31 Dec 2012

'Unbelievable' Argentina striker to Anfield? Boss responds to LFC rumours...

Last Friday, Wigan striker Franco Di Santo publicly refuted rumours linking him with a move to Liverpool, and now, his manager, Roberto Martinez, has addressed the speculation surrounding the Argentinean attacker.

During his post-match press conference after Wigan's 3-0 victory over Aston Villa on Saturday, Reporters quizzed Martinez about the Liverpool transfer speculation. He said:

“We can’t afford to lose Franco or anyone else just now.

"He is a very important player for the squad.

"He had an incredible experience with us last season. He was unbelievable in the last nine games.

"We are working with Franco, but right now results are vital".

Several reputable sources have linked Liverpool with a move for Di Santo, who worked with Reds boss Brendan Rodgers during his time at Chelsea.

The 23-year old tweeted last Friday:

"I'm a Wigan player and I have contract until June. We are in negotiations and I don't have [any] idea about what the newspaper said."

DiSanto recently received a call-up to the Argentina national team, and after hearing the news, he was understandably ecstatic:

"It’s incredible, I’m so happy and proud to be selected to represent my country. There are many world class players right through the squad and of course it is a national team with a great history so to be given the chance to show the national team manager what I can do is a big honour for me and for my family".

Clearly, DiSanto has great potential, but Liverpool desperately need the finished article right now. Having said that, with Daniel Sturridge almost certainly on the way, that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1.  it depends on price...since dismissing the guy ive done a bit of research and he may turn out to be quality prospect ..hes a big unit  6;4 and has a good touch im not sure how he would fit into rogers system but he could be used to mix it up...

  2. He's a big unit 6' 4"  sounds like Carroll. 

  3. Altough his scoring record isnt up to much, people seem to rate him, although for us right now we need players who will do it from day one, not in a few years time. If we had more money, then yes why not, but right now every penny counts, and I don`t think he is up to it just yet

  4. Are you getting mixed up with Alexis Sanchez? Apparently Rodgers wants him too, according to the media.

  5. No thanks. Isn't a good player :)

  6. Clearly the Argies national team thought different. Although like yourself I`m not sure why

  7. Even if cheap though, there is better options out there.

    BA 7.5mil
    Walcott 10mil (if he wanted to leave)
    Sturridge 12mil

    I imagine Franco would be min 7mil. I`d take BA or Walcott over him

  8. He get's my vote simply because the Argentine national team seems to think he has enough quality to play for them. Argentina is a foot-balling nation with top class players. They take take this business seriously as they work to maintain their reputation as one of the world's leading foot-balling nations. Di Santo might be a bright spark on a dull Wigan team. He may be a player who would flourish when surrounded with a better class of players. There is no doubt that they hold high value to him at Wigan because he has potential for greatness oneday. He may not be a prolific front man but compared to Borini (before injury) and Andy Carroll he might actually be considered a step up in class by many out there.

     I would obviously sleep better at night if BR broke down and went against his policy and actually brought in a proven top drawer marquee striker. Someone whom for example scored at least 15 times last season. Some sort of goal scoring animal. That is the kind of player that is badly need at Anfield. Sadly it's not the kind of player we are gonna get as long as we shop in the bargain basement for players . Oh well I will have to live with any choice made by BR. Hope you know what you are doing man.

    Love what i am hearing about Wesley Snieder but not gonna believe it cause it probably ain't true

  9.  I understand the "battle for eyes" but, "unbelievable argentina striker..." just reeks link-bait.
    That aside, kudos for the good work condensing lfc rumors.
    That we've recently been linked with david villa and wesley sneijder just shows how ludicrous lfc has gotten since the days benitez sat and talked smirk about "small clubs" in pre-match conferences.
    I can see us playing with a fluid front three:
    sturridge, suarez, sterling,
    supported by a midfield trio of
    hendo, allen, lucas
    for the second half of the season.
    I dont see a place in an ideal lfc for Di Santo or Ince, unless either replaces Shelvey, which doesnt sound very interesting because shelvey is waaaay more versatile.
    Going forward, my ideal lfc 11 nxt season:

         draxler,     suarez,     sterling

        holtby     lucas     wanyama/diame

    glen        agger        skrtel        kelly


    2nd 11: 

        sturridge/assaidi,     gameiro,      suso

           shelvey,      gerrard/allen       hendo

    robinson/enrique       coates       wisdom     flanno

    Nothing spectacular; just a team capable of hurting anyone, especially anyone outside of city, utd, chlski, spurs, and goons. possibly even crash the top four. we can lose all of the above games, and maybe draw with stoke, but other than that we should guarantee a 70-point season. then build on that going forward.

    draxler and holtby would be friggin difficult to acquire but I feel if we have to break the bank so be it: those two in one team with suarez and sterling would be a force of nature.

  10.  walcott is ideal but i cant see it happening ...i really dont want ba hes only in it for the money we have enough of those alraedy

  11. but he does have a good touch and links play well

  12. Dries Merten much better as goal scorer for LFC not Franco Di Santo who never proved that he is natural goal scorer.LFC no need to sign Franco Di Santo because it is will high risk for B.Rodgers job and experiment for players will continue for longer times.Hunting for glory also will be slow or struggle again.

  13. May be a good prospect with a good touch for link up play but has never been a finisher. Probably won't ever be. We simply need someone who puts chances away first, instead of every signing being about 'potential'...

  14. Looks decent enough a player.

  15. NO, NO, HELL NO!!!!

    We need a goal scorer - period!!! This guy may be called up to the Argentinan squad, but his goal stats are appalling!!

    B.Rod may have an ace up his sleeve Chib, just wait and see!!

  16. Midtable signing. If i was the likes of Westham, Westbrom, Fulham, then i would look at Di santo. 

  17. "NO,NO,HELL NO!!!!", that pretty much sums up my intial thoughts.
    How do we go from being linked to Villa and Ba to Di santo. We might not be at the hieghts to compete for the very best players but we still have to have standards or we will never regain our status.       

  18. but thats who we are competing against these days

  19. Hence my statement that we must stay away from these type of players so that we do not stay a midtable club beyond this season. Cavani and Falcao might be unrealistic but Di santo is step in the wrong direction.

  20. Do you know Rafael Scheidt played three matches for Brazil? Who you say? Exactly my point.

  21. agree but this is the type of player we have to look at for now i do not think fsg ,have any intention of spending big again

  22. its better to get those who are in it for the money and can give us results than those who bring their hearts but can't give us any results lol..

  23. at the moment hes on a relatively low 50/50 pay as you play contract 20 grand a week 40 if he plays .... i feel once he gets a mega bucks contract hell disappear up his own ass ....thats why Chelsea are backing off...the guy has more agents Than the FBI....

  24. forget about  villa and snyder FSG are just playing mind games and have no intention of getting serious for these guys.........As for di Santo ive decided im going to give rogers a clean slate as of today so if we sign him ill judge him after he plays ...but fans are goona have to get used to us shopping in the 7m 40g a week bracket

  25. "More agents than the FBI" what an awesome statement!

  26.  never heard oh him ..didn't he play jon voights son in the champ

  27. From what I've read, we're to offer him a pre contract and get him for free in the summer. This is good that there's no fee involved, as he's over 23, but it could lead to an inflated salary which, if he doesn't do the business, brings with it its own set of problems in trying to offload him - as in the case with Joe Cole.

  28. Your 2nd XI won't win many games, fella, there's no goalkeeper in it ;-)

    Also, since his 'pep talk' by BR, Enrique is starting to shine, so he'd be my first choice left back, with Johnson at RB.

  29. your on a roll with the funny quotes. 

  30. yea thats always my worry with frees, there not really free lol. If we can get him for free tho and on normal wages, then not real loss. If he aint working sell him in a year for a few mil and re-coup his wages, even make a little.

  31. I hate to see while LFC dealing to sign the players with AS ROMA,WIGAN and BLACPOOL....They always will axed your neck without any good reasonable price.Get rid please !!!!

  32. Di Santo is garbage.