. Yeah, funny thing he's putting everything around saying, he did his best and scored 50 goals in 100 games, it was part of his contract etc etc ... Why didn't he just start , talking about his desire to play CL, instead of blaming the fans and the media here ...

  25. Why would you even suggest we sell out to anyone let alone money bags Chelsea. Chelsea and Arsenal want to buy Suarez as they know we are a dangerous team with him in our side. Mignolet, Johnson, Toure, Aggar, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Coutinho, Aspas, Sturridge, Suarez;
    We're not the strongest team in the league, we are contenders for top 4 and they both know it. If BR can get 2-3 more quality first teamers in then we become a very serious threat to the 4 champion league places.

  26. I don't think every unknown player is going to be a hit like Michu or Benteke. We are taking a lot of risks signing all these barely known players. Very tough times ahead for LFC and the ship will sink before it even starts the voyage.

  27. "Rodgers said last month bla bla bla" - that's it though..."Rodgers said". He always "says" a lot. This is worse than Parry's edge of your seat signings Kewell and Finnan (who were actually decent players in their own right, especially Finn). At least Parry actually signed players when he said he would. With BR we just have words and Barcelona reserves.