1 May 2013

£60m opportunity? Boss claims Napoli will reject Dzeko for 'first choice' LFC star.

Messina owner Pietro Lo Monaco has confirmed that Napoli are interested in signing controversial Liverpool star Luis Suarez, and he believes the Italian club is in with a chance of wrestling the Uruguayan away from Anfield.

Speaking to Radio Marte last night, Lo Monaco - who recently argued that Jose Mourinho is 'not worth much as a coach' - insisted that Napoli 'certainly know' about Suarez, and are in a position to sign him this summer if the Serie A club sell Edinson Cavani for 'sixty million'. He observed:

"There could be an opportunity to exploit here. Suarez or Dzeko? Suarez is definitely the first choice for Napoli"

Given recent events, summer offers for Suarez are practically inevitable, and after admitting that he is 'destroyed' by the 10-game ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic, Suarez might be in the frame of mind to consider leaving Anfield.

Reds Legend John Aldridge believes that Suarez 'owes' Liverpool, however, and he's warned the Uruguayan that he needs to stay at Anfield and repay the faith and support shown to him by the club. He told Talksport:

"He [Suarez] owes Liverpool. They have done everything in their powers to help the lad. I think he knows that he owes the club and has to stay.

“He’s probably devalued himself on the market though and if he was to go, and I hope that that doesn’t happen, Liverpool would want £50million for him. Would they get it now after this? I’m not sure because there’s a little bit more baggage with him.”

It's an understatement to suggest that Suarez owes Liverpool (!) The club has subjugated itself to defend him to the hilt, damaging its reputation in the process, and if Suarez left now in protest at being punished for his own stupidity, it would be a gigantic insult to the club.

Of course, it could be Liverpool who want to cash in, and according to Steve Nicol, the club would 'love' to sell Suarez. In that case, it's a completely different situation, and if Napoli sell Cavani for big bucks, then they'll have the buying power to compete with the likes of Bayern Munich for Suarez's signature.

£60m for Cavani, though? You're having a laugh!

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  1. Cavani would be exceptional to the PL.

    Hope he doesn't go to city or chelski or anyone but us LOL

  2. liverpool4life5657:18 pm, May 01, 2013

    If they get 60 million for cavani then all that fee should go to us for Suarez. Which they do that? No, so we can all carry on as normal.

  3. Is Cavani really worth 60 million ?

    Can't see it

  4. All these paper reports have been making me laugh. Clubs want to sell their own star strikers for ludicrous sums of money and want to pick up our for a pittance.

    Here's one for anyone who cares to read it - if you want Suarez, then you won't have to part cash for him: we'll take your prized asset in exchange!

    Ath Madrid - Falcao

    Bayern - Mandzukic & Muller

    Real - Higuain & Alonso

    Barcelona - Tello & Sanchez

    Napoli - Cavani

    PSG - Lavezzi

    Anyone else can do one!

  5. Suarez would have his pick of top clubs. Juve, bayern, barca, (ie clubs who have a realistic chance at winning UCL) the only way we'll sell him is if he forces a move and I can't see him doing that to step down to Napoli.

  6. dude napoli is second in the italian league. they will play campions leage - while we wont even play europa leage next season.. + if i were suarez i would hate all the media in the UK so bad, hes the victim of all the Sun's Dailys and Mails.
    why on earth is this a step down?

  7. Personally Steve Nicol needs to be quiet! He of all people should know that first thing about Liverpool is we keep our business in house! We all know how he did at New England!

    P.S. Nicol is still a legend

  8. Does 2nd in the Italian league = 7th in EPL? Are
    Napoli better than Tottenham, arsenal, city, Everton or Liverpool? I'm not sayin their a bad team but I have to believe that it's a privilege for Suarez to play for
    Liverpool and going to a weaker league and
    Having no realistic chances of winning silverware is a step down. I specifically said he could choose a club with a realistic chance of winning UCL (anticipating comments that Napoli are in UCL, so are the likes of Cluj and BATE borisov btw) , so why would he force a move to Napoli?

  9. as i said, at least they are in CL. And theres a huge difference between Napoli and clubs with the likes of Cluj or Apoel Nikosia...
    Cant see Napoli going for suarez anyways, their italian neigbours (juve) are more likely to move for our "likeayoungboyurugayan"

  10. I'd be surprised if Suarez or Cavani go for more than £45m. Still a quality centre forward though, Cavani. City or PSG me thinks for him.

  11. I hope next season LFC will making crazy signing for Cavani or Higuin

  12. Suarez to Barca looks saucy, imagine a front 3 of messi, suarez and neymar! Also Liverpool looks good with Alexis and Tello either side of Sturridge and Coutinho behind them!

  13. Mr. Point Of View9:19 am, May 02, 2013

    every1 think LS is idiot bite ppl...i think he a genius do so...

    - this way LFC will forced to consider selling him instead himself handle a transfer request (stupid move like torres will being a booboy among lfc fans)...like this he can walk out in style....bcoz is LFC give up on him 1st...
    - he had done this b4 coming from ajax...genius fantastic plot from his agent or mr. scriptwriter..
    - with d twist n turn from media, sound like FA had a strong prejudice on him....another excuses for him to leave...

    if he put LFC 1st place he wont doin so much act week in week out...with or without him LFC will be same screwed by previously FLOP...we in process on changing n tat take time n money....since Suarez can provide final service (money) this coming summer, why not grab chance sell him on high..i rather use money buy 2-3 new (gamble)...very appreciated LS services n goal he do for us that no doubt it more less current LFC season rely on him...for me we can beaten by score but i cant afford beaten on Reputation ..LFC to me is a brand of respect n that should alway be...

  14. If Muller comes anywhere near Anfield I will personally fly over to remove him from the premises.

  15. Alexis Sanchez...can you say overrated?

  16. Nicol is going to save LFC one day didn't you know? Himself, Kraft foods and some guy who makes movies are going to plough millions into the team and we will buy anyone you can list in your all time favourites, best players in the world list. Even dead ones!

  17. Well he should move to Dortmund then...if our own victory in 2005 should teach us anything it's that it's not necessarily the best team in the world that wins the Champions League. If we could win it in 2005, there is every chance that Napoli could win it in the future.

  18. Eric, read this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2013/apr/05/bayern-munich-thomas-muller