25 Apr 2013

Get Help: Lawro slams 'stupid' LFC star for acting like a 'world class idiot'.

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson has backed the FA's polarising decision to ban Luis Suarez for 10 games, and he's called on the club to get the Uruguayan some 'help' in a bid to get his 'issues sorted out'.

In his column for The Mirror this evening, Lawro emphatically insisted that the ten game ban 'is right', and argued that it needed to happen because Suarez 'needs to be stopped'. He added:

"Suarez is an absolutely world class footballer who at times behaves like a world class idiot.

"Every time he steps on to a pitch we are all waiting for the point where he does something stupid again.

"He clearly does need some help. I don't know whether it is a psychologist that he needs [or] a behavioural guy, but Liverpool need to get those issues sorted out"

Classless personal insults notwithstanding, I think Lawro has a point here. It's entirely possible that Suarez could have some very minor chemical imbalance that causes him to lose control on the pitch, and this is something the club should investigate.

Elsewhere, Reds hero Dietmar Hamann insisted that prior to the FA ban, Liverpool should've suspended Suarez for two weeks prior in a bid to 'show him and everybody else who plays for the club what LFC is all about'. Didi also dismissed the cretinous notion that Suarez is being victimized by the FA. He tweeted:

"If you think Suarez is victimized by the FA, don't forget that he wasn't told to bite Ivanovic. It's pointless arguing about the length of the ban. Suarez got 8 games last year he was always going to get more for that. Accept it and get on with it"

Predictably, Hamann received abuse for his views from so-called LFC fans, to which he responded:

"I support and respect LFC. I'm not slamming the club but the conduct of one of its employees"

Sounds familiar! I have to say that several times a day to various commentors who seemingly can't grasp the concept of supporting the club over the individual.

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  1. liverpool4life56511:17 pm, April 25, 2013

    Suarez does need help hopefully we help him and get rid of his wild antics on the pitch, but still wouldn't sell him or replace him, he is quality.

  2. Lawro needs helps with his haircut, its scandalous, lol :)

  3. Luis does need help.

    I love the guy and the way he plays. His passion is unmatched.

    But he has been badly left down by the Uruguayan federation.

    Liverpool have been involved with him for 2 years. The AUF has been involved since he was 16. They have known about his antics an always made excuses for him. Happy to get results from his outstanding abilities but never do what's right and hold him to account (for his own sake) when he acts up.

    The AUF should not call him up for the Confeds Cup and instead direct him (not offer) counseling. I think Liverpool and the AUF need to work together on this.

    Finally he may need to miss some or part of the World Cup qualifiers.

    Luis needs to understand how disappointed all his fans are and that his wonderful skills and passion will only go so far in covering his uglier side.

    Finally I fear the bloke himself. We have all heard that off the pitch he is fine and not the occasional "mad man" we see on the pitch. Well what happens if his family situation takes a turn for the worst one day?

    I hated waking up and seeing news reports of what happens against Chelsea. I would be shattered if I woke up one day and heard that in his private life he had done something unthinkable because of that horrible temper.

    Lets hope Liverpool and the AUF have the same concerns.

  4. Suarez had it comin', even if it is a harsh one... When you do the same thing twice, then you acting like a fool and it is your problem... My problem is that we are weak and not only inside the pitch. Maybe we are even more powerless outside and Liverpool can't protect its investments... Suarez is a footballer not a saint and a young boy that takes a lot of money to score goals. Many footballers make serious mistakes but if you are in the team with the right connections, you have better chances to be safe. For example, if Suarez did exactly the same things as a Man U player, what ban could he receive for bitting Ivanovic or fighting with Evra? I'm afraid that the biggest conclusion is not that Suarez act like idiot (many footballers do that), but that Liverpool Football Club can't protect its self... Unfortunately our beloved team is not that respectable anymore... Is getting smaller, thinner, weaker...

  5. Re posted in the other Saurez thread...

    I agree that Lawro has a point, there really is no hiding away from the fact that this Club has been seriously lacking in terms of taking full control and accountability of the problems that it has faced esp in recent years.

    It is always someone else's fault, be it SAF or the FA or certain Ref's with "obvious" bias or the Media etc etc etc....

    I have been arguing for years that "we" are our own worst enemy, this whole overblown incident smacks of the Evra gate "scandal" whereby Kenny was dragged into taking a stance re Suarez, then we had the T-shirts etc & were all told to toe the line and get behind the player blah-dy blah-dy blah....

    At what point should Suarez himself actually take responsibility for his actions without being defended to the hilt by over zealous blinkered die hard fans who see him & the Club...as the perpetual victim?

    When will "we" realize that "we" are very much part of the problem...? What is wrong with condemning a player who actively courts controversy to the detriment of the Club?

    Why, do we not have anyone at the Club with the balls to deal with this guy?

    It is a travesty, in fact this season & the last have been very damaging in respect of the Clubs profile, i am shocked that "we" seem to be in some kind of collective paralysis in terms of actually making big sweeping changes to personnel etc who quite frankly should have been outed a long time ago.........

    Like a rudderless boat adrift once again in stormy waters with no one taking any responsibility as to...

    A) How we got there in the first place....
    B) How to get out of there....
    C) & How to prevent it from happening again....

    There is a saying that goes something like this....

    A man walks down a street, doesn't see that there is a hole in the sidewalk & falls into the hole.....It takes him a long time to get out because he is angry about who put the hole there.....

    The next day he walks down the same street, see's the hole, but still falls in....This time he gets out quickly realizing that he himself was at fault....

    The following day, he walks down the same street, see's the hole in the sidewalk and carefully avoids it....

  6. Oh I see- the only 'interesting' quotes from ex LFC players worth you quoting are the ones which agree with your point of view.....
    Glad we got that straight.

  7. very true, i really hope that suarez learns this time. i live in london, born in devon but my family are scouse, so i support liverpool fc and always have done because my dad did.

    I was born in 88, and a lot of bad things happened to the club after this date (im not saying i cursed the club like so sort of Damion character) but i always love this club.

    So the point of me saying all this, is that tonight i sit with three, yes. THREE man u fans, all born and raised in london, with their own heritage routes lying in other countries, Well, they start barraging me with comments about MU being better than Liverpool Football Club. I remind them of our 5 champions league titles and if they feel like seeing the one they won in 1999, they'll have to take a trip to Anfield Stadium, all in light humour in light humour i assure. But constantly they mention Suarez being a bitter(lol) and a racist.

    Really grinds my gears as they say.

    He's an idiot, in my opinion, and he shouldn't bite anyone. There are a lot of talking points in terms of the punishment handed down from the F.A (we all know what i'm on about), but for Luis Suarez to be a valuable excuse to put down this still great football club is very annoying.

    But i do guess it's my fault in the first place for ending up taking this tribalism to heart.

    I do not think for a moment that he should leave.

  8. If the club gets the ban reduced to 8, they shouldn't moan. They shouldn't even be moaning at all anyway. Every man and his dog knew that he was never going to get a 3 game ban. Suarez has a history and its not the first time he has bitten someone on the pitch, so clearly he hasn't learnt his lesson. So I think its understandable why he has been hit with a long ban. Don't know why Rodgers has referred to the Defoe incident, when the circumstances were different, i.e., the ref saw that incident. He also refers to the Hessey incident but unlike Suarez, he doesn't have form for it. Not been too pleased with the PR that the club have done in recent seasons, especially involving Suarez. I just hope it isn't because of his importance to the team, that has prompted the club to react in the way it has done in terms of PR. Nauseating and cringing, the level of self-pity and lack of self-criticism from the club. The club & his national team should be doing more, instead of trying to get others to take responsibility, as well as the PFA. There has been lots of so-called little incidents involving Suarez during his time at Liverpool that should have been enough for the club to really get him to cut it out heavily, if they were pro-active enough. Getting to a point where I am more cheesed off with the club than Suarez, as getting fed up with the way they do things

  9. FA England is a bias and double standart.Why evra never been punish???

  10. lol so predictable weres the quotes from barnes and rush

  11. because it should not matter if the ref saw it its the same crime ,by your reckoning i person who robs a bank without a mask is less guilty because everyone who,s there saw it

  12. d day for lfc and suarez if lfc do not appeal today imo suarez would be perfectly entitled to hand in a transfer request,i would hate to see him go but if the club think 10 games is fair,then farewell suarez fsg mission accomplished the end of all expectations at anfield ,we will be happy with the europa league every now and then,do not worry we will still fill the ground and buy the shirts but what made this club the greatest in the world(success) will be a thing of the past and fans who played down the carling cup victory last season will celabrate the next one as much as a champions league

  13. This whole episode smells to high heaven!

    How on earth did Suarez NOT expect to be heavily punished for an action that he knew full well was going to be caught on camera and shown all over the world?

    So here's the background in case anyone has not joined the dots.

    1) Suarez has already signed a long term contract with Liverpool

    2) It eventually became clear that the club was NOT going to qualify for the Champions League next season - a competition that any self respecting player would give anything to play in

    3) The agent for Suarez is nobody else but the brother of Pep Guardiola - who will be the manager of Bayern Munich next season

    4) Guardiola will be desperate to sign someone like Lionel Messi who was his ace at Barcelona - Suarez comes close to fitting that bill.

    CONCLUSION - This whole episode may well have been a charade on the part of Suarez, possibly with Liverpool and Bayern being part of the conspiracy.

    Don't be surprised if a deal - including a large transfer fee, has already been worked out between the three parties. Of course, nothing can be expected to be revealed until the summer. WATCH THIS SPACE

  14. One final comment. Does anyone SERIOUSLY think that Guardiola is not already working behind the scenes, building his team at Bayern for next season? That's how both he and Bayern Munich operate.

  15. Mr. Point Of View9:44 am, April 26, 2013

    LS wan leave anfield...so he does same trick as he did at ajax to make sure he CAN LEAVE not by his own will (transfer request) but instead LFC sell...all around d world said he idiot but his genius bite will make him can leave lfc not betrayal way (not same way as torres leave )...

  16. think you are taking the conspirsey factor to far next thing you will be saying jaimie as been even handed with suarez and fergie as some power over the fa;-)

  17. Tough luck. Current rules are that if the ref saw it, its finished. Its useless bringing in examples from non-football examples as the context is different, so too are many things such as e.g. beyond reasonable doubt v probability. You are right that it shouldn't matter if the ref did or didn't see it but we're playing by the current rules, not what the rules should be, hence it is rather pointless for Rodgers to bring up the Defoe example, in trying to defending Suarez. If ref saw it, the current rules usually dictate that is the end of the matter. A rubbish rule but its the rule.

  18. Because we lose one player?

  19. not one player our only world class player other than gerrard who,s coming to the end of his carear i can see the cream of europe queing up to play with allen borrini and the rest of the average players we have

  20. Someone else will come along and be world class, we thought it was all doom n gloom when Nando left and Micheal Owen...The list goes on. It's all about who can be world class in our current formation, team set up etc. Sometimes players just fit. Fortunately Suarez just fit in but his antics are getting the better of that now. Think IF/When he goes it won't be the beginning of the end for LFC but the end of the beginning.

  21. I watched BR press conference today and he was trying his best to make sense and defend his player to some level as he knows he needs him for the start of next season as he does not want to start the way he did this year!!.
    My question is; where are FSG??? Do they agree with BR statements today that the ban was harsh and the comments he made or are they yet again sitting on the fence. If they agree then surely they should be backing their manager and player? If they think the ban is sufficient, why are they not silencing BR or getting a speech writer in so BR can deliver a politically driven response that is in line with the OWNERS wishes. The clock has just gone past noon the time Liverpool needed to respond to the ban, it seems the manager thinks its harsh but what do the owners think, lets wait and see!!!

  22. sorry m8 not going to happen imo this is the begging of the end of lfc as a massive club

  23. lfc do the same as usual talk about defending the player but thats it talk ,goodbye suarez our spineless owners do not deserve you no doubt suarez will be replaced by more medioca young players

  24. jaimie, where did lawrenson actually hurl classless, personal insults?

  25. I did say he is 'very limited' in the way he can use it to illustrate his point (as well as referring to the way they execute the rules as 'usually', rather than always)(admittedly,I have said stuff that goes a step further in disagreeing). And he is, going by past decisions by FA's reluctance not to get involved in incidents already dealt with by referee. They don't often use it. They 'usually' do not use it, therefore Rodgers is 'limited' in his use of it.


    Praise for what? For not bringing up something? Pffft. Yep, lets give him a Nobel(!) Seems to me, scraping the barrel to try and praise him over such a little thing


    Defoe incident, they said: “We are unable to take any action because the referee has already dealt with the incident.”

    “Fifa regulations prevent us from taking retrospective action.”

    Would be interested to see what you make of the above statement by the FA as to how correct that is/was at the time.


    "the wider interests.....applying consistent sanctions'

    Conveniently you did not copy and paste this bit, which is in the same section J: "The following procedures will be used at a Commission unless the Commission

    We can go through the whole thing if you like.

    Rightly or wrongly, fair or unfair, to whatever extent, they can move the goal posts. Its in the rules.

  26. JK, where is my reply to this? Hate this filter system!

  27. 'Europa league every year' is an overstatement these days - we've qualified for the Europa league once in the last two (soon to be three) seasons.
    Objectively speaking, at this point I can see Juve coming in with an offer, and if it hits the 40M mark I think the club will be cashing in, especially now that they will be without him for 6(?) games next season, which is a huge part of the season to be without your best player.

  28. me niether were in for a long hard haul and its not going to be pretty

  29. On the bright side all of you people who support Suarez FC can move on to pastures new eh?

  30. While Suarez is an undoubted talent, I feel Bayen will probably go for Lewandorsky judging by how they normally buy the best local talent before paying up for anyone playing abroad.

    This has an effect of weakening local competition but also funds for their rivals to buy the future stars that will eventually go to Bayen while getting someone already familiar with the Bundesliga.

    Javi Martinez was their biggest foreign purchase so shelling out more when they are already prolific with Lewandosky already heavily linked with them and would probably cost less seems a tard unlikely to me.

  31. lol his he not part of the parcel

  32. I think you have totally missed my point.
    In relation to Rogers being given a Nobel peace prize? Really mate? Come on, you're putting extras to it. I did not go to that extreme and hero worship nobody except my family. Rogers was asked a question in relation to the bite and Mcmanaman's tackle and he refused to compare the two. I thought that was a commendable comment, but wasn't left with the feeling of asking him to shower with me! Let alone giving him a prize.

    As far as the rules are concerned, my point was just to show some consistency. I totally believe his actions should be punished and have never said any different. If that punishment is 10 games then so be it.
    However, if it is the same punishment as others had received then there could be no arguments or disagreements. Again, consistency being the key word.
    Finally, I conveniently did nothing. I simply repeated certain texts from the rulings that applied to my point.
    I am not witch hunting you for your having a difference of opinion my friend, you said that it was futile to refer to the defoe incident whereas I believe it was more in line to refer to that rather than a bad tackle.
    Sorry if you found my comments as a personal attack on you, they absolutely were not...

  33. I haven't taken it as a personal attack, I haven't said that anywhere or implied that heavily. Nothing in there clearly illustrates I was agitated or anything like. Now I am a little bit, as your talking rubbish if you think I took the original reply as a personal attack. Now who is putting 'extras in it'. I did one little bit of 'extras' with the Nobel joke, yet here you are. Not sure what you are trying to play at by twisting the so-called attitude of my post so heavily like that but I've addressed that now, I'll leave it there.

    Im now looking at the 12/13 handbook (I read something similar before but I didn't realise that your copied texts weren't all from the same section, which changes things completely now). The subsection H from section 10.5, which is where you got the first copied text from I think, is to do with E3 misconducts. What is the E3 rule please?

    I asked you a genuine question earlier but you haven't replied. As the FA did say why they couldn't take action against Defoe, so I would like to know their reasoning and source for it please?

    Would appreciate answers to above as it would help finding an end, either way.

    Second copied text is, I think, from section 6 and section 6 is for ' DISMISSALS – CLAIMS THAT THE STANDARD PUNISHMENT IS CLEARLY EXCESSIVE', i.e., red cards, not yellow cards a la Defoe. How is your second copied text relevant here? Just asking, as I may be missing why this section you quoted has anything to do with Defoe.

    Answers to the above would help to clarify this Defoe issue. As your bringing in copied text, which is all nice and that, but some of those copied text don't tell the whole story yet, as for e.g., we need to know what E3 is before applying your first copied text to our context.

    I still don't see the credibility that Rodgers should get for simply not bringing in McManaman example but each to their own.

    He brought in the Hessey example, incorrectly to an extent I felt. FA have clearly said in their reasoning that the high profile nature of it is a factor, etc. So taking that, repeat offender and history, the ban given to Suarez is reasonable, give or take a game or two, when compared to the Hessey example. As the circumstances make it so that Suarez deserved more and rightly so, in my view. Hessey nor Defoe examples were the same circumstances, i.e., in terms of factors and FA's so-called reason as to why they couldn't do anything about the Defoe one, as the Suarez one. I'm all for consistency but not for when the circumstances are maybe different. To date, I haven't seen conclusively seen why the Defoe one is the same as Suarez, in terms of circumstances, rules, etc. Maybe you could convince me otherwise with answers to the above.

  34. Look, seriously. If there is an argument here then I humbly concede. I really cannot be bothered with how out of proportion this has gotten.
    As I mentioned earlier, I was not attacking your earlier comments and am sorry that I have misinterpreted your view.
    It really isn't that important enough to have bad atmosphere in my conversations with others so I will not bother you again.