27 Apr 2013

'I like the Prem' - LFC want €25m La Liga goal-machine to replace Suarez.

Liverpool have reportedly identified Sevilla striker Alvaro Negredo as a potential replacement for Luis Suarez this summer.

A report today in Spanish newspaper Marca claims:

"Negredo is on Liverpool's shortlist to replace its controversial Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

"The striker had looked set to depart for just €15 million, but could now fetch almost double that.

"[Jose Maria] Del Nido [Sevilla President] has slapped a €25 million price tag on his prized asset"

Liverpool have been linked with Negredo many times over the last four years, and in a recent interview, the striker - who has 24 goals in 36 appearances for Sevilla this season - reaffirmed his desire to move to England. He told with Cadena COPE:

“I've always said it and I've never tried to keep it hidden. I like the Premier League. I don't know if it's now, maybe a bit later, or tomorrow, but I will play there."

Liverpool have pursued Negredo many times over the years:

* In 2009, Rafa Benitez tried to sign the striker, and when quizzed about the Reds' interest, the striker admitted that he'd love to play for Liverpool:

"To play at Anfield is a dream. I have not spoken with Rafa Benitez, but I do know that contact exists between the clubs. It is logical that I am interested in playing in the Premier League and especially for Liverpool"

* In January 2011, Spanish newspaper AS reported that Liverpool were ready to offer £17m for Negredo. Alas, kenny Dalglish splurged £35m on Andy Carroll instead.

* In July 2012, Liverpool pursued Negredo prior to signing the much cheaper Fabio Borini.

So: Benitez, Dalglish and Brendan Rodgers have all tried to sign £16m-rated Negredo, which suggests that if he's on the market in the summer, the Reds will probably take another look at him. In my view, the Reds need another top class striker for the following reasons:

* Suarez could leave this summer, so it's a no-brainer to draw up a list of options.
* Fabio Borini is injury prone, and - at present - unreliable.
* Borini plays wide for LFC, so in reality, the club has only two first-team strikers.
* By his own admission, Daniel Sturridge is prone to injury 'niggles' that curtail his 'momentum'
* If Sturridge is out, LFC is back to relying on Suarez for goals.
* If Suarez stays and gets injured, a heavy burden will be placed on Sturridge.
* Suarez and Sturridge need genuine competition for their places. Does Borini offer that?
* If LFC is to genuinely compete, three top class goalscoring strikers are needed.
* If Suarez gets banned for something else (!), LFC need cover.

With that in mind, is Negredo a player Liverpool should try and sign in the summer? If Luis Suarez leaves this summer, is the Spaniard good enough to fill the void? Is Negredo the best LFC can get for €25m...?

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  1. i just thought about him today. I can see suarez leaving and if he does so i would be extremely happy with this replacement! Hes not the same type of player but hes a good goalscorer that scores really nice goals (many volleys etc) he knows where to put the ball. I would consider him along with Bony and Benteke :) we need another one up front, because i think sturridge will need competition in the future!

  2. + But not for 25m thats to much and i cant see us biding that high !

  3. Really don't think Suarez will be going anywhere, just can't see many clubs stompin up £30 mil.and LFC won't accept much less.

  4. liverpool4life5659:57 pm, April 27, 2013

    I don't think Suarez will leave. But we do need another striker,Sturridge is fitting in well, and borini will come good, but we need another 4th striker so it keeps everyone on their toes.but our team not just about strikers, we get goals from every position...

  5. Dont forget Andy Carrol`s still on our books.

  6. Sturridge and Borini will be great players for us and Coutinho...................wow!!!

  7. And yet again Jaimie is on Suarez's case. And by the way FSG will not buy Negredo, he's too old and too expensive.

  8. Al Jazeera are reporting that Qatari telecomms company Ooredoo want to invest loads of money into Liverpool, including the naming rights of Anfield as part of the redevelopment. They say it is well on the way to being completed and Ooredoo are keen to complete very quickly!!!...................lovely.

  9. this is a guy we should be taking a look at cheap and scored plenty of goals in his first season for heerenveen in the dutch league. will provide excellent competition for the rest of the team.

  10. alfred finnbogason is who im talking about

  11. May as well recall Carroll and spend on defence and keeper rather than spend on this guy

  12. Right...we already have an EPL goal machine in Suarez. Jamie wants him to leave...nobody else does. Suarez will calm down eventually. I hope he watched the game today. He should have seen that we would be a better team if he tried to do just a little less and forced others to do a little bit more...they showed they're up to it.

  13. yes the yanks will fill there pockets again great we mite see a few quid out of it

  14. Yes yet again Jaimie's on Suarez case, does he ever stop. Since the Evra debacle, he has slaughtered Suarez.. I for one, and many have defended Luiz 100%.
    But now I think Suarez has crossed the line, how many opportunities does he expect to have to prove his allegiance to LFC and not to his own Ego. This guy is responsible for Kenny's sacking, and spends 25% of a season unavailable through his own actions. Jaimie Kenwar, I apologise for the slack I gave you over your treatment of Suarez, you have proven me wrong, you predicted exactly what would, and has happened. I'm beginning to think you might actually know something about Football.

  15. 25m??? Hell no get Gomez from bayern instead

  16. Negredo is not half the player Suarez is so who else is the club getting as well coz he just will not do.
    How can you compare a world class player like Suarez with a good player and thats it like Negredo.

  17. £30m....you kidding me? They paid £26m for him so he'll go for AT LEAST £40m+

  18. Please...Negredo couldn't replace Mattias Suarez at Anderlecht, let alone The Genius. He had his moment of glory a while back but now he's just slow and overweight. If we were going to sign him, we might as well re-sign Fowler a second time :-)