7 May 2013

Come and Get Me: €8m LFC target admits he's 'looking for' Prem transfer. Bid...?

Last week, reports in Italy and England claimed that Liverpool had enquired about 22-year old FC Basel defender Aleksandar Dragovic, who recently scored against Tottenham in the Europa League. Basel's sporting director has confirmed that there 'interest' in England, and now, Dragovic himself has strongly hinted that a move to the Premier League is a possibility this summer.

According to one UK newspaper report last week:

"Liverpool, Newcastle and West Ham have entered the race for €8m Basel defender Aleksandar Dragovic.

The Premier League trio have joined the list of clubs keeping tabs on the Austrian centre-back".

When asked about 22-year old Dragovic's future in April, Basel’s sporting director Georg Heitz told reporters:

"I know there is interest especially from England.

"There’s also interest from Germany, Russia and Italy – but no deal has been reached"

Speaking to reporters last night, Dragovic made it clear that he's keen on a summer transfer to the Premier League. He told Sky Sports:

"I regular speak to Andreas [Weimann - Aston Villa forwar], who has told me a lot about how much he enjoys playing in England.

"Its competition at the highest level, which is what I'm looking for. The fans are fantastic, and the clubs command a lot of respect around the world."

To me, that certainly sounds like an open invitation to Premier league clubs.

In 2012, €8m-rated Dragovic won the Golden Player award for 'best defender', the Swiss league's version of the Players' Player of the Year award.

If Liverpool were to sign another young central defender, then that would be arguably be a vote of no confidence in Sebastian Coates, who is a similar age to Dragovic.

He hasn't featured for Liverpool since January, and with only four appearances in the last five months, it seems clear that the Uruguayan is not in Brendan Rodgers' plans

With FSG reportedly ruling out a move for Swansea City defender Ashley Williams, it looks like young defenders may be the priority this summer. Is Dragovic a serious contender...?

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  1. If we are willing to pay around 7 million pounds for Dragovic then we shouldn't hesitate to pay around 10 million pounds for the more experienced and better footballer Williams.

  2. Difference is, one is 22, the other is 29 almost.

  3. jackiethemagic8:55 pm, May 07, 2013

    What if we gave them ... 12milllion and say Suso on loan and they gave us Dragovich and Salah.... .... ... ... I can dream. Dragovich looked really strong in Europa I'd be happy if we signed him.

  4. although i am not rodgers biggest fan he should pick and sign the players he want he needs to grow a pair and tell fsg hes the manager,i fear as i always thought rodgers was appointed by fsg so they could undermine him without him kicking up a fuss ,something they would not have got away with,with kenny


  6. And also that you've never seen Dragovic play but you assume Williams is better because he's convinced you that we would do well to get him

  7. Mr. Point Of View10:27 am, May 08, 2013

    7m is a bargain. Playing at LFC his repo will grow same goes his value (If he play regular). We need settle coates and wilson....etc...

  8. With Fergie and Carra, the Premier League will lose two greats. It will never look the same again.

  9. Williams is a lumbering oaf, i have watched him play many a time, yes he makes some decent blocks but ultimately i don't think he is even better than Skrtel. I have seen him left for dead many a time, not impressed at all. Reminds me of the hype generated around Dann, Johnson and Michael Turner. Look at them now!

  10. Makes no difference to us, but they look like they're gonna make the same mistake they made in the early 70s and we made in '91 - bringing the new boss in from outside.
    This reminds me of the day Shanks retired, except the BIG difference was we had his replacement already on staff. Same when Paisley and then Fagan retired. Everything ticks along nicely, add an apprentice at the bottom and you're set for decades.
    Bring one in from outside and he wants his own backroom, wants to stamp his authority, change too much too quickly - sound familiar?
    Like I say, we're too far behind to capitalise, but I would bet my house that they don't win another title for quite a few years.
    It's the end for them, but don't be under any illusion that we'll be in the driving seat anytime soon.

  11. I agree with this. We'll never know, but the fact that Steve Clarke kept his job (at the time) makes me think Kenny actually did kick up a fuss over in Boston.

  12. maybe not kicked up a fuss but i doubt he would let them walk all over him either

  13. Two greats? Don't insult Ferguson by mentioning his name and Jamie Hoofer Carragher in the same breath.

  14. cheikhabdou gaye4:34 pm, May 08, 2013

    aldeiwereld or howedes wud be a great addtion better than him

  15. u mention the word breath and carra .yes one lives and breaths his team the other stinks of whiskey !

  16. fergusion 3 european trophys in 27 years. sir bob 4 in 9 years greatest manager ever ? my Fu"kin arse

  17. it does make a difference to us, because it gives greater oppurtunity to overhaul their league count. fergie stayed, they would have kept winning and winning. now he's gone, other teams like chelsea and man city can start winning at the expense of united, while liverpool gradually grow stronger and stronger until they are in a position to capitalise. in saying all of this, I actually feel saddened by this retirement. the game really is losing something significant. an icon.

  18. Until FSG either leave or change the wage policy, it makes NO difference to us. All our 'rising talent' will be offski as soon as someone, anyone, offers them a competitive wage - ie. the going rate. Raheem Sterling, Sturridge, Suarez, etc won't hang around for long if they can get double the wage somewhere else. We've turned into another Arsenal - a stepping stone to somewhere better.

    All it means is they have just two more titles than us for a longer period than would have been the case had he stayed.

    We're about to finish 6th or lower for the fourth season in a row. We aren't chipping away at anything. Utd had 7 titles last time we won it. At this rate, City will reach 20 titles before us.

  19. So what?

    That's irrelevant. Everyone hates Benitez, but he does a better job than the majority of the managers in the Premier League. Everybody likes The Spiv, but he's a crap manager - Redknapp in case you hadn't worked it out.

    Shanks and Sir Matt Busby were great friends. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he had recommended Fergie to him a few years before they gave him the job - when he was at Dunfermline or St Mirren..

  20. have you heard the recent rumours about some Qatari's interested in buying out the club?