4 May 2013

Jan Molby raves: £20m midfield star is 'on another level'. Impossible for LFC...?

It's fair to say that Bayern Munich's recent 7-0 aggregate annihilation of Barcelona in the Champions League took many people by surprise (!) With both Barca and Real going out at the hands of Bundesliga teams, the rise of German football continues apace, and Liverpool legend Jan Molby believes two Munich players in particular deserve special praise for the magnificent Barca result.

In his column for Eurosport this week, Molby argued that Bayern 'are not as reliant on individuals as Barcelona', but highlighted two key players for the German giants. He observed:

"Now that he [Schweinsteiger] has Javi Martinez behind him to protect him when he goes forward, he is on another level and seems to be improving all the time too.

"I also like Thomas Mueller who can play on either flank or through the middle – he is not a great technical player but he is very effective; he moves the ball very quick and is equally fast without it.

"He also just has this knack of arriving in the box at the right time – and that is something you are born with – it can't really be taught".

Steve Nicol and Dietmar Hamann are also big fans of Schweinsteiger. When asked in an interview recently who he'd advise Brendan Rodgers to buy this summer, Nicol told Talksport:

"[Bastien] Schweinsteiger would be fantastic in the middle of the park for Liverpool. Maybe not a Souness in terms of physicality, but a player who can defend, and also open up defences with his skill"

After watching Bayern Munich dismantle Arsenal in the Champions League, Hamann tweeted:

"Bayern tore an average Arsenal team apart today. [Bastien] Schweinsteiger said he [Wilshere] is top class, but what was he meant to say? Schweini showed today who is world class and who isn't"

£20m-rated Schweinsteiger is a massively important part of the Bayern machine, and earlier this month, Jupp Heynckes made it clear how important the 28-year old is to the German club's cause. He raved:

"Bastian is a key reason that we concede so few goals. Sergio Busquets is one fabulous player, and in my view Bastian shares with him the status of the world’s best midfielder. In today’s football you need to play intelligently and combine effectively in tight spaces. Schweinsteiger can do all that. That’s what makes him priceless."

It would be great to see a player of Schweinsteiger's experience and quality at Liverpool, but the chances of the Reds being able to attract him are slim to none. Having said that, in January, the German international hinted that he'd like to play abroad at some stage. He told Fox Sports:

"Moving abroad has always been in my thoughts. You never know what will happen, though it must be an international club when I leave"

If Bayern win the Champions League this year, Schweinsteiger will have achieved everything with Munich, and with a new manager coming in, it seems like the right time for him to seek out a new challenge.

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  1. liverpool4life56511:49 pm, May 04, 2013

    I Think he a very good player but he age? Isn't he 26/27? Wouldn't it be a safer bet going for Ericsson at 21?:) I think we need two/three new CBS in the summer and another CAM,CDM and winger and another striker.

  2. He'll be 29(was born on 1984).
    I love the player, but even if he would want to come to a team that's not playing european football I can't see FSG signing him since he doesn't fit their policy.

  3. This isn't the time of year for the twelve days of Christmas.2 or 3 CBS another CAM,CDM a new winger and another striker and partridge in a pear tree!

  4. liverpool4life5651:07 am, May 05, 2013

    I know but I'm just saying what we need but if I was to pick il pick two centre backs, another midfielder and another striker,:)

  5. liverpool4life5651:45 am, May 05, 2013

    Don't know about centre backs but my midfielder would be Ericsson and striker remy. :)

  6. ALDERWEIRELD to partner AGGER.
    ERIKSEN would be my choice too.ALCANTARA would be my back up.
    HONDA on a free would be a great deal.MERTENS or MKHITARYAN as goal scoring/creative alternatives depending on money available.
    BONY as my striker because he would give us the battering ram option but is good technically so would fit our football style.

  7. PERFECT defencive midfilder Diame ... PERFECT striker BENTEKE... PERFECT Right wing Sanchez from Barca... PERFECT center back Williams from Swansea ... DO YOU NEED ANYMORE NAMES . . ...................................


    what as happened to out great club it used to be said 1st is 1st and second is nowhere
    nowadays i find myself in petty arguments about wether 7th and no europa league is better than 8th and the domestic cup and europa league
    once we could attract the top players in the world
    now we really struggle
    once anfield was a fortress were teams feared to play
    now they come and give us the run about
    once we had highway on the wing and dreams and songs to sing
    well lets put that fear factor back into anfield today
    and hopefully start bringing back some glory to the fields of anfield road

  10. The way we constructed our squad and the success that came from it was built on and around individuals not footballing system.When NASRI,FABREGAS and RVP was taken from ARSENAL and not even properly replaced they were still able to compete for top 4.WENGER has built a identity and a system that doesn't crumble even when their best players leave.
    We never had that in place so when you take ALONSO,MASCHERANO and TORRES out the effects were much worse.In a ideal world we'd be competing while rebuilding like MAN U seems to do but mistakes in the transfer market means we have to suffer a bit while developing.Football is about cycles we'll be back, intelligence in the transfer market is the key.COUTINHO is a good start.

  11. What a big lost while LFC stop chasing Javi Martinez.