11 Mar 2013

Trial Fail? Does this mean that Daniel Carr's Anfield dream is over...?

As part of his ongoing trial with Liverpool, Dulwich Hamlet striker Daniel Carr turned out for the club's U21 side earlier today, and the the game - against West Ham - ended 3-3. Carr, who has 23 goals in 23 games for the non-league side, will be hoping for a major promotion to the Premier League, but from the sound of things, it doesn't look like he had a very effective game.

With the score at 2-2, Carr - who also played a few minutes for the U18s on Saturday - was subbed off in the 61st minute, which can only mean one of two things:

* The coaching staff had seen enough, and don't believe he's ready for the step-up.

* Carr impressed enough in his 61-minute appearance to convince the coaching staff that he'd done enough on the day.

I'm leaning towards the first option. If a player comes for a trial at the club, surely you'd give them as much time on the field as possible for assessment purposes? With that in mind, I don't see how it makes any sense to sub a trialee off in the 61st minute of his first game.

Am I wrong? If the coaches are assessing a player with a view to bringing him into the academy, surely they'd keep him on the field for the whole game. How else is a player's ability supposed to be assessed?

In terms of the 18-year old's contribution to the game, Carr's name was mentioned only once in the minute-by-minute commentary:

"Daniel Carr sets off down the right and though his cross is an inviting one, it's too high for those waiting in the centre"

That was in the first minute (!), and nothing else highlighted after that. Reds boss Brendan Rodgers watched the game, so I'm sure Carr will be disappointed to get take off so early. Here are some views of fans who watched the game (via Twitter):

@lfc_family: "Re Daniel Carr, movement was impressive never really got a sight of goal was subbed for Morgan mid way through 2nd half"

@TheGearing “Daniel Carr...good run out, but Liverpool players a bit too greedy. Think he did well though..."

@T8M4C: "Was impressed with Daniel Carr then held the line well and some of his movement was impressive"

This is fairytale story in many ways, so let's hope there's a fairytale ending.

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  1. To be honest J, the whole team didnt play as well as expected - and i doubt his fitness levels will not be to premiership standard... Ok so he didnt stand out but I wouldnt write him off after this one app...

  2. ...plus shelvey and a few of our other regulars had indifferent games...

  3. He made some good runs off the ball and didn't get the passes he should have done, Sterling should have crossed to him when he had pulled off the defenders at the back post and would have had an open goal to aim at if he had pulled it across instead of having a weak shot straight at the keeper for example, but it was his movement that made space for Suso's first goal.

    It will take more than one game to get used to playing with better quality of players he wouldn't have played with the quality of Suso, Shelvey and Sterling previously but it wasn't a game that strikers really had many chances even though it was a 3-3 game

  4. I watched and thought he done ok, considering the step up!!!

    And by the way how did he play for the U18's on Saturday when he was playing for Dulwich Hamlet!!!!!!!

  5. Perhaps we wanted to win the game...

  6. its dog eat dog in these games all these kids are playing for there future....ive watched the odd one live and its a case of f*ck you jack

  7. The other players were trying to lay it on a plate for him at the start of the second half and it was his run into the box that led to the defender's block landing at the feet of Sterling, who scored an absolute peach - as did Suso.

    I didn't watch all of the second half but, as has been said, it wasn't the best of games and I think Sterling looked like he wasn't taking it too seriously; very nonchalant, if you ask me.

  8. I think the fitness would be the main reason: end of the day they want to win the match, and having a tired player wont help. The fitness levels must be a lot lower for a non league player. Having him training everyday will be the thing to show how good he is.

  9. Shelves played like a player that knows the tap door is open!

  10. Dulwich Hamlet have a reputation of unearthing diamonds, a close family friend played for DH & was snapped up by David Pleat back in the 80s for the Hatters-if you're old enough to remember (Emeka Nwajiobi) then there's Ian Wright, Alan Pardew & a host of other players!
    Fitness wise there's no comparison our boys would be miles ahead, judging by the feedback it doesn't sound like a complete disaster. I certainly wish the boy well & hope he has a great career!

  11. I feel Carr was hard done by the other players who simply ignored him especially Sterling and Suso. 
    I believe in that 61 minute cameo Sterling only passed to Carr once or twice while Suso did not pass to Carr even once though they were the players closest to him on the pitch.This is clearly demonstrated by the fact when Adam Morgan came on for him, the other players started looking for him but he made no difference to the game.

    It is a pity because Carr seems to have good movement and repeatedly called for passes into space when in very good positions but like I said before was largely ignored. 
    It is not a surprise the team dominated but only drew because the wingers and play-maker believed they were the ones to score rather than the striker so took some wild shots without trying to play in Carr.
    If you watch replays you will see that Sterling and Suso scored belters but Carr was waiting to be played in both times and would surely have scored. 
    He even ended up going to right wing looking for goals but Suso simply took on the strikers' position and the rest of the lads continued to ignore the trialist but still Carr has reasonable hold up play for an 18 year old and has pace to burn.

    Maybe my wanting him to do well may be clouding my appraisal but I feell he has a lot of promise that Liverpool should nurture.

  12. Watch the game if u are going to write about it!!!!!

  13. He wasn't good enough. Not even close.