18 Apr 2013

Reds scout €16m star who once called LFC a 'dream club'. Next stop Anfield...?

Last week, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers revealed that he would try and persuade in-form Jamie Carragher to postpone his retirement and play on for another year. Whilst that would be a massive boost for the Reds, at least one new central defender is still (arguably) a necessity, and Torino centre-back Angelo Ogbonna seems to back on Liverpool's wanted list.

According to Milan News:

"Liverpool are following Angelo Ogbonna, and they've watched him on several occasions recently.

"The last time the Reds sent scouts was for the match between Bologna and Turin two weeks ago. Manchester United are also interested"

That game finished 2-2, and Ogbonna was at fault for at least one of the goals:

Ogbonna has been linked with Liverpool several times over the last year, and last year, the 24-year confirmed the Reds' interest:

"I am flattered by the interest from clubs. Liverpool is a dream club, it is awesome that they are interested in me. I love the Premier League and one day I might play in that league".

In October 2012, Anfield Scouts were dispatched to run the rule over the Italian, who has spoken many times of his desire to play in the Premier League. Indeed, speaking to Tuttosport a couple of months ago, he made this clear once again:

"I would go abroad willingly. I would like to experience other cultures. English football fascinates me, and the style is similar to Torino's one. And I speak English."

In September 2012, Torino director Gianluca Petrachi slapped a big transfer fee on the player:

"There are observers of many foreign clubs who come just to see Ogbonna because he is a player who has great potential. Last year we refused €10m for him but it is clear he is worth more than €16m [£13m]. Angelo has the desire to do better but I believe he should continue to grow with Torino."

Given Torino's comparatively lowly status in Serie A, I doubt they have the bargaining strength to demand a fee as high as €16m, and clubs could probably get him much cheaper than that. Ogbonna can also play at left-back, which would be useful for adding much-needed competition for that position.

Unfortunately, despite his professed admiration for Liverpool, it seems likely that the Italian would reject a move to Anfield. In an interview last night, he said:

"A move abroad? Why not? My dream is to play in a Champions League Final.”

That would seem to count out Liverpool...

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  1. if he was to blame for at least one of the goals ,he would fit in perfectly at anfield

  2. LOoooool! Only you Jason! That made me chuckle hahahaahah!

  3. I know it has nothing to do with this article, but I think you should make a comparison of the last few season's closing stages.
    I just noticed we finished last season with 52 points, whereas now we already have 50 with 5 games to go.

    As for ogbonna - I think we are all waiting to see if we can get a quality CB here. I don't know if he is the right choice, but I'll trust BR's decisions.

  4. Wisdom and Kelly at CB next season!

  5. here to please lol,i just cannot understand what as happened to all our defenders this season ,they cannot have all turned bad in one season

  6. last season we had nothing to play for in the league ,european football had been achieved and the fa cup final was looming

  7. we wont be getting Dede next season, he already to join another club

  8. Dede would be great. If only!!!

  9. clark agree but he was not here the season before that so imo its rodgers set up,maybe we should have given clark the job he could not have done any worse this season

  10. Yeah Let's blame BR for LFC not winning the EPL for the past 20 years too!! As always let's blame someone!! Solutions mate!!!

  11. its very simple. last season we could not score but our defence looked mean. this season we are scoring many more goals but are leaking many. if it was that simple, it would be championship manager land..but its not. there is always a sacrifice.

  12. The reason we're leaking more goals this season is because Skrtel and Carra unable to cope with keeping a high line, if we had a faster partner for Agger it would make our defence more reliable, also if we had a faster more aggressive DM it would be helpful. Use Lucas in games against the top sides, and a player like Diame for the physical battles against teams like Stoke and West Ham.

  13. TBH we haven't been that bad. Look at the stats - there are only two clubs that have conceded less than us at home.
    Unfortunately, there are 8 clubs that have conceded less than us away.
    I think that's a lot to do with the start of the season and the time the back four learned BR's methods(and Skrtel's horrendus form).