16 Feb 2013

Rush insists: ‘Incredible’ star can become LFC manager. Replace Rodgers…?

Generally speaking, great footballers rarely go on to become great managers. There are, of course, exceptions to that rule, and for Liverpool, Reds legend Kenny Dalglish is the most obvious example. Goalscoring hero Ian Rush played under Dalglish during the Scot's fantastic first spell at the club, and he hopes that another current Liverpool player will one day make the step up to the Anfield hotseat

Speaking to the Daily Post this week, Rush hailed Jamie Carragher's 'will and determination' and argued that his 'incredible loyalty to the club' should be rewarded. He explained:

"It would be great to see Jamie involved at Liverpool if he decided to go down the coaching route. Hopefully one day he will become a manager and hopefully that will be of Liverpool. One thing is for sure, whether he stays at Liverpool or not he definitely has the ability to be a top coach."

Carras as manager of Liverpool? I'm sure most fans can see that happening, but whether he'd be a success or not is a different story. The sad truth is that revered ex-players who go on to manager their old clubs often end up reviled by fans, and ultimately leave with their legacies damaged. You just have to look at Graeme Souness and Dalglish to know that's true.

Despite the pitfalls, several others connected with LFC also believe Carra will pursue a career in coaching. England boss Roy Hodgson told the BBC:

"After retirement I'm sure he will march quickly up the coaching ladder and become one of the country's top young coaches"

Michael Owen added:

"I'm sure he's capable [of becoming a coach]. He knows everyone in every single league, he's certainly got the credentials. It's whether he wants to do it and I'd hazard a guess that he would."

Ex-Anfield chief executive Rick Parry noted:

"I think he is a future manager for sure. He has been taking his coaching badges. He is the most extraordinary student of the game, he lives and breathes football and I am sure he has a career in the game if that is what he wants to do"

Everyone expects Carra to move into management or coaching, but he could surprise everyone and reject coaching [for a while, at least] in favour of becoming a full-time pundit. There is a solid precedent for this: When Reds legend Alan Hansen retired, everyone expected him to become a manager, but he chose the media instead.

I personally hope that Carra and Steven Gerrard never become Liverpool managers. It would be awful to see their magnificent legacies torn apart by the same fans who built them up in the first place.

Having said that, is there any possibility that Carra could become interim manager till the end of the season if things continue to go pear-shaped for LFC? Example: Liverpool lose their next 3-4 games; the club is in free-fall. FSG get rid of Rodgers (unlikely but not impossible). Wouldn't the easiest thing be to give Carra the job in the short term...?

Stranger things have happened.

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  1. I do hope Carra does become Liverpool manager someday, not Stevie but Carra. I suspect he may be more tactically astute than Rodgers or Dalglish and seems probably a better man manager than Rafa or Capello. Granted Stevie has also played under these managers, but they have all praised Carra's knowledge and passion for the game, not just for the club.

  2. I hope he becomes a full-time pundit. His views during the last few appearances were interesting enough. As for coaching - yes he can be a great coach, but manager - I'm not so sure.

  3. I would like to see Carra as manager one day. He knows his stuff and tells it like it is. You wouldn't get any of this "it was the perfect away performance" crap when we'd just lost 2.0.

  4. I think it would be great if Carra become a top manager, however, until he does, the idea of him managing Liverpool is a nice thought, it`s a bit like saying you would like any fav player becoming your manager and winning stuff, who wouldn`t? I would also like it if we won the league, CL and F.A cup in one year, but until there is any evidence that that might happen its just a nice thought.

  5. Jose Mourhino & Cara & it's about time the fans started to suggest this.

    BR talks a good game, is a nice man & it's not his fault that the stupid yanks put a man in charge of one of the biggest clubs in world football, who has no track record of winning anything.

    In fact, was sacked from 2 of of his last 3 jobs.!

    What other top 4 club in the prem would habd the reigns over to a complete novice.?????

  6. Hahahahahahahhaha......... Oh, you're serious? If he wants to be manager what's wrong with starting in a job down the leagues with less pressure and getting some experience. Oh, and for all taking umbrage to the 'almost a perfect away performance - it almost was, we got undone in 3 mad minutes and had more chances than they did. 

  7. Carra could well make an excellent manager but he must serve his time. BR is only as good as the players he has to work with, Who out of his starting elven would you change against Zenit? maybe 1 or 2 at most? The point is BR puts them on the field with jobs to do if they switch off or drop a clanger considering his limited squad who do you blame. We need investment in the squad with experience, talking nonsense about long term projects with youth "as they are Cheap" is utter tosh, experienced proven quality players are required who can step into the team and do a job. Sorry FSG there are no economy ways to build a successful team money talks, Quality players = expensive to buy and expensive to pay end off. Implementing FFP rules is nothing more than a cover for FSG not to open the wallet and anymore word on where we are on the redevelopment of Anfield? Cue, Ayre on his Harley riding in like Renegade to spin more nonsense about great progress being made. So Ian, where is the evidence? 

  8. Really? You've got the right idea mate, we're confusing popularity with competency. Guys please remember, this sort of nepotism has held us back years. I still shudder when I remember Souness, no disrespect to Carra but he needs to earn it like everyone else! I like what Mourinho did, he sat by Bobby Robson's feet & then learnt his trade with smaller clubs. By the way RIP Bobby Robson, one of the greatest English managers, such a nice man but was tactically astute & great man manager!

  9. I think that Carra can do a good job...

    He will never accept mediocrity... And i cannot see him lavishing praise on players after a draw/defeat...

    He can be the sort of manager that inspire fear among players... And consequently pushes to their limits...

  10. Let him go learn his trade elsewhere and prove himself, than we can look at him as a manager for us. With the way the club is at the moment, the boot room days are over. I think he'll be a pundit for a while before becoming a manager/coach.

  11. You can't just chuck him in there as a manager any time soon. It has to be quite a number of years before he should be considered. Being an interim manager is dangerous too. What if he gets 'stuck' in a honeymoon period, similar to that of KD's in 2010, resulting in a massive fan-push for an official contract? There is a massive chance that in the season after, things don't work out, and yet again, we end up back at square one. Just like what Mourinho and Fergie did, let him learn his trade in smaller clubs, make big mistakes there, learn his lessons and then from there on get on the rise, if he has the capability.

  12. While I agree on the positive outlook, I disagree quality has to cost money, did Michu? did Ba? BR or fans can`t use the excuse, that he is only as good as the players on the pitch, because he brought them players, not all, but some. We have a limited squad, because he sold more players than he brought. Was this him of FSG I don`t know, none of us do, but at the end of the day, signing players for 15mil, 12mil, 11mil and 8.5mil is still spending nicely. They may not be the 25mil plus signings of Man City, but they are also a lot more than Everton for example, spend, yet we are below them, and get beat by many teams who spend a lot less than us.
    In regards to FFP, and the new prem rules, we aren`t actually in line yet with the wage structure the F.A our bringing in, therefore we would still need to cut it more. 

  13. I also agree about the stadium bit, while some news filters out every now and then, as a general we will be talking about 2 years and still no work done. 

  14. Carra is on record saying he has a preference for the Houllier school of management.  Does that include his tactics Jamie? if it does thanks, but no thanks.

  15. Ive got no worries about him as a defensive coach. But we just dont know if he's managment material yet, I have to worry a little as he is the worst culprit of "hitting it long". But managers often turn out different to how they played themselves, George Graham for example. As for him being an interim manager and hoping that his enthusiasm would compensate his lack of experience I doubt it would work. If that were the case then his presence in the dressing room would have seen better results than we've had the last few years.

  16. I wonder where we would be in the table right now if Steve Clark was in charge.

    Carra? well he will not be ready just yet take the reins

  17. While i agree to an extent that Ba, Michu look like bargains now, can they perform consistently? if they can then they will cost substantially more than they did recently, besides Ba's buy out clause had alot to do with his latest price, buy him at the end of the season if he still performs and that 7 million won't cover his right leg. i agree BR has spent money but not massively so and the experience in maxi bellamy etc was lost due to wages most likely, FSG? Point is BR can't run onto the field himself so it most certainly is down to the players and is a fact not an excuse. The calibre of the players is the problem and higher quality players who perform at a consistently high level cost more. put simply who out of the Liverpool team would gain a place in UTD or Citys starting eleven? Basically 1 maybe 2 and if that is the type of calibre of squad we have well then my friend we would need the patience of jobe before we reach the top again unless we do as Chelski and city have done and buy the best. Unromantic and horrible as it is success is purchased.

  18. Can't blame the owners they're backing BR with cash, backed Dalglish & got badly burnt. If I gave a relative 10k to buy a car & he spent it on a rusty brown Ford Capri or Cortina, and his excuse was that the seller gave away fluffy dice as part of the deal. I'd think twice abt whether offering him a cuppa let alone more cash!
    Carra has potential as management but sentimentality must not cloud our judgement!