14 Apr 2013

€18m striker KD tried to sign 'will go' for a 'good offer'. LFC bid...?

Earlier this season, Marseille Chairman Vincent Labrune confirmed that the French club's 'objective' this season is to sell players, and he specifically named long-time Liverpool target Andre Ayew as one of the players on the 'must sell' list. The Ligue One club have already sold several key players this season, and in an interview this week, Ayew admitted that his time at Marseille could soon be up.

In an interview in August, Labrune confirmed Marseille's financial difficulties, and specifically stated that certain players would be allowed to leave. He told France Football:

"We must sell players. We are trying to reduce the wage bill and we have three players we have agreed to let leave - Cesar Azpilicueta, Stephane Mbia and either Loic Remy or Andre Ayew"

Azpilicueta, Mbia and Remy have already joined Chelsea and QPR respectively, which leaves only Ayew left on Labrune's 'to-sell' list. With today's performance at Reading arguably underlining the need for yet another striker, should the Reds reignite interest in the 23-year old Ghanaian? When asked about his future on Thursday, Ayew told reporters:

"The club have made it clear if they receive a good offer [for me] they will listen to that, but I will not go just to please the club, I will go to a club that want to win trophies"

Ayew has been linked with a move to Anfield on several occasions over the last couple of years, and in June 2011, the Liverpool Echo reported that Kenny Dalglish wanted to sign the striker.

As is usually the case, the stumbling block could be the transfer fee: Ayew recently signed a one year contract extension until 2015 with a release clause of €18 million. There's no way the Ghanaian would go for anywhere near that amount though (IMO). Indeed, if QPR only paid £8m for the far more prolific Loic Remy, Ayew would surely be available for much less than that.

Another possible option for the summer?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Is that fenerbace striker still avaliable? He looks like a good option - as you said. Jamie hearts are struggling at the moment , so I'm afraid Ngoo will ever play for us ...
    Another striker would be very good for us, but a different type of those we have at the moment. Not sure BR will go for a striker of that type .. he's only interested in the tecnical types - ayew could be a good mixture of technical abilities and strength :)

  2. Whoever we buy, the buck stops with rodgers, and it needs to be the right man.
    Suarez will give us one more season with no CL, and by then, the new man needs to be settled in for the eventuality that LS leaves. Alternatively he needs to be so good as to help propel us to the CL.
    Rodgers has a lot to prove in the TM, this is his make or break summer. more average non impact signings and his position will become unstable.
    Not one of his signings has proved anything yet. by the end of next season we'll know where we and buck stand.

  3. Coutinho sturridge ?
    Well sturridge was injured now, but after his start you should see what he's capable of .. its also unfair to judge borini yet because he has been injured all the time ..
    But you're right no one of his signings set the world on fire ;)

  4. More "outstanding" post match bullshit from BR i see, give it a rest Bren.

  5. If BR sees Andre Ayew to fit his system then he should buy him but not for 18m thats insane,because i think Loic Remy is more prolific than him but QPR payed 8 m so Ayew should be from 8 to 10m but av watched Ayew for Ghana on several occassions his gat skills,good technical ability and an eye for goals just like his brother Dede Ayew reminds me of his Dad Abedi Pele during his peak years,but we should also try to bid for Burak Yilmaz from Galatasaray he seems to be more prolific and established striker or may be try to bid for Ada Turan from Athletic Madrid seems to be a better option.i just hope this summer we dont overpay for players like we've done previously but hope we get decent CB's for less than 10m like Diakite,De Vrij,Alderweireld,williams or Richards hope we get 2 of these and get a CDM in the mould of Wanyama,Diame,Camacho

  6. From what BR has already done in the TM at Liverpool I believe incoming players will meet the following specifications;

    - A player from a top club who is not getting first team football.
    - A player at a mid table club playing well for its current team.
    - a player between the ages of 18-24.
    - a technical player
    - A player no more than 15m
    - Players who will command a wage between 20-60g
    - A player with a potential sell on value

    So do not expect your falco's etc.

    The above strategy is inline with what FSG are looking for and has worked in the arsenal early years but in today's billionaire footballing world, you will only achieve so much with this policy, this has been confirmed with the likes of arsenal, they have been masters at using this policy for years and got results but in the last few years they have replaced class with potential and always lost their star player to another club, which this year was Man utd and that one player made the difference.

    IMO Liverpool need some experience in the Midfield and defence, braking the FSG model to get the likes of Alonso in would in my eyes be justified so would braking the model to get in an experienced centre half, but no doubt we will go for youth and potential instead of ready made. If this is the case then Liverpool will be always behind the likes of man city, man utd and Chelsea and Arsenal as arsenal have considerable amount of years doing this system.

  7. What surprises and irritates me the most is the post match comments BR speaks out even after a defeat he passess on comments like we"terrific,outstanding,brilliant"which seems to be the order of the day but yestaday's game was the final wave to say goodbye to Europa though we played well had it not being for the Reading Goalie we could have won that game but i agree with BR to some extent that missing out on Europa would be a blessin in some way because we would fully concentrate on the league position and may be qualify for CL thats if we buy quality signings.

  8. 18m for this guy and 12m for williams and we will be on gas.....the plan is unfolding nicely

  9. As soon as a club or manger starts saying its better not to be in a competition than to be in it ...is a sure fire formula for disaster....it shows the manager hasn't the drive or confidence in his team signings or tactics.....before you know it 5 years have passed without silverware and your mid table..and thats exactly where we are heading with fsg and rogers

  10. Going to say something off-topic again. I just found out that when man utd come to sydney, their training base will be a 5 minute walk from my house. Does anyone dare me to sneak in and unhatch fergie's secrets? ;-) And yes, I am going to their game. And Liverpool's in melbourne 4 days later.

  11. Ayew is more of a winger not a lone striker type but on his performances i would pass at anything over 7 mill pounds.

  12. I think in the summer a lot of movement will depend upon how some players see their chances of going to the world cup. Arguably the top players would want to showcase themselves in the bigger competitions so i think if Liverpool do miss out on any European football it will no doubt harm their ability to get the best players due to a world cup season and to be fair playing in the bigger competitions gets them ready for a similar standard of competition. It will be interesting in the summer but if BR is still their i am sure he will find some good bargins but will we just see average players or can he find more coutinho's, if it is the latter then he will do well.

  13. if you think 3 good games makes someone a good player/success, you are living in championship manager land.

  14. So how can they even have proven anything yet ?

  15. not worth £18 million, £7 million maybe, i don't think he's that good, if we are going to buy a striker lets spend and buy and good one like Suarez.

  16. Diame, Tiotte, De Vries, Marginolet(gk)+ a striker that shoots into the corners of the goal to score and not right at the keeper!! don't care where he comes from!

  17. they have not, but already many people are saying sturridge and coutinho are great.
    my feelings are that coutinho will prove himself and be fairly consistent, but sturridge will fall short of top 4/LFC standards over time.

  18. am a ghananian....ayew is not worth more than 2million. and he aint a striker...he is a midfielder.

  19. You are Nigerian. get a life.