22 Mar 2013

'I will play there' - £16m star who admitted LFC 'dream' wants Prem move. Bid...?

Liverpool have been linked with Sevilla striker Alvaro Negredo many times over the last four years, and with the summer transfer window fast-approaching, the Spain international has reiterated his desire to play in the Premier League. With the Reds arguably needing another striker to compete with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge (or even replace Suarez), should the Reds be keeping tabs on the 27-year old?

In an interview this week, Negredo - who has 21 goals for Sevilla this season - admitted that he's unsure of his future at the moment, but reaffirmed his desire to move to England. He told with Cadena COPE:

“I've always said it and I've never tried to keep it hidden. The Premier League is a league that I like. I don't know if it's now, maybe a bit later, or tomorrow, but I will play there."

Liverpool have pursued Negredo many times over the years:

* In 2009, Rafa Benitez tried to sign the striker, and when quizzed about the Reds' interest, the striker admitted that he'd love to play for Liverpool:

"To play at Anfield is a dream. I have not spoken with Rafa Benitez, but I do know that contact exists between the clubs. It is logical that I am interested in playing in the Premier League and especially for Liverpool"

* In January 2011, Spanish newspaper AS reported that Liverpool were ready to offer £17m for Negredo. Alas, kenny Dalglish splurged £35m on Andy Carroll instead.

* In July 2012, Liverpool pursued Negredo prior to signing the much cheaper Fabio Borini.

So: Benitez, Dalglish and Brendan Rodgers have all tried to sign £16m-rated Negredo, which suggests that if he's on the market in the summer, the Reds will probably take another look at him.

According to Spanish newspaper El Desmarque, Sevilla rejected a €14m bid for Negredo on transfer deadline day in January.

In my view, the Reds need another top class striker for the following reasons:

* Fabio Borini is injury prone, and - at present - unreliable.
* Borini plays wide for LFC, so in reality, the club has only two first-team strikers.
* By his own admission, Daniel Sturridge is prone to injury 'niggles' that curtail his 'momentum'
* If Sturridge is out, LFC is back to relying on Suarez for goals.
* If Suarez gets injured, the burden will be on Sturridge. Can he handle that?
* Suarez and Sturridge need genuine competition for their places. Does Borini offer that?
* If LFC is to genuinely compete, three top class goalscoring strikers are needed.

With that in mind, is Negredo a player Liverpool should try and sign in the summer? If - worst case scenario - Luis Suarez leaves this summer, is the Spaniard good enough to fill the void?

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  1. 27 is the kind of age we need at the moment. Not too old, but holds enough experience, which benefits the team in decision making and teaching the youngsters. He can finish too...

  2. His goals are mostly volleys. very cunning with placing goals. I like this guy.

  3. The player who played with Suarez in Ajax . I think his name is sulemanji not sure if its the correct spelling is a much better finisher . Also would be cheaper. I think with our tight budget if we offload the following players we can build the team a little more stronger next season.
    Carroll for 13-17m
    Spearing 2-4m
    Skertl 8-13m
    Coates 4-6m
    Jones 1-3m
    That's approximately 28-43m plus 20m from the owners. That's 48-63m not bad .
    We can try and Buy
    Arda turan or Ericsson - 15 - 20m
    Sulemanji or another striker 4-10m
    Williams / de virj/ lovern/ sakho or any other defender. 2 defenders for 14 - 22m
    Left back upto 5 m
    Def mid wanayama/ Diame or someone else who is a decent physical specimen and not a push over for upto 10 m.will probably buy ince too for about 3-4m. That should be a decent window.

  4. Didn't know he managed 21 goals this season.. would prefer soldado if possible, but negredo seems to get many goals in a season

  5. Sorry I was half-sleeping when I wrote this, I think a deal for him would be wonderful and possible. Quality not that expensive and a very good striker . One of those we definitely have to look at . :)

  6. we have an alledged 20m tranfer kitty and no centre backs so this is a non starter

  7. With many players leaving our club ;)

  8. if 5 leave i guarantee five wont come in ...

  9. these figure are pipe dream...rogers has let the world know he doesn't rate or want these players ...and repective buyes will adjust the price accordingly it will be more like this,.

    Carroll loan

    spearring 2m
    skirtel 5m
    cotaes 4m
    jones free

    if we raise more than 10m in transfer fees ill be amazed

  10. The MILLION Dollar question is would he make a move to Anfield ?

  11. AlexandarStakic939:45 pm, March 23, 2013

    I think Zenit would pay more than 10 mil for Skrtel! For sure!And Carroll could be sold for 8-10mil, or be left and given another run in Liverpool bcz Sturridge has a lots of problems with injurys! I think we need Alonso and one strong and proven CB as a must buy players, and then we have squad for CL!

  12. Actually both of you are off with your assessments.
    Carrol will most probably be sold, since BR doesn't rate him, and would probably generate around 10m.
    Sprearing will be sold for around 2m as he is not even performing at the championship.
    Skrtel will be sold for around 8-10m, as he was worth almost 20 last summer but had a terrible season.
    Coates will probably be sold for a little less than bought, meaning around 5-6m.
    Jones might leave for free or stay as a backup gk.
    There are other players that I think will move on, but I hate the specualtion, especially since BR keeps saying he wants a stronger squad, seems to rate some mediocre players, and loves playing youngsters, so it's anyone's guess what will actually happened.

    I do like negredo, but I'm not sure this is the department to invest in. I would rather us getting a winger, a couple of centre backs, and a holding midfielder.