6 May 2013

Hansen warns: 'Excellent' boss is 'three games' from the sack. Self-sabotage...?

I imagine most non-Newcastle fans were shocked to see Newcastle hand Alan Pardew a ridiculous 8-YEAR deal last September, something that's virtually unheard of in the Premier League. Since that reward for last year's great form, Newcastle's season has gone down the pan, and Liverpool legend Alan Hansen believes that Pardew is now on the verge of getting sacked.

In his column for The Telegraph today, Hansen argued that Pardew had done 'an excellent job' at Newcastle, and insisted that he 'has enough' to steer the club clear of 'catastrophe'.

However, Hansen also but warned that if Newcastle's 'freakish dip' continues, not even the unprecedented 8-year deal could save Pardew. He observed:

"Pardew has three games to sort it out this season. If he fails and Wigan and Aston Villa condemn Newcastle to relegation, we all know what the inevitable repercussions will be.

"As long as Pardew emerges unscathed through one of the most severe and potentially expensive blips in Premier League memory, Newcastle will not be in this situation next season".

Like players, most managers need to feel the fire under them; it keeps them sharp, focus and motivated, but how does that happen if someone has the security of an 8-year deal? It basically makes the manager unsackable for a good few years, and indirectly breeds complacency.

If Newcastle sack Pardew one year into an 8-year deal, they'll have to pay off the remaining 7 years, which doesn't make financial sense, and would highlight the club's negligence in awarding such a ridiculous contract in the first place.

Of course, this is Mike Ashley we're talking about, so it wouldn't surprise me if Pardew's contract contains some fine print stating that relegation = contract termination with minimal compensation.

Indeed, given Newcastle's form last season, Pardew would probably sign such a deal, never believing that he'd find himself fighting relegation this season.

Can you imagine if Liverpool handed Brendan Rodgers an 8-year deal? The mere idea of it is laughable, and not even the likes of Ferguson, Mourinho and Guardiola get massive contracts like that.

Newcastle's apparent faith in Pardew is laudable, but the club basically sabotaged itself by handing him such a lengthy contract.

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  1. he is on a 1 year rolling contract that runs for 8 years.....

  2. I think they were hoping to continue being the Wheeling and Dealing Newcastle we saw last season, Unfortunately for them they were just a flash in the pan.
    The signings on Ba, Cisse and Cabaye were impressive. but with Ba gone, Cisse hitting the second year blues and while cabaye is still playing well it just ain't working over there.

    This time last year Newcastle supporters were all over this forum Canning Liverpool and saying how great they are but now they seem to be an endangered species.
    35M for Carroll and they spent a big chunk of it on Pardew, very ballsy but backfired at the moment

  3. Apparently its an 8 year contract with a Clause that if he is sacked Newcastle only has to pay out One year.

  4. Liverpool’s season has not been the greatest in their history and nobody can deny that. They have fallen short of the standards set for such a famous and high-profile club. Next season expectations will increase from both within the club and from onlookers. Brendan Rodgers and his players have been given time but they will not be allowed to be so erratic with their form next season.

  5. Liverpool will sign a “top class” striker in the summer after Liverpool boss Brendon Rodger’s ran out of patience with his stuttering firing line.
    Reflecting on a dire non-scoring derby, Rodgers said the clubs lack of penetration in front of goal had cost it dearly and the hunt for proven striker was now a priority, especially given the absence of Luis Suarez at the start of next season.

    “We weren’t at our best but what you need to make sure is you are competitive,” Rodgers said in his after match press conference.

    “We’ve scored a lot of goals this season but we obviously need to improve in that aspect as well to break down teams who come and play that bit deeper.

    “We need to find one or two players who can help us make the difference in games like this. We’ve had a lot of draws this season and we need to find the solution for next year.”.

  6. liverpool4life5651:06 pm, May 06, 2013

    I really feel they might be relegated.... Wigan are Wigan they get out of it, Sunderland play stoke today, if Sunderland win then this will put Newcastle in real trouble.

  7. how can a one year contract be anything other than one year?

  8. Lucky for Ferguson he dosn't face a Rafa Benitez side every week Fergie 0 Rafa 3 - the away draw was as good as the win their play deserved.

  9. MA deserves to go down. Sadly it will effect Pardew as well,

  10. Yay, something to brag about(!)

  11. It's all semantics. It's like saying we'll give you a 10 year deal that can be worth up to 100m, but only 2m is guaranteed. All you can count on is the 2m. The years are essentially irrelevant except for the annual payments, but since those are not guaranteed, they are irrelevant to some degree.


  12. Apparently, despite the length of the contract, a clause in the contract allows Newcastle to only give him one year's worth of compensation. Emphasis on apparently. To be honest, despite the amusing and bemusing financial stories regarding Newcastle over the years such as the Luque contract negotiation story, I don't think Ashley would be that naive to hand over such a long contract without putting clauses for contingencies but then again, its Newcastle.

  13. Hopefully fsg giving rodgers a 8 year contract so we can win some "championships" in the next years

  14. I think if Pardew gets sacked, we have to move Heaven and Earth to make him our next manager.
    It will be tough to persuade him, but if we can get Pardew, the league will be a formality.

  15. To be fair, Liverpool fans were swamping Newcastle forums at the time telling them they were going to start losing and fall down the league at any time, it was a mutual sort of thing.

    I feel kinda bad for Newcastle, they were impressive last season but now they're getting punished for not having any strength in depth in the squad. Would rather see Villa relegated anyway.

  16. thats how thick these horse punchers are who gives amanager an 8 year contract hope they go down as we wont have to witness a load of t"ats on the anfield rd on a dec nite with there bellys hangin out ! wots all that about?

  17. it can only be a lose situation for ashley as he paid gambling debts for pardwho and keeping him as manager settles the score thats why he got 8 year contract