12 Apr 2013

'It'd be great' - LFC hero admits he'd 'love to see' Alonso & Benitez return.

It's no exaggeration to suggest that many Liverpool fans would love to see Xabi Alonso and Rafa Benitez back at Anfield at some point in the future, and after his comments earlier this week, it's clear that Benitez's passion for Liverpool burns as brightly as ever. Real Madrid have reportedly offered Alonso a new contract to ward of interest from the Reds, and whilst a double-return seems unlikely at this point, Anfield legend Dietmar Hamann has made it clear he'd welcome Alonso and Benitez back with open arms.

Hamann played under Benitez - and alongside Alonso - for two years between 2004 and 2006, and earlier this week, he tweeted:

"I'd love to see Xabi Alonso back at Anfield. He's a pleasure to watch, but I'm not sure whether there is any truth in it. I can't really see it happening"

On the subject of a Benitez return, Hamann added:

"It would be great to see Rafa back at Anfield one day but Brendan needs all the support now to turn things round and get back in the Champions League next season"

Alonso is arguably more likely to make a return in the near-future than Benitez, but is it really a great idea, and will FSG sanction a move for a 31-year old?

It's ridiculous to even contemplate that FSG would reject a bona-fide world class midfielder like Alonso, but if they did, it would be utter negligence of the highest order (IMO).

Signing Alonso is akin to signing players of the calibre of Andrea Pirlo and Xavi, and chances like that don't come around too often, especially for clubs consistently hovering around mid-table.

Alonso would bring immense class and quality to the Liverpool team, and it would be a absolute travesty if Reds fans were denied the opportunity to see Alonso once again strut his stuff at Anfield.

--------------- Lucas/Diame

-------- Alonso ---------- Gerrard

Suarez ---------------------- Coutinho

------------ Sturridge/Benteke

Looks good to me.

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  1. Don't see it happening. The Spanish newspapers love to spin a good story, with the most recent being Casillas wanting to leave. Now I may be wrong but I don't think there is a chance of that happening.

    It would be Great to see him back at Anfield and considering his style of play I could see him playing for a few more years. He would be just the type of player with the experience of beating those stubborn teams that park the bus at Anfield.

  2. Alonso would be good but I doubt he'll come. He would command crazy wages too. No doubt he would fit into the team like no other! Plus if we get Benteke it would be great!

  3. Like the formation JK but can't see it actually happening.

  4. I would love Alonso to come but lets be realistic, can't see it happening. If we got Diame & Benteke I'd be more than made up!

  5. We would of won the league with Alonso and one other quality addition in 09/10. There wouldn't have been any of these serial let down schemes this team throws at us every year

  6. We definitely need some size in our team. Barca don't need size because their players are just that damn good it doesn't make a difference.

  7. My ideal summer transfer deals

    1 Alonso

    2 Diame

    3 Alderweireld
    4 Erikson
    5 Sow/Benteke
    now THAT would be a team!

  8. I think the main problem is that Gerrard now plays in Alonsos position which suits him in his latter years.....Im not sure if he has the energy to be plaing attacking mid. Maybe drop Lucas and have alonso play there? Im not mad on it tbh.

  9. p.s. Benteke and Diame would be to great signings!! Tbh, I only see us signing 1 CB as I think Kelly will be used as a back up CB next year, the boy has put on some serious size. Diame, Alderweireld, Ericksen would be 3 great signings!!

  10. As I said 20m for summer transfer is not bad.If we sell Carrol,Downing and Henderson LFC will get atleast 24m. Initial transfer money+Sales=44. 17m for Erikson, 8m for De vrij, 8m for Victor wanyama and 12m for Wilfied Bony. Then we will have a pretty good squad enough to guarentee champions league. place.
    De Vrij Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Victor Wanyama
    Gerrard Erikson
    Suarez Bony/Sturidge Coutinho

    p.s. I don't think we should sell skrtel this summer because he still is a good defender despite making few errors this season.Last season he was our best player I still feel he can do it again.

  11. Sorry Instead of henderson we should sell borini

  12. Sorry, Instead of Henderson we should sell Borini

  13. Sorry, Instead of Henderson we should sell downing.

  14. Sorry, We should sell Borini instead of Henderson

  15. Benteke is valued at £25-£30 million by Villa. So dream on.

  16. When the player puts in a transfer request that value drops rapidly.

  17. get alonso bk and keep suarez and we'll win d league r b close neway

  18. Also, when a side drops to Championship, it's easier to cash on a player rather than carrying on 50k+/week salary.

  19. I would welcome Alonso with open arms because his pure class but i doubt that he may leave Madrid with the rumour that he was offered a 2 year contract and a pay rise but i know that his heart is set on Anfield one day he will return.i hope we get Victor Wanyama or Camacho

  20. Are you serious?! Rafa was the one who showed Alonso the door at Anfield (and subsequently it lead to his downfall also). Having Rafa is having 5 steps back. Well, Liverpool can take Rafa anytime. Xabi Alonso is not for sale.