10 Feb 2013

'LFC are interested in me' - Reds chase €10m striker who rejected Rafa. Good news...?

In 2010, Anderlecht striker Dieumerci Mbokani claimed that he refused an offer to sign for Liverpool. Since then, the Congolese hitman been been linked with the club several times, and according to Mbokani, the Reds are still following his progress.

In an interview with The News last night, Mbokani - who represented DR Congo during the African Cup of Nations this month - confirmed that he is definitely leaving Anderlecht in June, adding:

"I think Liverpool are interested in me. That's a great club, but there are also clubs in Italy Juventus has already been mentioned, but there are still two or three that follow me. We'll see. During the Africa Cup I am called by clubs from Russia and China. There's a lot of money, but I do not want to go"

Back in 2010 - whilst Rafa Benitez was still at Anfield - Mbokani revealed to TalkSport that he could've signed for Liverpool:

"Liverpool gave me a good offer but I had already given the 'OK' to Monaco and I could not turn back on them."

Clearly, the man has principles, and didn't want to break his word, which is an admirable trait to have in the cynical, self-serving world of football.

Mbokani's Agent Fabio Bagio recently highlighted the Premier League as a probable destination for the striker. He told SudPresse:

"His [Mbokani's] performances in recent weeks have boosted the interest of big English clubs. When Dieumerci is ready, he will leave abroad, but we will no longer make the error of opting for a second-class club. This will be the top because he was born to play for the elite"

DR Congo manager Claude Le Roy thinks very highly of the striker's talents:

"I'll continue to select him [Mbokani]. I see him as one of the best strikers in the world"

In November, Anderlecht General Manager Herman Van Holsbeeck slapped a €10m transfer fee on the Mbokani:

“Mbokani has been doing great since last season, but we are not ready to let go our attacker if we don’t get an offer equaling his skills and work rate, which we have pegged at €10 million. We could accept this amount even if we know we can get something higher"

Mbokani has scored 29 goals in 41 games for Anderlecht, but is he really one of the 'best in the world', and should he be a serious option for Liverpool FC?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I'd avoid African players. It's a problem at every African Cup of Nations.

  2. No thanks, he's a big head.  We don't have the resources to allow a player to be going missing in the middle of the season to play in Africa.

  3. i'm belgian so i watch him on a weekly basis, he's a good striker but nowhere near the likes of suarez and sturridge. he doesn't fit into the system either nor does he have the right mentality to make it in a massive club like liverpool

  4. Don't know too much about him, but the Belgium league has provided quality players in recent years that have done well in the PL. That is something to take into consideration even though he is a Congo international. 

  5. To be honest I don't know too much about him, but believe that LFC have suffered for ignoring African/Euro-African based talent these last few years. All the top teams around the world have scouted successfully in this area. Barca, Real, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, all the top German and Italian teams. Sissoko & Benteke are examples of excellent value for money and have bedded in straight away.
    Imagine Diame, Gerrard & Coutinho! I know Dalglish touted a move for Diame but surely we could have beaten West Ham?!

  6. one of the best in the world???? ohh.. shut up

  7. NO!, Also im conflicted on signing African players.
    While alot are extremely talented but if they play too big a part in the team in hurts during the african cup of nations.

  8. Won't happen. His agent has been working overtime on getting a move to Liverpool for years, and it still hasn't materialised.

  9. I wonder if the Chelsea fans thought that about Drogba

  10. It was a nuisance when he left. Chelsea was not the same without him.