10 May 2013

'There's speculation' - BR responds to 'rumours' over €15m LFC star's Anfield exit.

Speculation over the future of Pepe Reina has intensified over the last few months, and according to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the Spaniard has agreed a 2-year deal with Barcelona, and will leave Anfield this summer. However, when asked about Reina's future today, Rodgers insisted that the Reds 'keeper is not going anywhere.

In response to questions about Reina's future during his pre-Fulham press conference today, Rodgers told reporters:

"Pepe's not for sale.

"He's got three years left on his contract, and he's happy.

"Obviously, there's speculation - it's silly season now, with all the rumours, but it's not worth commenting on, really."

To be honest, what else is Rodgers going to say? Even if Reina wants to leave, or a deal is already in process, he's not going to admit it in public.

Last week, Barcelona-based newspaper Mundo Deportivo - which maintains close links with the Catalan club - claimed:

* Reina has agreed a 2-year deal with Barca.
* A transfer fee of £10m has been agreed with LFC.
* Barca guarantee Reina will be first choice when Victor Valdes leaves.

The story was front page news in Spain:

Pepe Reina Barcelona

This week, Mundo Deportivo further claimed that:

* Reina's agent met with Liverpool on Tuesday to discuss the player's future.
* Liverpool want to keep him, but would be willing to let him go for €15m.

With the season over in a couple of weeks, the truth of the matter is sure to be revealed sooner rather than later.

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  1. liverpool4life5652:59 pm, May 10, 2013

    I would keep him he has experience, also he coming good again, barca can f*ck off :)

  2. Rather we got rid of Rodgers than Pepe.

  3. reina has let us down in many big games over the last 3 seasons .10 million for him!! bite their hands off .another 7 million and chealsea will sell there cat who is on loan at athletico madrid .this is a no brainer

  4. I don't really know what more Reina or Rodgers can do to quell these rumours. Both have said numerous times that Pepe is staying what makes Mundo Deportivo's word so much more credible then theirs?

  5. Utter rubbish. No player will switch to another club for inferior terms. Pepe has 3yrs on his contract so isn't going to go anywhere for a 2yr deal.

  6. Please elaborate.

  7. i personally would put a 20m price tag on him, thats it... liverpool shouldnt even think about selling him for less than 15m, barca has a lot of money and is in need of a goal keeper - if they really want him to be their valdes replacement or even their upgrade (i rate Pepe higher than Valdes) they would put in a 20m bid. That amound would increase our budget drastically IMO. There are many good goalkeepers for about 10-15m up for grabs (Begovic, Kevin Trapp ...)

  8. imo if we get 15or 20 millon for pepe we will spend 8 max on a keeper

  9. 100% agree. We don't need to or want to sell him. The demand is on their side so if they want him they'll have to pony up and I would agree on the 20 million as I too think he's a lot better than Valdes who has been valued at 15mil by some

  10. Depends on who the player is and how we budget money.

    Though I take it by your previous posts, that you are implying that FSG would do this because you feel they are cheap and only looking to make profit on a sale as opposed to reinvesting in the squad?

    Is that an accurate assessment?

  11. Can't say that without knowing the financials and what else is at play. Barca may make it worth his while.

  12. Id say he is going and I reckon itll be 8mill - 10 mll tops !! He hasnt been great for a few seasons now so cant see him going for more than that but who knows.

  13. You know how it works with the giant Spanish clubs though, they unsettle the player then name a price they like and you end up having to take the poultry offer. They have used Liverpool like a cheap feeder club a few times now.

  14. I hope he stays but if he leave BR needs to bring in a quality replacement, which may be hard because of no Euro football but i see Stegens name thrown around a lot and i am a fan of his.
    I just dont want to see us sign some guy who is going to struggle to win the job off of jones getting signed

  15. correct go to the top of the class

  16. Mr. Point Of View8:04 am, May 11, 2013

    why seem there not much speculation to our other flops?
    would it be happier for us to read about? hehehe

  17. yes your right i do think fsg are only interested in profit