7 Feb 2013

Video: LFC star Suso's excellent performance for Spain vs. Belgium

Reds youngster Suso hasn't played much for Liverpool recently, but on Tuesday night, he was in action for Spain in an U21 international friendly with Belgium.

Suso has made 23 appearances for various Spanish youth teams over the last couple of years, and Tuesday's game was his second start for the U21 side.

After his call-up in November last year, Suso tweeted:

"I'm really excited to be called up to the U21 team for the friendly in Italy!"

Spain won that 3-1, but could only manage a 1-1 draw with Belgium.

Here is a compilation of Suso's performance during the game:

In an interview with Marca recently, Suso - who admitted that he is a Real Madrid fan - was asked about his football idols. He responded:

"I don't have idols, but there are many players that I admire, such as Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo], Xabi Alonso, and Iniesta"

Four amazing players to be sure, but where does Suso stand on the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate? He explained:

"I'd think Messi is the best because is more decisive, and it will be long time before we see another player like him. However, I have to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player that is also at a high level"

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  1. Man i hope we keep this kid.

  2. The lad is sheer class!!!

  3. I just love watching Suso play. His directness, always looking for the right pass. He IS the new Stevie Gerrard and dare I say, possibly even better. The manager that lets him go deserves to be sacked right away.

  4. he needs to play center of the field if v need to get maximum of this id..he's real class..nice trickery foot work and great vision..

  5. He should be alternated with Henderson just behind the front 3.

    Set A:

    Set B:

  6. Nice build-up play for the goal.

    Suso looks great against other kids, his style of play is pleasing on the eye. We've seen rudiments of that for our first team. Like all our other youngsters, he still has quite a way to go, though. Great that he's signed a new contract recently. Hopefully he doesn't end up like Pacheco, who, too, looked great at youth level.

  7.  Isn't Countinho also play the same position as Suso?If so his chance could be limited

  8. Coutinho will play wide if you ask me. It's too tough in the middle of the park for him. If I had to fit them all in right now I'd play Coutinho and Suarez out wide, Sturridge in the middle, Suso behind him, Gerrard and Henderson behind Suso.

  9. Suso, Hendo played very well for their teams. Borini Shelvey Scored.
    Gerrard palyed his part in his game!! And Watch out for Allen's assist in Wales game!! 'Gerrardish'

  10. Hope so too,he should be developed in time to move into a permenant midfield spot.

  11. Suso is no doubt a talent, but like Anteater said above, he seems to struggle when up against men. I`m sure this is partly down to his age, and build, which in time will change. I really hope we keep him, but feel a loan maybe good for him. I can`t see him getting much game time for us this season, so if we had loaned him out to another english team I feel it would have helped him get used to the extra strength needed for first team football.

  12. Now if they could all do that all over again week in, week out for us I would actually care ;-)

  13. I agree, i was thinking the move to wigan would have been perfect for him for the rest of the season. i dont understand why he turned the move down. 

  14. Yeah it would have. As long as we explained we wanted him to go, to gain experience, and not because we wanted to sell him, then I think it would have been a good move. There is a few young guns, who are just that bit to old, or good to be playing youth football, but not yet ready for full first team football with us. They are kinda stuck in a middle ground, at a point where it is vital for them to play. perfect example is Ince. He hit this middle ground, went and got games, and is has done him the world of good. 

    Not using loans correctly, can risk losing the player completely, as give it one of two more seasons, and the player has lost to much game time, and like pacheco may never hit the level they really should have. Pacheco was killing it a under 21 level. we gave him the odd loan, but not to the right clubs imo. 

    I never see any point in loaning players to clubs out the UK, unless your aim is to put them in the window to sell them. All it does is teach them how to play in a different league, which will be at a different pace, on different pitches, in different conditions against players who play a different style.

  15. He really should've gone on loan to another premier league club for the rest of the season. As should Coates.

    It's only when you start drifting down the leagues/abroad that the loans start to become dead-ends. Making the moves now could have significantly improved the short term prosepects for both...

  16. If we hope to have any kind of success in the coming years it's vital that we keep this kid. Suso is total class. I've always said it. He does a decent job out on the right but he's way more effective in the middle of the park

  17. most of our U21s had a good week. Henderson is the captain and hit some top passes, set up shelvey who scored one (and also missed a hilarious sitter) wisdom played center half in that match. Borini scored for italy, suso got an assist.

  18. More than ANY other player we need to keep Suso.