25 Mar 2013

'He will Leave' - LFC watching coveted £1m Argentine star. Transfer mistake...?

Liverpool have a chequered history when it comes to South American players at Anfield. For every Javier Mascherano, Lucas Leiva and Luis Suarez, there's a Sebastian Coates, Emiliano Insua or Gabriel Palletta, and defenders in particular seem to struggle. This hasn't, however, discouraged Liverpool from scouting for South American defenders, and with Coates seemingly on the way out this summer, the Reds are reportedly tracking another coveted South American to replace him.

According to reports in Argentina and Italy, Liverpool and Roma are monitoring Argentinian centre-half German Pezella, who currently plays for River Plate.

With only 7 first-team appearances for River Plate, Pezella is inexperienced at club level, but The 21-year-old defender is captain of Argentina's Under-20 side (26 appearances and counting), and he's rated very highly in his homeland.

Over the last few months, Newcastle have also been linked with a move for the youngster, but in a recent interview, Eduardo Palomar - Pezella's representative - insisted that the defender wants to attain a 'regular position in the first team' before leaving. He told Sky Sports:

"Once he has an important part of his career done he will leave for a team from abroad. He is at his first step of a long ladder. He is happy at this moment and after all the patience he had for being able to play at River, he doesn't have in mind to leave, River is his home."

Palomar also confirmed that Pezella had already turned down offers from abroad:

"German was six months away from being out of contract, his father received many calls in which he was offered money for not renewing his son's contract, but the family owes a lot to River"

Earlier this month, Italian giants Roma confirmed that £1m-rated Pezella is one of their top transfer targets. Club scout Barend Krausz told Reporters:

"We are watching a number of South American players, but the most popular name on our list is German Pezzella. He is being followed by two Italian clubs, including Roma"

In my view, Pezella should listen to Palomar and stay in Argentina until he's established as it would probably be a waste of his time to leave right now. Indeed, the youngster should look at Sebastian Coates' situation as a cautionary tale about what can happen when you leave for a big European club too soon.

As Jamie Carragher confirmed recently, Liverpool are planning to buy 'several' central defenders this summer, and the probability is high that at least two established, experienced players will arrive at the club (to replace Carra and possibly Skrtel), which almost certainly means that any young centre-halves that come in will end up being bit-part players like Coates.

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  1. more potential lets look at proven players or at least admit were not interested or cannot afford them what are we supposed to do,wait for there potential to come through then lose them like we risk losing suarez because we do not look at the here and now,we will become a smaller version of arsenal but not as successful because we are not even challenging for the champs league

  2. He should stay there until he has built a strong foundation and then he can think of moving. Europe is not always the Promised land for young players.

  3. He should come here and join our youngsters then go out on loan when ready.

  4. Im surprised noone has mentioned Lescott yet: apparently he is available for about £4 million in the summer, as Mancini has fallen out with him. I guess that in itself is worrying, and theres the "if he cant get into their team why should he get into ours" argument. But this guy has a lot of premiership experience - more than anyone we've been linked to.
    Yes he played for Everton, maybe he wont come or people wont want him, but I think he could be smart business by Liverpool, he was integral to the league winning team last season.

  5. I think we have enough "potential" youngsters for the future within our ranks. I think we should concentrate on the now. Players who will walk into the squad to make an impact and compete with the top 7. Alas , that's where we are at now.

  6. lescott would be a decent buy at 4 million but is he any better than what we have if they sold agger for 15million and replaced him with a 4million signing it could send out the signal of more down grading

  7. could be, or could be just smart business. depends on people's opinions on their abilitu. If lescott is better then surely its simply good business. I think we should keep agger, swapping all the centrebacks in one summer sounds like a disaster to me.

  8. Agree - if we can afford it we need to buy experience at the back - enough promising CB's coming through with Wisdom, Kelly & Sama

  9. I think Skrtel will be the one to go - last years player of the season doesnt seem to be able to cope with BR's footballing philisophies - and tactically he has looked so poor this year at times - in hindsight we should have bitten Man Citys hand off in the summer!

  10. Personally I quite liked Insua, I just thought we put so much pressure on him at an early age. I remember when he was 2nd choice he was decent when he played and he was even decent at the beginning of his last season but the fatigue started to tell and his performances were then also effected. You only need to look as far as Sterling for playing to many games at such a young age can have an effect on performances. Since he's left he seems to have become a lot better of a player. Let's be honest who would you rather had in Hodgsons season a young player with potential or Paul Konchesky who let's be honest was awful at the best of times. I also wouldn't say Paletta was a flop at Liverpool he was brought in as youngster but went home for being homesick allegedly (may be more behind the scenes but that's what i read somewhere) But then again Paletta hasn't really done anything with his career.

    However I do not believe Liverpool should sign this kid as we do need experience at the back unless we do buy some experience as well. I personally would like to see Ashley Williams as he does know the system and may be inclined to join as he has worked with Rodgers before. Managers signing old players doesn't normally bode well with fans but i think Ashley Williams is a top defender and could easily do a better job than Skrtel this season. Even if he is only brought in for the short term as having a defender who knows the system could help the transition of the new style of play and make us less vulnerable at the back as he will know how to defend under Rodgers's philosophy.

  11. if skirtel and coates leave and rogers gets the Cb signings wrong our season could be over in the summer...we need two players who are the finished article at the back or you can kiss top 8 let alone top 4 goodbye...IMO this is Liverpool most important off season for signings that i can remember...it will determine if we are top or bottom half club...if we fail to sign quality suarez will be off and the prospect of a makeshift back 4 and no suarez leaves us up the creek

  12. if williams comes to liverpool like allen before him he will realize its a whole different animal ...our history and support means teams raise there game and get stuck in to you ...he will just not have the space he has at swansea and the media attention to every detail will be someyhing he wold have to cope with

  13. ive been a big fan of lescott since wolves

  14. M Mahboob Hossain5:49 am, March 26, 2013

    Any given day, I 'll pick him, particularly if it's for only around £1-£2 mn. Our playing style 'll suit him more than some heavy duty ball hoofers. May be we can loan him for a season or two in relegation or promotion battles, for him to be tempered in English game.

    He plays for River Plate & from a very young age is actually habituated to play under immense pressure from crowd & club history; where as someone like Willams 'll find the same like Adam last year. Pezella can be a Ayala or Canevaro like small but technically outstanding CB. However, with Agger, I think we 'll need someone extremely physical to partner, otherwise we 'll always suffer against teams like S'ton, WBA, Stoke, AVilla or WHam, considering that neither Lucas or Allen are physical either.

    I always feel that, our scouting teams have lot more to improve in terms of acquiring cheap but talented players outside UK. A great example is Porto, who are unleashing one after another Latin jewels, purchased for a little money. Our current style also suits ball playing Latins or Iberians. We should look for signing as many Latins as possible in their late teens or early 20s.