30 Apr 2013

Aldo blasts: 'Brilliant' £30m star is one of football's 'biggest cheats'. Agree...?

Liverpool legend John Aldridge has laid into Tottenham Hotspur attacker Gareth Bale, arguing that the Wales international is a 'cheat', and didn't deserve to beat Reds star Luis Suarez to the senior 'Player of the Year award'.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Aldo argued that 'it was no surprise' that Suarez missed out on the PFA award 'after what's gone on', adding:

"He [Suarez] would have been my pick ahead of Gareth Bale.

"Some will say I’m biased, but over the course of the season I believe Suarez has been the best player.

"Bale is a brilliant talent...but he’s also one of the biggest cheats. Suarez stopped diving and now the PFA Player of the Year needs to do the same and clean up his act"

Aldo is right - Bale is a persistent cheat. Since the start of the 2011-12 season, the winger has picked up SEVEN yellow cards for simulation, including four this season alone.

It's disgraceful, really, and I'm sure Spurs fans are embarrassed that someone with Bale's talent has to resort to persistent diving.

Yes, Suarez has done his fair share of simulation, but even he is not in Bale's league when it comes to trying to con the referee.

In the past I've highlighted the dives of Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, both of whom feature in the site's 'Football Cheats' series, and if £30m-rated Bale was a Liverpool player, I'd be on his case too.

Aldo admits he'd 'love to see Bale at Liverpool', but I personally wouldn't. Amazing talent does not mitigate blatant cheating, and I'd rather have non-cheating player of lesser talent in the team.

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  1. I hope that you lot at the Kop are suitably embarrassed by this rubbish.
    Any chance Suarez had was bitten away and not by Bale.

  2. To be fair, Bale hasn't dived in the New Year.

    Also, 2/3 of his bookings for diving this year were actually fouls on him.

    I find Aldo's comments odd, since Bale and Suarez more or less cut our the diving at the same time. So its 6 for 1 and half a dozen for the other.

    Both are great players, I wouldn't of complained if Bale, Suarez or RVP won it.

  3. ha ha ha ha that quite frankly is a staggering read.

  4. liverpool4life5654:17 pm, April 30, 2013

    Suarez has cleaned up his act but bale bookings have been harsh this year, some of them showed that there was contact... Both brilliant talents.....

  5. What a loads of bollox from a set of murdering fans#juve

  6. One clear cut dive vs Villa, which was vilified at the time, that's hope GB now starts giving love bites to all and sundry so that Aldridge will welcome the £30mill man (try doubling that) to the Kop, Dream on Dream on with hope in your heart.......

  7. That article is an absolute disgrace, it's no wonder Liverpool FC have been supporting Suarez' behaviour with fans like this.
    What is with Liverpool fans and ex players? your so blinkered it's unbelievable. Wouldn't have Bale in your team, give me a break that's a bloody joke!!