22 Feb 2013

LFC hero blasts: 'Questions' need to be asked after 'worthless win'. Agree...?

So near, yet so far? For me, a more accurate description of Liverpool's exit from the Europa League is 'same $h1t, different day'. The Reds made a valiant effort to win the tie but the bottom line is the club lost overall, and according to Anfield legend Dietmar Hamann, that's the only stat that really matters.

After the game, Brendan Rodgers did his usual 'we were magnificent/incredible/brilliant/fantastic' dog and pony show for the press, and whilst the team deserves praise for winning on the night, the brutal truth is that the club's season is basically over, and Hamann believes 'questions need to be asked'. He tweeted:

"The lads done great tonight but at the end of the day we are out. If you look at both games it baffles you how. Questions need to be asked. I know we won easily but its a worthless win.

"It feels like a loss as there were plenty of chances to score a 4th. Call me negative but its still LFC, out of all the cups and down the table in the league. The day I settle for that I stop going to Anfield"

I still maintain - as I argued last night - that Brendan Rodgers bottled it. If Liverpool had played the strongest *attacking* team possible from the start, and really gone for it, perhaps the club could've scored much earlier, and rattled Zenit from the start. After all, having four central midfielders on the pitch didn't stop Zenit scoring first, did it?

Granted, Raheem Sterling is struggling a little at the moment, but it was a home game, not Russia, and the youngster generally performs well at Anfield. Given the massive lack of pace in the starting XI, he could've made an difference. Some quick notes:

* With LFC 3-1 up with thirty minutes to go, why make a double-substitution that completely changed Liverpool's shape? Allen for Shelvey is understandable, but Henderson for Assaidi? Clearly, Rodgers has learned nothing from the recent West Brom debacle (where he also removed Hendo), and these changes arguably affected the team's forward momentum. Obviously, it was good to see Assaidi get some playing time, but not at the expense of the team's shape.

* Another superb performance from Luis Suarez. The guy is a genius footballer, and I've never denied that. I love watching him play, but that doesn't mean the dark side of his game should be ignored, and for the fourth time this season, the Uruguayan appeared to deliberately stamp on an opposing player:

This is clearly a deliberate stamp, and Suarez should be utterly ashamed, as should any fan who tries to condone/justify it with lame excuses. It's a disgraceful assault, but who cares, he scored two goals and that's all that matters, right? Here are the three other stamps by Suarez. If it happens once, it might be accidental, but four times?!

Dave Jones incident

Kevin Mirallas incident

This is a carbon copy of the Jones incident above, and Suarez was booked for this challenge:

Sylvain Distin incident

* Jamie Carragher ultimately cost Liverpool the tie, and it's a shame that his European career ends in such ignominious fashion. However, he's made far fewer mistakes this season than the likes of Agger, Skrtel, Reina and Johnson, and the Reds ultimately lost the game in the first leg, not the second.

Despite being out of all cup competitions and struggling to make the top six, I'd still take Rodgers first season over Dalglish's final year. Progress (in terms of playing style/philosophy etc) is definitely being made, and if Rodgers can improve his performance in the transfer market, I feel positive about the future.

Re Hamann's contention that 'questions need to be asked' - What questions do you think he has in mind...?

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  1. Suarez is very street smart, rarely gets penalised for his indiscretions.

    Do I want us to sell him because he has a nasty streak? No way.

    A brother of a good friend of mine is a professional footballer, a centre half. He often tells us of the routine fouling and cheating he does week in, week out to opponents. Every defender in the league does it. It IS defending.

    It is not pleasant to hear, but it gets results and pays his mortgage.

    Every manager at every level wants to win as many games as possible. It is not an airy fairy kick around with friends.

    Until the authorities decide to clamp down on all forms of cheating it will continue. Kids watch their favourite players doing it and copy it. If you don't grapple with someone in the box from corners they will score. Simple.

    Should Liverpool take some moral stance on the issue? Of course not. LFC are not the custodians of the game. The club has become a commodity, traded by rich Americans who have no clue about, or love for the game. We need to get to CL asap.

    I hope that Suarez can be persuaded to stay for another season and we can reap the rewards of his partnership with the equally impressive Sturridge.

    Had we signed him in August things could be a lot different in the league.

  2. Here here Jason! I would be happy to pay for stamps or other sundries that may occur in the fight for truth justice and the footballing dream. I can't wait for a season without Suarez and his goals, trips to Bolton anyone?

  3.  my qwerty keyboard cant do mandarin

  4.  Bill Shankly "For a player to be good enough to play for Liverpool, he must be preparedto run through a brick wall for me then come out fighting on the other side."

  5. That absolutely drives me insane because its basically diving for defenders. They give a quick glance over at the ref then start abusing the attacker! fair enough if he dives then give him an ear full but when you foul them i dont care if you dont own up to it just dont try accuse them of diving! 
    This is the reason i rarely watch my beloved Australia play anymore! they drive me insane doing it all over the pitch

  6. I could understand that, but the strange thing is that he was still much better than most of the other players in the team when he -did- play. That was why personally, I was dumbstruck everytime he was not on the starting team sheet.

  7. No doubt he is a good player, very good one, better than anything say Downing serves up. A very good one that should have been used more.....if he was ready. Ready, not just in terms of fitness but mentally. At the time, like you, I was surprised he wasn't being used more, a lot more but with the way things have played out now with the aftermath of Speed's death on Bellers such as leaving his marital home partially because of the effect of Speed's death and eventually getting divorced as well as Rodgers saying Bellers left because of family reason, I wouldn't be surprised if KK II didn't use him because of his mental state. From the outside looking in, Bellers does seem like a guy that may not be able to put big issues aside like that (understandable if he couldn't. ) If that wasn't the reason, than I'm baffled!

  8. it will be a sad day if he leaves

  9. hope its wrexham we mite get through

  10. i havealready answed this question theywerestill herewhen rodgers tookoverso he could havetalked them round to staying but he did not he wanted his own players

  11. That actually was almost a funny comment from you.

  12. Never mind Jason. I wanted to know whether you thought that Kenny should have played them instead of Downing and others.

  13. That it would and the hole it would leave would be massive.

  14. it is true, I think maybe the desire needed to be able to be one of the best in the world, means you also gain that nasty edge, as its a desire way above anyone elses, hence why you made it and not them, cheating seems to be the off shoot off that desire, which to be honest is the same out of football too, very rarely will you meet a honest man who has made lots of money. I dont agree with it, and would like it to change, but I dont think it will. The F.A, U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A have shown time and time again they dont have a clue about what is good for football, and our just concerned with making cash.

    Until Football is run by a real football minded person, I can`t see it changing, which is a shame

  15. I dont think that was the point, there is levels to things. Stabbing someone, is clearly worse than pinching them, yet both have a intent to harm, they arent on the same level. 

  16. Agree with everything except the last bit about taking BR's season over Dalglish's final season - I saw more potential under Dalglish's than I ever have under BR.

  17. Dear Jaimie, 
    Not sure how long you can keep insisting that BR should stay on as manager when he keeps making mistakes: saying ridiculous things, making wrong subs, getting tactics wrong and ending the season prematurely.  

  18. Dear Jaimie, 
    I dun agree that Pool is playing better than last season. In fact, the team was playing quite entertaining football and defensively made less errors. Unfortunately, we didnt have the strikers to finish off the moves, and had so many bad distractions like Suarez's ban , bad injuries like to Carroll and Lucas. 

  19. Team was playing quite well last season, I mean. Good cup runs x 2 which we all enjoyed. The season before last, the team did pretty well after coming from an inferior half of the table.  

  20. The problem with BR is that he is a 1 trick pony. His team is a passing team but doesnt know how to mix it up like Dalglish's team. Hence, while certain opponents that sit back and defend suit BR's passing play, the team doesnt perform as well when faced with teams that play fast tempo or high pressure tactics that harry the passing. 

  21. Dalglish's team was able to provide different avenues of attack. Passing game (Suarez to Carroll, Dalglish to Rush), Direct route (Carroll heads down for Suarez, Rush provides for Dalglish), winger route (Downing to strikers, Barnes to strikers). BR's team currently cant play any other method. Although at least now, there is Sturridge who can provide another attacking option apart from Suarez (In fact, Dalglish tried to sign Sturridge many times too). 

  22. Dear Jaimie, if you still think Rodgers is the correct manager, after being responsible for LFC being out of all the cups and down the table in the league, then I think you should stop going to Anfield and stop being a fan for having such low expectations as Harmann says.  

  23. I think the manager didnt alienate them. He just played the best players in the situations that demanded. To be honest, Kuyt didnt have a good season last year, was slow and missed alot of goal scoring opportunities. Was disappointed that Maxi didnt get more games but to be fair, Dalglish is a good judge of players form and there were reasons why some of these players didnt get to play that the gaffer cannot reveal at that time. In fact, most players think Dalglish is a very good motivator and he handles his charges very well, which alot of us dun get to see behind the scenes.  

  24. I'm tired of people like you....BUT REALLY TIRED!!!
    Just talking bsht without even step on a park grass.
    if you have any brain....Think how bad could it be LS intentions when the player stands up after 30 seconds, 30 seconds!!!! luis suarez steps on his back but the defender grabs his legs and he played the whole game...
    If Luis really wanted to hurt him....he was out of the game!
    So stop doing what the media does, in every game, not in one but every game around the world there are 6-7 actions that would be a reason to deport Suarez from England... and the media doesn't talk about it. You know why???
    Because it doesn't sell. When was the last time, and maybe the real one that he dived...against stoke???
    how many dives in the PL had been since...and who is the biggest diver in the world??? yes...LS
    because fans like you he will leave! and you know what....then you'll be crying around...or calling him a traitor.. all of you should start thinking about following manure...And cheering ferguson and be happy about winning titles...because you are not supporters, you are chit chatters...keep listening and dancing Justin Bieber...
    Because we don't share the same passion for the club, we don't share the same feeling about football, you wouldn't risk your leg trying to don't give away a corner kick...you criticize and then go away with your buddies to hear Madonna
    Specially you...go back where you belong..to the movie "THE MASK" and keep chasing Jim Carey, old fgt

  25. Thanks for giving me your point of view. I don't really agree with you, though. If players were picked on form by Dalglish, then Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy must have been woeful as Downing and Henderson were picked ahead of them and we all know how bad their form was last season.

  26. and if we do not improve the day will come sooner rather than later

  27. Hamann is not one to settle for average which is what LFC have been. We played [imo] better football last season. There was more fluidity in our game. This season i often get a feeling the players dont know what they are supposed to do.

    In injury time against Zenit we were still trying to play the ball from the back, what sort of nonsense is that?

    Having said that i don't want a managerial merry go round ala chelski, so still content to give BR more time to see what he can do next season.

  28. Cant condone rash challenges at all. Can injure players horribly. 

    However [you knew it was coming] there is an initial [imo unintended] stamp by LS on the left calf of the player, if LS pivots on the calf, this could cause a bad calf muscle injury. It was therefore better to keep a straight trajectory to avoid this [thus the stamp on the back]. 

    Having read this post a couple of times it sounds like a real lame way of finding an excuse for LS, this is really not my intention just something i have experienced myself. Just think of studs pivoting on a calf!! 

    PS you cant see the calf stamp on the above gif.