19 Jul 2013

"I'm like Falcao & Cavani" - 100-goal striker reveals LFC transfer interest

Croatian starlet Marko Dabro has confirmed that he recently rejected a summer move to Liverpool FC.

Speaking to TMW yesterday, the 16-year old striker - who broke into the Ciablia Vincovci first-team last season - explained:

"Inter, Liverpool and [Manchester] City followed me too, but I've chosen Fiorentina.

"They have shown since the beginning to be a serious side and to be very interested in me".

Dabro certainly has confidence in his own ability. When asked which current strikers he resembles in terms of style of play, he noted:

"What striker am I like? I am like Cavani, Falcao, Van Persie and Mario Gomez".

In April, Cibalia Sporting Director Dra┼żen Pernar confirmed that Liverpool were actively tracking Dabro. Speaking to Croation daily newspaper Jutarni List, Pernar claimed that the Reds - along with a whole host of top European clubs - are interesting in signing 16-year old striker Marko Darbo:

"We have an official offer Fiorentina, and direct contacts with Roma, Parma and Juventus. Chelsea and Liverpool also want him and are actively involved, and Bayern Munich and Monaco are waiting to talk"

In a recent interview, Vlado Borozan, a transfer specialist on the Croatian market, hailed Darbo, and compared him to one of one Serie A's top strikers. He told TMW:

"Here [in Croatia] there’s no lack of talent. You can just to see how many people have left for the big clubs in Europe over the past fifteen years. Marko Dabro, who plays for Cibalia, is one of the biggest talents. He is a left-footed [Diego] Milito”.

Dabro has a formidable youth record in Croatia:

* Over 100 goals scored at various levels (Cadet, junior, senior, U16 and U17)
* 15 goals this season for the Cibalia youth team, despite playing only 50% of the games.

Earlier this year, Cibalia coach Miroslav Bojko heaped praise on the youngster. He told Vecernji:

"He [Dabro] is one of the most talented strikers of his generation"

At 16 years and 2 days, Dabro recently became the youngest player ever to take part in a First Division match, beating Velika Gorica's 20-year old record (16 years and 27 days). After his debut, Dabro told reporters:

"I am extremely happy. I could hardly wait for my 16th birthday and the chance to play for the regular team"

Liverpool are overstocked with promising young players at the moment, so this is arguably not a great loss. However, Sod's law will probably dictate that Dabro goes on to be one of the game's great goalscorers, leaving LFC's crop of youngster to disappear into obscurity.

Let's hope that doesn't happen!

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  1. "they have shown to be a serious side and very interested in me"...that's all , that's allllllll ....look at henrik mktryan, erikson and toby.cases....considering the purchases and sales we've made , we've actually spent less than 1 mill...what on earth are we waiting for. Suarez misses first 6 games and sturidge is not fully fit OMG!!

  2. age old problem, same old scenario.

  3. "What striker am i like? I am like CAVANI,FALCAO,VAN PERSIE and MARIO GOMEZ".I would smash that line to pieces but at that age i had the same self confidence and thought i was the best at everything.This boy has the attitude of CR7!

  4. The question was what type of forward he considers himself. He never said he is anywhere near as good as them.
    Like most things in this article, youngsters words have been twisted with some very bad translation.

  5. It's Cibalia Vinkovci !! Get your copy-paste right !

  6. Side track a little, I just read in soccernet that Arsenal has approved a 40 mil pounds bid for LS. I'll be really happy if this LS saga can finally come to an end. Not the end of world of course, but we do need time to find credible replacement. Hope it can be finalize as soon as possible, though I wish we can get something in excess of 50 mil pounds and not selling him to an EPL team. Too bad it seems no one outside EPL is really interested in him.

  7. In football there are always hundreds of starlets all over the place, and just a few legitimate stars.

    Maybe this guy will be a world-beater, but it's not a big loss to lose out on another kid...

  8. I have to say something about the comments made by BR today, regarding Suarez's fee.
    He has shown the sort of attitude I would expect from a top club manager, with a massive ambition.
    I agree we still need to sign at least one marquee signing(and probably will need two in order to compete), but his response was top class and impressed me greatly.

  9. I don't necessarily mean we should sign this kid though!

  10. I think the only way we secure the money want for SUAREZ without letting him go to a rival is to get interest from PSG or MONACO.Being approached by any of the two will be very unlikely this summer with the amount that both have spent so far.
    We may have to hold onto LS for another season to drum up business rather than let him go for a reduced fee this window.PSG bought CAVANI for 55m and i think SUAREZ is a better player

  11. I'm of the belief that we won't sell him to a rival unless they overpay.

    In other words, if we want 50m from Real... Arsenal and Chelsea would have to muster up 55-60m.

  12. I'm in absolute agreement with your opinion....

  13. Selling our best player to ARSENAL or CHELSEA whether they over pay or not would be a stupid idea.It would make it even harder to compete and would just confirm (in big neon lights) we've turned into a feeder club.COUTINHO will be the next player out the door.

  14. I'm a little bemused by the Suarez saga; as players seem to spout a lot these days about 'feeling wanted'!
    If Real Madrid 'wanted' him so badly, then surely they would have made a bid by now?. It seems he wasn't even their top priority!
    Very strange......
    Sounds a little like us regarding the CE and TA deals....

  15. brerdan brodgers3:16 pm, July 19, 2013

    Sell suarez to chelsea not arsrnal chelsea competing for title regardless arsernal will be likley to be filling one of the top 4 places without suarez so by selling them it is impossibe. city spent 90m , utd champions , chelsea emerging team , arsernal with suarez title contenders wheres the room?
    In conclution dont sell suarez to asrsernal i would rather he went to utd
    imagine the reaction of the fans who hated him so much

  16. brerdan brodgers3:18 pm, July 19, 2013

    I think we should look for an argentine starlet striker
    spain midfield workshop , argentina striker workshop, spain gk workshop

  17. brerdan brodgers3:20 pm, July 19, 2013

    As much as aspas and alberto could suprise people i think this window has been poor , the only real good signing we have made is for a position where he was not needed.
    How long are lfc going to take? .

  18. brerdan brodgers3:23 pm, July 19, 2013

    we need to sort suarez situation as soon as possible either we sell him now or never sell him
    All the viable replacements are disapearing.
    Jovetic or nedegro would have been good , soldado goes to tottenham , higuain and daimaro are joining napoli or chelsea.

  19. No, I don't consider it a loss unless he turns out to be a Cavani/Falcao. We already have a youngster whose idol is CR7 so not much of a problem. ;)

  20. I agree with you.

    But I don't know if the people making the decision agree with us.

  21. we have enough kids who think they are better than we are we don't need another

  22. Your spelling is wrong and probably the entire article is misinterpreted .