5 Aug 2013

'We're talking to LFC' - Liverpool flop to quit Anfield in €3m deal. Good news...?

Over the last couple of months, several clubs have expressed an interest in signing Liverpool misfit Oussama Assaidi, and although the Moroccan has featured in the Reds' pre-season schedule, the end is most definitely nigh, and it looks like Belgium will be the winger's next destination.

Ajax, Feyenoord and Anderlecht are all reportedly interested in Assaidi, and speaking to reporters last month, Feyenoord boss Ronald Koeman said:

"I met Assaidi in Dubai and asked him about his situation.

"Feyenoord is interested in signing him, and I am charmed by his ability. He wants to play, and that makes sense. We know the will fit into our team. We'll see if it works"

In an interview soon after that, Feyenoord chief Martin van Geel reiterated the club's interest in signing Assaidi, and hinted that the club is in talks with Liverpool over a possible loan deal. He told ELFVoetball:

"It is clear that we are interested [in Assaidi], but if we're to have a serious chance of success then probably it will be long into August. And then...Liverpool must still be willing to work with us."

At the end of July, Anderlecht manager John van den Brom confirmed talks with both Liverpool and Assaidi over a possible deal. He told reporters:

"I have spoken to Oussama and he favours a move here. We are talking to Liverpool, it is now up to the club"

According to a report today in Belgian newspaper Sudinfo, it looks like the deal is going ahead:

"Osama Assaidi has chosen a move to Anderlecht rather than Feyenoord. A sum of three million euros, spread out in several payments, is proposed"

I doubt Liverpool will fight hard to keep Assaidi. With the arrival of Aspas and Alberto, and the (possible) imminent arrival of other attacking players, Assaidi's pitch time will almost certainly be severely limited again next season, so there's no point in paying him to sit on the bench.

If Anderlecht have genuinely made that offer, it seems likely that Liverpool will accept, especially since it means the club will recoup its initial €3m outlay on the player.

Whatever the reason for Assaidi's underwhelming impact at Anfield, if he leaves without the club making a financial loss, then all's well that ends well.

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  1. I think he is a great player who needs game time

  2. I can't understand why he wasn't given more chances. He definetly showed his flair when he played.

  3. liverpool4life5657:40 pm, August 05, 2013

    When he has played he has always impressed me, good luck to him if he goes though.

  4. hes done no worse or better than others in the squad....seems rogers has his clicks ...im understood by many on this forum that rogers doesnt like out and out centre forwards but players who can play acroos all 3 front positions..well thats assadi and he getting rid....from what ive seen hes not much different from aspas

  5. liverpool4life5657:53 pm, August 05, 2013

    Except aspas has strength and assaidi don't, that's only problem with him. He gets bundled off the ball easily.

  6. Aspas is a goalscorer who can play any front position, Assaidi is a left winger, and not a very good one at that.

  7. I think he,s an average player who,s had his time at lfc

  8. Never given a fair chance.. I and a lot of people have been excited every time he's played, yet he was never really given a shot.. Hope the rumours of it being because Ayre was accredited with the signature have no basis, because that would be a huge waste.

  9. well we will know how strong he is against shawcross and huth when we play stoke

  10. Forget the 3 million, just ask for Youri Tielemans

  11. liverpool4life5659:31 pm, August 05, 2013

    We will :), if costa signs though. They be to busy dealing with him.

  12. And his spitting and other vile acts...he has something like 59 yellow cards and 7 red cards(I can't remember the exact figure but Im fairly sure that's it)after doing a bit of research on him...hell no do we need another troublemaker.

  13. He didnt spit. He was spat on!

  14. liverpool4life5659:58 pm, August 05, 2013

    He didn't spit, someone spat at him. And he needs to cool it down alittle. But he still a good footballer. Which we need at the moment.

  15. liverpool4life56510:15 pm, August 05, 2013

    Looks like downing may be on his way out for 5 million.

  16. He needs to change his name to Allen by deed poll then he would get more games ;-)

  17. Fair enough but 59 cards and sent off 7 times gives you an idea of what type of player he is.

  18. Oh yeah lets bow down to another trouble maker...because that's really worked so far hasn't it?

  19. Sell to buy policy mate. Seen it before, seeing it again now. My guess is net spend for the window will be around zero.

  20. Thats pretty cheap. We are always poor at selling players for good prices though, minus a couple of deals. We tend to use the buy high sell low theory...

  21. Unfortunately, I think that's more of a sign of overpaying as opposed to underselling.

    We simply paid too much for him, Carroll, Henderson, and Adam. We overpaid.

    This has reared its ugly head in the form of Downing as we have a 28 year-old going on 29, who has struggled to provide assists and score goals despite playing relatively consistently.

    I hate to say it but 5m is probably a little bit underselling, but it's not going to be by much. If we got 8m for him, it would be a steal for us.

  22. liverpool4life5652:55 am, August 06, 2013

    If he does the job for us I don't care. It's all about talent end of the day and he 24 hopefully him getting older he will mature as a player and be less angry....

  23. liverpool4life5652:56 am, August 06, 2013

    I agree it's awful transfers dealings, but we never learn...

  24. Well I don't...it's pathetic thinking it's okay as long as he does the job.So as long as Suarez 'does the job' is okay for him to make a show of the club by diving,biting and abusing someone racially (if indeed it was true,which it more then likely is)

  25. Repeat: the stiff list:
    1. Spearing
    2. Coates
    3. Allen
    4. Assaidi

    Semi-stiff list:
    1. Skrtel. (Breaks my heart. Used to be tough and fearless. Looks like he is on drug or starving to death
    2. Downing loyal, fastbut ends up nowhere in the end

    Homegrown guys : earned inclusion in weekly roster. in order;
    1. Kelly. Big, fast, tough weak position for us
    2. Ibe. Showed speed & poise with the ball outside and in the box
    3. Sterling. First touch and passing average at best but only 18. Behind I
    1. Real midfielder

  26. Continuation:

    1. Real midfielder with size, scoring and passing skills and work rate to spell Gerrard and help defense when needed
    2. Two more defenders with height, athleticism and under 27 yrs old
    3. Striker with solid body of work greater than 1-2 yrs.

    Suarez is a goner and I feel sad about it. Character does matter. Better get real quality depth for the cash......no Aquiani types (sissy), no drunkard (Carroll) or semi skilled hot heads (shelvey)

  27. i shouldnt laugh but the way we get fleeced in general amuses me thats some operation they run over there

  28. like i say aspas has performed at a lower level ..and preseason is preseason ...i hope he shines

  29. He is exactly the player his price suggests or suggested. Last year, on his transfer, my first feeling was another Nabil El Zaar. Most teams now days have good scouting network & at 24, if a player is priced at around $5m, tells the story. There are not many Michus around & for every Michu at other end, there are Andy Carrolls.

    However, I don't mind this type of business. You need cheap squad players, whom you can always off-load with little or no loss/profit with in a season or 2 & there 'll be always market demand for them for the price & salary. If one out of every ten such purchase clicks, that's a massive gain.

    Wish him a very good luck - in Holland, France, Championship or even in EPL mid/low table clubs (no dis respect) like Fulham, Cardiff, QPR, Norwich, Hull or Wigan he 'll start regularly & 'll be a hit.

  30. Are we getting 5m or paying to get rid of garbage? Jokes apart, I 'll be very happy, if we get 5m for Downing. It 'll save another 6/7 m in salary for the next 2 years. Any given day, I 'll start Sterling, Ibe or even Pacheco ahead of Downing. He is an out an out winger (& very poor/slow at it) who simply can't fit in BR's system where wingers are part of 3 men exchanging forward line. & in KK's hoof-ball style, he had 0/0 in 36 games.

    If someone pays 5m & SD wants to work for payment (he 'll enjoy 70k/week at LFC from stands, not even from bench), I 'll hire a limo to drop him.

  31. Aspas hasnt performed at a lower level. He performed in la liga albeit in a club fighting against relegation. But would you say Benteke performed at a lower level?